Well, I’ve been outed.

Well, I’ve been outed. One of the girls in my office guessed what was going on today and I had to confess it was true. My clothes are definitely looser and I was just eating food that wasn’t cooked. They know that my daughter and her husband are doing the 30 day challenge so I guess it wasn’t too hard to figure out. It’s going like wildfire now that I’m not eating cooked food. Since I’ve worked there as long as I have, no one is surprised at what I might eat except someone from another department didn’t know I ever ate eggs. There’s more interest than surprise. I got a lot of “I could never do that” and I thought I couldn’t, either, and I still don’t know if I can keep it up the rest of my life. At this point, I think I could but I don’t know for sure. The hardest time I’ve had resisting something was when one of my friends brought me some Mexican cornbread. That is one of my favorite foods in the world and hers is especially good but I didn’t eat it. I just told her I couldn’t and she accepted it without questioning me. She has been on diets before so it’s nothing new to her for someone to not eat something that’s been irresistable.

I gave the rest of my chocolate to the radiologist and he hugged me and thanked me several times. His wife told me a couple of times that it was a neat thing to do. If they knew they were saving me from myself…

Breakfast was pretty much as usual. Banana, mango, peach, avocado, and soaked sunflower seeds. Oh, and some good Queen Anne cherries. Lunch was another banana, fruit salad that I contributed to the dinner, and watermelon. I used a can of pineapple and drank the juice off of it. It was awful. It tasted like the can. I put a can of strawberry daiquiri mix in to make it pretty and it was so sweet it almost gagged me but everyone else seemed to like it. I had put a little agave nectar on the strawberries and I could have saved that.

By the time I got ready to leave work, my eye was showing some strain so I think that comes from not enough “stick to the ribs” food. When I got home, I whizzed up a batch of gazpacho and it was too acid so I put in a little agave nectar. That smoothed it out but the quantity was more than I could handle. I had garnished it with avocado so I picked that out and ate it after I’d eaten about 2/3 of the gazpacho, then threw out the rest. I still wasn’t satisfied so I ate some watermelon (the chew factor) and I’m going to juice a grapefruit when I get through with this.

Today is my sister’s and brother-in-law’s 47th (I think) anniversary. I’m going to let her read my blog if she wants to. My daughter was the only one (plus whoever she told) who knew what I was doing until today. I think I owe it to one of my favorite people in the world to know what I’m up to. Happy anniversary, Anna and Paul! Bet not many people get a present like this!

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