It’s too late to hope that I get to bed early.

It’s too late to hope that I get to bed early. My food today has all been raw and my agave nectar finally came, the long way around. I’d gotten online last night and found out that FedEx had it as delivered last Friday and I hadn’t seen hide nor hair of it. I called and talked to a nice lady (I’m sure she’s paid to be that way) and she assured me she would find out where the package was and get it to me. When I got back from eating lunch, there it was. DHL had delivered it! I have no idea where it might have been but it’s where it’s supposed to be now. I got some extra limes and plan to have some limeade as a treat one of these days when I have time.

My hair was getting long so I went and got it cut. If you think it’s short in the pictures, you oughta see it now! I look like an old fat boy. Or a fat old boy. I’m not going to be that way forever. My hair will grow and I will get less fat, I hope. I kept my appointment with Greer this morning and even did a few minutes on the Nordic Track and the Healthrider.

To bed!

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