I’m just about ready to “fly up”

I’m just about ready to “fly up” as my mother used to say. Since I got up an hour early this morning, I’m not as wide awake at this hour as I usually am.

My lunch today was soaked almonds, a salad of lettuce mix, spinach, kale, alfalfa sprouts, onion, jicama, tomato, avocado, sprinkled with ground flax seed, sea salt, and dressed with lime juice. For dessert, I had cantaloupe. I didn’t get to eat until 3 EDT because it was WILD. The person who is scheduled to come in at 2 went to her last session of Beginning Sign Language class and there was a wreck on the mountain where she usually crosses. She backtracked and came around the long way and was late late late.

When I finally was able to break loose and come home, it was too soon to eat again so I put it off for awhile. I had three bananas because two of them were about a third bruised. I also had a Bosc pear, some grapes (red and green) and cantaloupe. I keep reading about how much–huge quantities–a person should eat when they are eating raw and I can’t seem to pack it in that way. Sometimes I wonder if I’m doing myself more harm than good but I feel good and have more energy than I’ve had for a LONG TIME. It’s like my SIL said, staying raw for 30 days can’t kill me.

There are so many different theories out there and who is to say which is the right one? Is there a right one that would fit everyone or do I just need to find the one that makes the most sense to me and go with it? I was eating a lot of fruit and veggies (though I will have to admit that the veggies were mostly cooked–at least crisp tender) already. Here I am, trying to jump from who-knows-what-percentage to 100% in no time. IS IT doing me more harm than good? At age 61, I don’t feel like I have all the time in the world to change my lifestyle but the more I read, the more confused I get. I do know one thing. At least I think I do. Simple is better. Eating shouldn’t be complicated. It should be something that I can do naturally and not even have to think about it a whole lot. When I was eating a lot of cooked food and would be away from home for even a weekend, what I would crave would be my big salads and my morning 100% whole wheat toast with avocado mashed onto it with a sprinkle of sea salt. It’s ready in a jiffy, nutritious, and delicious.

It’s brush my teeth time and take my Old Lady Pills, then go to bed.

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