When I went to bed last night

When I went to bed last night, it hit me that I hadn’t put any almonds to soak and I’ve been meaning to do that for days. I lay there and thought about it and finally realized that I was never going to get to sleep until I got up and did it. I only used 1 1/2 cups since I’ll be the only person eating them. I changed the water this morning and wondered if I would benefit from drinking it but it looked kind of brown and nasty so I didn’t try it.

I woke this morning a little before 8 which is sleeping in for me. I’d thought I’d get up and take my thyroid med and go back to bed (that rhymes—I’m a poet!) but I felt pretty good so I stayed up. I’ve been feeling enough better that I figured I should get into exercising. To ease back into it, my program of choice is Body Flex with Greer Childers. I put my spreadsheet (a record of inches lost) on my computer and was shocked that the last time I had updated it was October of 2003. Mercy! I measured and found that I was back at square one and then some. Wish I had kept it up but “if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.” I had to find the tape and get out my chair and then I was ready. I was prepared not to be able to get all the way through, but I did and didn’t feel as winded as I used to when I was doing it before. My muscles under all that fat remembered what they were supposed to do. Amazing! I already feel better just to have my blood coursing through my veins and carrying the extra oxygen to every cell in my body. I sound like an infomercial.

Finally got around to eating breakfast. I’d had only one glass of water before I ‘flexed so I had two more to go before I could eat. Breakfast was a large banana, a small banana, a Bosc pear, and an apple blended up into “sauce”. It wasn’t delicious but I ate it anyway. I also had a couple of tablespoonfuls of sunflower seeds. I have to remember to be careful with them because they are high in phosphorus and that can impede calcium absorption. I’ve been thinking about sprouting some but haven’t gotten “a round tuit”. Those round tuits are elusive little things.

And that’s the story up until now…

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