Well, this is Day 5 in the transition

Well, this is Day 5 in the transition and I’ve not eaten anything at all cooked today. Not even dehydrated. I started out with a banana, a peach, pineapple, a kiwi,and 1/3 of an avocado. Lunch was a large salad–spinach, romaine, raddichio, jicama, onion, tomato, three colors of sweet peppers, and alfalfa sprouts with the juice of a lime and sprinkled with sea salt. I’d meant to take some sunflower seeds but I walked out the door without them.

I slaughtered the other pineapple when I got home and ate the scraps. My supper was two smallish bananas, pineapple, mango, a grapefruit, and about two tablespoons of sunflower seeds. I’m good for the night.

My neighbor and I were outside talking and we wandered over to look at my Brown Turkey Fig tree (actually, it’s more like a bush). He showed me all the little knobs that should start maturing by the middle of August. Then I’ll have fresh figs as a treat. I never can get enough of them but that makes them taste even better.

A volunteer apple tree is loaded with apples but they never do anything because I don’t spray them. By the time they are big enough to eat, they are riddled with worms. I have volunteer grapes, too, left over from when my father-in-law had many many grapevines but I don’t do anything to them, either. There are domestic blackberries right outside the front door but the seeds are so big that they are hard to eat. They’re quite deceptive about how they look when they aren’t ripe. They have to be ready to fall off the vine before they are sweet enough to eat.

Enough about the food that grows on the place without any help from me!

Today went well, energy-wise. I had overslept and got up about 35 minutes late. That didn’t make for a good start to the day but I flew around and got everything done and wasn’t later than the policy allows. I was able to make it to 1 p.m. before I had a chance to eat lunch (the woes of being short-staffed). It was very satisfying (the chewing has a lot to do with it, I think) and stood me in good stead until I got home. I was power-walking in the halls again. The lab supervisor said she needed some of my vitamins. I told her just to eat lots of fruit and veggies!

Here’s to my first 100% raw day! I don’t know that it will work out that way tomorrow. I’ll just have to wait and see.

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