I’m paying for staying up so late

I’m paying for staying up so late last night. I had the IDWGUS (I don’t wanna get up syndrome) this morning. I was on a roll and when I get on a roll, I tend to stay that way until I get done. I was wound up tighter than a clock (you can tell that I wasn’t born in the digital age) when I went to bed and it was more than an hour before I went to sleep and stayed that way. Once, when I had to get up for the bathroom, I was thinking that I hadn’t been to sleep at all but it hit me that I’d been dreaming and I don’t do that much any more when I’m awake. I do hope that my nights get to be more restful. I do much better in the daytime when I’ve had a good eight hours of sleep.

Better get on to the demands of the day!

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