I was in a rush this morning

I was in a rush this morning and didn’t get to post anything. My night went better. I slept well considering I had eaten a lot of juicy food plus had my 12 ounces of water before I went to bed. The night before, I got up about 42 times (my mother would get me for exaggerating) but I didn’t have to make as many trips to the bathroom last night. My breakfast was a banana, a peach (it was pretty sour), some watermelon, a boiled egg, and one slice of Gimme Lean. I’d heated up two but it was so unappetizing that I didn’t eat the second. It’s amazing how turned off I am by any of the imitations.

That leads to another thing. I’m a lifelong vegetarian, the last of five daughters born to a lady who made it several months past 100 before she died. When I was born, she decided that I would be raised without meat even though she continued to eat it. The last she ate was fried chicken cooked by her mother and SHE died when I was 13 months old. It was quite a contrast. My grandmother was diabetic and didn’t even try to control her diet. She wasn’t much older than I am now when it finally got the best of her. The pictures of her portray her as a very old, matronly woman. My mother looked younger on her 100th birthday than my grandmother did at my age. My mother didn’t eat a very healthy diet but she did teach me that meals need a lot of color.

My mother on her 99th birthday

She was a good cook (and I am, too–what a waste of talent!) (I’ll have to learn to be a good un-cook) who thought a healthy meal was one that only had one fried food on the table. I still love fried food. That’s going to be a biggie for me. The only thing that I’ve had that was fried in the last three days is the Gimme Lean that I had this morning.

My lunch today drew lots of comments like “YUMMMM” and “That looks better than mine!” I’d taken a large fruit salad. The ingredients were banana, 1/2 Golden Delicious apple (unpeeled) chopped fine, pineapple, and some diced papaya. I poured some of the pineapple juice over it to keep the banana and apple from turning dark. I put some cantaloupe and watermelon in a baggie and was so full after I’d eaten the salad and a Tupperware Midget of pecans that I only ate a few pieces of that and gave the rest to one of my co-workers. I have some beautiful Bosc pears and a couple of mangos but they aren’t ready to eat yet. About 45 minutes after I finished eating, there was a reception for a radiologist who is retiring and they had cake, punch, chips, dip, and roasted/salted nuts. I wasn’t EVEN tempted to eat any of it. I didn’t even drink any of the punch.

I’m going to try a blended salad tonight. I got an answer to my question about whether or not it could be stored for any length of time and it was no. The recommendation was for me to eat fruit for lunch and have the veggies for supper so that’s what I’m going to do. If it turns out well, I’ll post the “recipe” for it.

I got in touch with my son-in-law and he told me where I can upload photos to share. I’ve finished uploading them and will link them when I get time. They aren’t the usual pictures that you see on a raw forum but they show the fat ugly truth. My chest would rival Dolly Parton’s but I don’t have the money to nip and tuck and make myself pretty like she does so it just looks like a large woman who is fast exiting middle age.

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  1. Anonymous July 14, 2006 at 8:45 am #

    Would it be so difficult to have a blender at work so that you can blend your food and not worry about lost vitamins. Love your site and my wife is reading it avidly. All the best with what you are doing!

  2. Tommie July 17, 2006 at 5:44 am #

    It would be hard for some and impossible for others. I have mine on my desk but I have one of those big “U” shaped desks and have plenty of room. Thanks for letting me know that you find my site helpful!

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