My eyes are looking better.

My eyes are looking better. I included some sunflower seeds in my lunch today. I had another large salad, this time with everything I had yesterday and added kale. I think I’m sabotaging myself with the olive oil so I’m going to have to learn to leave that off. I’ve eaten many a salad with just lime juice but it’s been a long time. There’s a raw food forum that mentioned blended salad made in a VitaMix. I’ve asked how long it will last without losing vitamins. That would be a good thing to take for lunch if it could be stored in the fridge for several hours.

Supper today was watermelon, the other half large pear, a banana, and some of the pineapple I killed last night. My stamina seems to be holding up in spite of the fact that I didn’t sleep much last night.

I did take a jacket to work but didn’t have to put it on. The others were complaining about being too cool and I offered it more than once but no one took me up on it. Maybe they thought it had cooties but I don’t remember wearing it since it was washed last. Or maybe it wasn’t “in style” enough since I got it when I celebrated my 10th anniversary at work (I think) and I’m going on my 19th year there.

Just broke down and ate some pecans. I love fruit and veggies but I feel a little weak and headache-y when that’s all I eat. Maybe it’s cheating to do that.

I forgot the three squares of dark chocolate that I eat every day. That’s going to be a hard habit to break. I usually have it when I sit down to check my e-mail in the evening.

I got the bright idea that I was going to make some sunflower seed “milk”. I blended a cup of seeds with a cup of distilled water, then added another cup of water and some sea salt. Problem is, I didn’t measure the salt and just dumped some in. It was ‘way too much. It tasted bean-y, anyway, so I dumped it out.

I’ve ordered some agave nectar. I have Stevia that a friend gave me but I haven’t gotten the knack of using it yet. It tastes sort of licorice-like and I like licorice but not with strawberries.

My fridge and cabinets are stocked with so much food that I don’t plan to eat any more. I don’t want to throw it away so I guess I’ll give it away. That’s what I’ve done with most of the fake steak and phony baloney and not chicken that I used to have. I had cases of it when I found out that it’s probably what did my thyroid in. I have lost any desire I ever had to eat it. It tastes like so much plastic. The only thing that I remotely like is Gimme Lean and it doesn’t even taste good any more. My taste buds are definitely changing. When I told one of my relatives that I wasn’t using soy any more, she said, “What DO you EAT?” I told her that I eat plain food. That was when I was eating mostly cooked. It was a totally foreign concept to her. When I told her about my daughter and her husband planning to go 100% raw, she was horrified and said that it wasn’t a good idea.

I wore a pair of pants today that are still a little snug but they aren’t as much as they used to be unless they have stretched.

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