Last night was rough.

Last night was rough. I didn’t sleep well at all. For one thing, I had extreme eyestrain in my right eye. I don’t know if that was because I was lacking elements in my diet that I’m used to having or if it was because I had audited five days’ worth of records at work. I was either looking at reports or staring at the computer screen most of the day. I did get up once and walk outside. The air conditioning system isn’t what it should be–it’s either too hot or too cold. My office is back in a little alcove off the main office off the lobby. The lobby temperature was a little on the cool side, the main office was cooler, and my office (I share it with the data entry clerk) was cold. My internal temperature may have been altered somewhat by the diet change, too. I didn’t get to the blue fingernail stage but I’m going to take a jacket with me today. The maintenance man was put out that I had called him to adjust the thermostat. It is behind a little door which locks. You can see the thermostat and the fact that it was set on 66 wasn’t comforting. Anyway, Sir James said that it was the last time he was adjusting it so I guess we should be prepared for any temperatures. Unless I lose a lot of weight, bikinis are still out.

Speaking of weight, I can tell that I am losing. Not necessarily where I want to lose, but I tend to lose in my feet first. I noticed that my shoes were looser yesterday.

Back to last night–when I went to bed, I had no desire to sleep. After a few minutes of what I knew would be the norm for the rest of the night, I took 300 mcg of Melatonin. I take it maybe once every two or three months and it did relax me enough that I finally went into a sound sleep after several hours. Before that, it was intermittent. I don’t function well without sleep and haven’t slept really well the past few nights. Hopefully, I’ll get over that soon because I need my rest. If you think I’m ugly now, you haven’t seen me without my Beauty Sleep!

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