Caravan of Dreams

This has been long promised to my forum friends. It was September 2007 when we visited and enjoyed the delicious food and unique atmosphere at the Caravan of Dreams. The pictures will tell the Rest of the Story. All pictures are by merm except for the one of the photographer himself and my DD took it.

Outside the restaurant, you get the idea that this isn’t your run-of-the-mill chain establishment.

Caravan of Dreams

There are a couple of steps down from street level to a little area where outdoor dining is offered. And they allow picture-taking of classy females.

Beginning the mealWe were seated and merm urged me to get a young coconut. It didn’t take much to persuade me. He and my DD ordered appetizers. They got Live Bruschetta and Raw Nachos. They were both generous and offered to share with me which was a big mistake. The selections were equally yummy and I pigged out. I think I probably ate more than they did, together. They sat back and watched in amazement.

There were lots of sunflower sprouts on many of the menu items. If you haven’t had them (and that was my first experience) they are really good and crunchy. I’d like to grow some.

Live Bruschetta Raw Nachos
Live Bruschetta and Raw Nachos

For the main course, they got vegan cooked dishes—a burrito and a quesadilla:

Burrito Quesadilla

It’s pretty neat that they offer both. That way, cooked foodists aren’t restricted to raw and raw foodists have a good variety to choose from. It was the first time I’d been able to sit down and order off a menu without laboriously explaining that I want nothing cooked and no animal products.

And now! (Ta-da!) the sampler platter I ordered:


Sampler ExposedThe menu says it has a smaller portion of the live entree-of-the-day, mango and avocado chunks, flaxseed chips, an open-faced banana topped with mango chutney, and a salad. It had jicama sticks, mango chunks, avocado slices, the chips, no banana, entree was spinach “lasagna”, and the salad was more sunflower sprouts. It was downright delicious even though I didn’t eat all the jicama. I’m not a die-hard jicama lover. The picture to the right shows it after I’ve eaten enough to expose the spinach lasagna.

Berry CheesecakeThey were out of the dessert I wanted so we went for the Berry Cheesecake. It was good but I was a little disappointed I couldn’t get whatever it was I wanted. They don’t have desserts listed on the menu. I guess they vary too much for them to do that. As you can see, we asked for three spoons and we all dug in. It was very berry-ful, a little on the gritty side and quite cold. I know a lot of people like their desserts cold but I prefer room temperature except for banana “ice cream”.

After lunch, it was time for pictures of the diners. Below, you can see my DD, merm, and yours truly:

DD merm Yours Truly

I ate most of what wasn’t cooked on the table (even if it wasn’t mine) and I paid for it later. You can read about that here. It’s in the third and fourth paragraphs. The combinations weren’t optimal but the food was definitely tasty. If you want optimal, go where you can make your own salad. Roger says Bonobo’s is good. Maybe I can try that next time I’m in NYC.