Skin Brushing

There are lots of new things that I’ve learned from the raw food community. Skin brushing is one of them. Though it has nothing to do with diet, it can be part of your lifestyle.

I have a couple of different types of skin brushes, plus a couple more for my face and neck. The one I prefer is this one. The other one is like this. I haven’t found pictures of the ones for the face. I’ll take some pictures later and post them if I can’t locate them online.

Skin brushing is very invigorating and makes the skin soft and smooth. Another thing I’m hoping to do is make my skin less prone to being fragile. I know people who can get skin tears from turning over in bed. I’m sure that’s a side effect of medications coupled with aging. I can control my medication intake but I can’t avoid getting older.

I finish up with a shower, rinsing off with cool water. After I’ve toweled off, I use a washcloth with cold pressed organic coconut oil to moisture my skin. It takes a little extra time to do all the steps but it’s worth it!