Getting Rid of Fleas


What a shock to discover my house had been invaded by fleas! For more than six weeks, I tried every natural means available to rid Twinkle and me of the pests. Google and I became even more inseparable as I searched the World Wide Web for natural remedies to either repel or kill the biting insects.

Getting Rid of Fleas Naturally

‘Way back on August 24, I started trying to get rid of the fleas. I bought many things but didn’t try all of them right then. That was my first mistake. You can read more about it here.

The Flea Trap
One of the first things I tried was a flea trap. It was one of the most effective means. A week later, I reported again. I was taking all the precautions I knew to take to try to do them in. Would it be enough? It was one sure thing I ran across. Click on the link to take you to the post with a picture of my flea trap.

Brewers Yeast
It was two weeks before I had the courage (or the time) to write an update about the flea situation. To tell you the truth, I was embarrassed to admit the old wives’ tales and natural remedies weren’t working the way were supposed to. It was merm who told me to begin with that I needed to bomb. Then several of the people at work took up the refrain. Brewers yeast was the second best natural remedy.

Garlic Powder
Garlic powder worked pretty well until it started burning my skin. My neighbors came to the rescue when I let them know I was in real trouble. Once again, my pride hadn’t let me tell them I needed help. They are always ready, willing and able to come to my aid if I ask for it and lots of times when I don’t. I’ve been a fortunate person to have such good people living next door. Read more…

Getting Rid of Fleas Period

Bombing the Fleas
I was able to take a week off work to clear out the house and get prepared to do the dirty job of multiple murders. It was a traumatic time for Twinkle (and me) and I spent more than a couple of hours sitting in the car writing my post continuing the saga of getting rid of fleas.

The Fleas Are Still Biting
It was another week past when I reported in again that I thought I had won the battle against the fleas and possibly the war. Even though I was still being bitten a few times a day it was nothing like what I had experienced before.

Borax to the Rescue
My final entry about the fleas and my personal War on Terror was on October 12, 2008. I was able to sleep well once again. I was close to exhaustion and that’s something I don’t experience often any more.


DD and merm came to spend a few days with Twinkle and me. DD had offered to give the cat a bath the first full day they were here. A few fleas came off in the bath water. She still had some because she’d flick her ears and scratch. DD confirmed she’d seen some when she was petting her.

I ordered some Frontline Plus to take care of the remaining ones. They are no longer inhabiting the house. I don’t get bitten. The Frontline had been delivered while I was still off work. I applied it per package directions when I brought it home on October 21. That’s a day Twinkle will long remember, I’m sure.

I know Frontline Plus isn’t natural. I know the means I finally had to use to get rid of the fleas weren’t natural. If any of the online remedies had worked, I wouldn’t have gone any farther but they didn’t. It’s possible some would have had I been able to move and vacuum and clean earlier on. I can’t go back and do it any differently. If I could, I would eradicate them sooner. Something is to be said for a person’s sanity.