AWESOME TO BE RAWSOME ONE WOMAN LIVING THE HIGH RAW VEGAN LIFESTYLE Fri, 01 Aug 2014 13:26:11 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Close Call Fri, 01 Aug 2014 01:36:48 +0000 Yesterday morning, I had all sorts of trouble with the Wii. The balance board refused to work—even after I changed the batteries. Re-syncing it didn’t help, either. It was only after I turned the console off and back on again that it would connect.

I’ve been testing at a Wii Fit Age of 20 50%+ of the time every month for who knows how long. For July 2014, it was 13 times for 42%. Now, that’s disappointing.

Considering the bareness of my cupboard and the (still) greenness of the peaches, I got ready and went to town. My first stop was at the beauty shop. The tattooed/pierced/multi-colored hair lady cut my hair again and I do believe she’s getting the hang of it. I had her go shorter this time. Hopefully, it won’t be over my ears and down my neck quite as quickly.

Roaming around the store (it would probably be equal to covering several blocks downtown), I waited until almost time to check out before I looked in the freezer case for Dippers. There wasn’t a single box. One of the associates was stocking the shelves so I asked her for the ones that were being saved for me. She seemed to know what I was talking about and disappeared into the back. A few minutes later, she came out carrying this:

Just for me

I was so glad I’d saved those for later rather than asking for them last time.

I’ve learned to separate my regular purchases from the ones I’m price matching by putting one of the little stick things between them. I had my printouts all ready (except for one I failed to get out). Everything went swimmingly until I handed over the ALDI ad. The cashier signaled for a supervisor. What the?? She explained that people had been using out of state ads to get lower prices. WHEW!! I was so glad I caught that one yesterday and printed off the right one. The supervisor gave her okay and I swiped my almost-brand-new credit card.

Next, it was to Bi-Lo where I bought a T-Mobile $10 refill card so I can keep my phone service for another year. Walmart doesn’t seem to have T-Mobile cards any more. Wednesday, August 6, is my anniversary date. It’s easy to remember since the 6th is also DH’s and my wedding anniversary.

I tried, unsuccessfully, to talk myself out of going to the produce place located on the next block. I bought half a dozen ears of corn, two green tomatoes (uh-oh) and some okra.

After I put the perishables away and drank my water, I set to and fixed my supper. I “ate the garden”. It wasn’t MY garden, but it was someone’s. The menu read thusly:

  • Corn on the cob
  • Steamed okra
  • Leftover squash
  • Tomato and cucumber salad

I planned to eat a little package of Dole Banana Dippers but I didn’t have room.

It’s been not quite so cool today. The low this morning was 59 here on the mountain and 58 in the valley. Twinkle is lurking rather than occupying her heating pad. Guess I’d better go feed.

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No Fans Allowed Thu, 31 Jul 2014 02:10:47 +0000 The fans have been off for two days now. When I got up this morning, even the EcoBreeze was on standby. It was several hours before the temperature in the house got warmer than it was outside which was its signal to kick on.

First course at breakfast was my last mango and the rest of the blueberries. It was still very cool in the house so I had chili for the second course. The temperature in the living room was 66 at 8:38 a.m. The bedroom temp was even lower than that. No wonder I had the comforter and an extra blanket last night.

Since the cupboard is getting bare of fresh-type foods, I searched the ads for bargains. That’s when I discovered the prices at all ALDI stores are not equal. The produce is the same but the prices aren’t. Clicking on the ALDI link brought up the store in Burton, MI. However, I didn’t notice it until I’d printed off the ad and the detail on one of the items that wasn’t legible. It was in the detail that I saw the store was not one of my local ones. The bananas in Michigan are on special for 35 cents a lub. In the local stores, they’re 44 cents. Blueberries are $1.09 per pint in Michigan, $1.29 in my neck of the woods. There are other differences, too, but I’ll know to look for the location after this. It would be nice to get the lower prices but not worth a guilty conscience.

I have a stack of ads printed off. It’s a good thing I get ink for cheap on Amazon. When someone asks advice about which printer to buy, I advise pricing the ink first and then picking out the printer. It’s evident that companies make cheap printers and expensive ink.

My sister didn’t have room for the printer I’d picked out for her so I ended up with it and it’s been a winner.

Pixma MP530

True, it has a few years on it and there are fancier ones now but I’ll wager no affordable inkjets that are any better.

It’s still cool for the end of July. Twinkle is occupying her heating pad. I have my housecoat around my shoulders for warmth. The waterbed heater has been on all day. I’ll sleep cozy tonight.

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Cooling au Naturel Wed, 30 Jul 2014 02:12:18 +0000 I was up running bathwater at midnight—again. This time, though, it was to get warm. While the tub filled, I put the comforter back on the bed and plugged the heater back in to warm up the water in the mattress. I’d slept fitfully, what little I’d slept.

Once I warmed up and crawled back into a warm(er) bed, I ended up in Dreamland, for sure.

My store of nectarines and plums is gone. I ate the rest of the cherries for supper yesterday. That doesn’t mean I’m without fresh froot, though. This was my first course at breakfast—mango and blueberries (as if you couldn’t tell).


I noticed I had much the same plateful a little over a week ago. I’m not bragging about my food. It’s to let people know I can still eat well even though I haven’t been to town for almost two weeks. Of course, I bought peaches but they aren’t ripe yet. Makes me wonder what the temperatures are doing to the fruit that’s still on the trees.

My housecoat has been pressed into service pretty much all day today. When I got dressed, I put it on for warmth. Right now, the temperature outside is said to be 57 degrees. It’s 61 at the elementary school in the valley. Maybe those katydids are right about the first frost.

Speaking of frost, I’d love to plant some kale. There’s nothing better than homegrown kale that’s been subjected to a good frost. It makes it so sweet.

Twinkle is back on the heating pad. I don’t blame her. This weather is crazy cool.

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Stormy Weather Tue, 29 Jul 2014 01:07:48 +0000 My bedroom was a toasty 80 degrees when I went to bed last night. I’d taken the comforter off since there was no way I’d need it. Tossing and turning, it was impossible to nod off. I’d taken melatonin but it will only help KEEP a person asleep, not PUT a person to sleep.

Lightning had been flickering so much it looked like heat lightning but Weatherbug chirped a severe thunderstorm warning. It swooped in quickly and there was lightning flashing and thunder crashing all around.

Bolt of Volts

I was sticky and sweaty and wanted to get up to soak it off in the tub. No way was I going to do it with all the fireworks going on. It had moved out close to midnight so I got up and immersed myself.

At 7:31, I got an email from my sister saying she couldn’t access my blog. Then Genese’s daughter, Kimberly, commented on Facebook that she couldn’t, either. I sent merm an email and it came back up later. I don’t know if she reset the server or if it reset itself. At any rate, here I am.

It’s been cooler today, thank goodness. One of my Facebook friends got up only to open the front door and find leaves and branches in his face. A large tree had been split in two during the storm. It was a real doozy. I don’t know of any damage around here, though.

I’d toyed with the idea of going to town but I have plenty of food so I ditched it until later in the week.

Before I exercised, I fixed the greasy beans to cook. They aren’t as full as what I bought at the same place last year but they still have a good flavor. Since I had some leftover vegan mac and cheese, I didn’t cook any potatoes on top of them. I’ll probably do that tomorrow.

Twinkle’s scratching. I hate to put flea stuff on her but I probably should. I’ll try to remember to do that before I go to bed.

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Catching Up Mon, 28 Jul 2014 01:37:09 +0000

When I was getting ready for bed, I was so tired I decided I didn’t need to take any melatonin. I was sure I’d sleep. And I did. The trouble was, I woke so often during the night, I didn’t get much quality rest. Tonight, it will be back to a half dose of melatonin, thank you anyway.

My store of fruit is getting low and my veggies were even lower. I didn’t have the urge to go to town so I toured two of the places on the mountain where I can get good produce.

The first place, I got greasy beans and tomatoes (green, getting ripe and vine ripened). I told my former co-worker friend about my credit card near-fiasco and she remembered the previous one. She retired from the hospital last October and seems much happier.

A lot of people who aren’t from around here (and maybe some who are) aren’t acquainted with greasy beans. They are so called (I understand) because they are so shiny. In other words, they look like they have been oiled. Hence “greasy”. My father-in-law grew the best I’ve ever had.

Greasy Beans

After my purchases were made and we finished catching up, I went on to the Apple House. I’d kind of dreaded going on Sunday because it’s so busy but when I pulled in today, there was one other vehicle.

Since it was so slow, the lady behind the counter had plenty of time to talk. I told her the Facebook page said they were closed permanently and the web site hadn’t been updated to show the peaches are coming in (it still hasn’t). I don’t think they realize how many people look things up online these days and don’t appreciate how much that can impact their business.

I got nine peaches for $5 (I wasn’t prepared to try to eat a half bushel by myself), two squash and a zucchini. When I wrote my check, the lady exclaimed over how close I live. I said yes, that if you turn by so-and-so’s house, it’s even closer.

She looked sad and said, “She went down so fast.” It was my turn to be surprised. Turns out the lady I used to buy strawberries from (and was my mother-in-law’s hairdresser) died a year and a half ago. She had leukemia and the chemo had caused her to lose the thick red hair that was her trademark. It reinforced my resolve to let whatever might strike me run its course. From what the lady said, she’d suffered a lot from what was supposed to be the cure.

When I got home, I drank my water, fried up one of the probably two green tomatoes I’ll have this summer, cooked some peas and heated up leftovers for my supper.

It’s been HOT in here today. The kitchen got up to 92 and it was 85 at 7:30 here in the living room. This morning, I broke down and ordered a Cooler Master for my netbook. I’d rather spend $20 now to keep it going than have it croak and have to replace the whole thing. I checked cheaper coolers but they don’t seem to last. Thankfully, my notebook doesn’t seem to generate a lot of heat and the Cooler Master without the fans (one got out of balance) does the trick.

Twinkle is lying within the range of the stand fan. The Visitor has disappeared. It’s not too long until bedtime and the katydids are gracing the night with their symphony.

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Thankful Sun, 27 Jul 2014 01:31:33 +0000 Yesterday was pretty routine. The Visitor had traveled far outside its 8″x 8″ box going several inches to the right. This morning, it was probably 18″ to the left of that. It’s like watching a clock’s hands move. They do but you can’t see it.

I waited until I was sure the mailperson had run and went to get the mail. There was a church magazine—and my credit card! I spent some time updating my information for sites the automatically put charges on the card monthly. I also added the card to Amazon, deleting the old one. Today, I have been inundated with emails from Amazon that my subscribe and save items have been put on hold until my new card is added. I thought putting it in my account information would automatically take care of it but I guess not. I’ll probably not have most of the S&S items delivered next month, anyway.

Sometime during the day, I looked out and my cousin’s twin brother (who is also my cousin) was mowing the lawn. I did work around the house, laundry and exercised in spite of the heat. I haven’t figured out how to get the Redneck A/C close enough to do any good when I’m sitting still. It’s so loud, though, it gives me a headache where it is. If anyone out there is planning to make one, don’t use a metal cooler.

Since I’m getting to bed and getting up earlier, I had time to drink an extra 16 ozzies of water. Surely that isn’t what kept me awake last night because I drank it early enough it should have made its way through my system before bedtime. I felt itchy so I got up and soaked in the tub for a while. Surely that would help me relax but no! I was wide awake.

I got up and took a tablespoonful of coconut crystals and got on the computer. It wasn’t long before I was getting sleepy so I went to bed for the third time. I went to sleep but I didn’t sleep well. I was awake by a little after 6.

It was my goal to get to church for the lesson study. I decided to print off the lesson helps (aka References). I didn’t realize it was 18 pages.

My Personal Shopper friend had gotten some things for me at the university supermarket and forgot to bring it last week. She called this morning to make sure I was coming. I had my hearing aids to put in (I’d planned to clean the stems but didn’t have time) and my shoes to put on and I’d be ready to walk out the door. Twinkle had other ideas so I had to feed her, too.

The lesson was underway when I got there. They’d gotten an early start. The pastor was teaching. I sat on the back row and the Computer Owner joined me. I looked at my printout one time. Guess I won’t be wasting paper and ink any more.

The Personal Shopper friend gave me the study guide for the next quarter. I’m all set if the HTML person will do his thing.

A couple came in—a woman in a wheelchair and (I figured) her husband was pushing her. The pianist gave them a quarterly and I got them bulletins. The woman wasn’t timid about speaking up (like I am) and said she thinks about things she wants and then she realizes she has things that are blessings. She said she has a wheelchair that will handle just about any type of terrain and there’s a path into the woods near their house that she can access. While she would love to be able to walk, she is thankful for her wheelchair.

A bit later, she was looking around at her husband. Finally, she looked at me and indicated she needed help. I got up and showed them the way to the restroom. The wheelchair wouldn’t fit through the standard-size door so her husband had to walk her on in. I closed the outside door so they could have some privacy. When they came out, one of the elders helped with getting her back in her chair.

Settled back in the sanctuary, the pianist began to play the meditation music on the piano. The organ was closed. Song service started and I raised my hand to pick a song every time but I was invisible.

This time the pianist wasn’t caught off-guard and played the introit at the proper time.

The preliminaries over, the men vacated the sanctuary and the women were left to pair off and wash each other’s feet. The Computer Owner and I agreed to serve each other. One of the newer attendees told me it was the first time she had experienced Communion. That could be exciting.

My Personal Shopper friend figured out a way for the lady in the wheelchair to participate. The Computer Owner gave me a good back rub. She has a real talent.

By and by, the men filtered back in. I wondered if the pianist would play the piano and she did. Everything was going the way it usually did except, for the first time in years, I was able to be part of the congregation and not partake at the organ.


I remembered to pick things up with my right hand so I didn’t have any problems.

After we “sang a hymn and went out”, I went over to ask if the couple needed help carrying things. Yes! Could I carry the purse and Bible? I did and we headed to the Fellowship Hall. I wished them a happy rest-of-the Sabbath and she wanted to know if I wasn’t staying for the meal. No. I have a hyperthyroid cat that I needed to feed.

One of the first things I did when I got inside was to check on The Visitor. It had moved all the way down to the bottom of the screen and was holding onto the frame. That’s where it still is. I can see part of its upper left wing and one eye. That’s about it.

I ate too much this afternoon. I can’t blame that on not eating enough breakfast because that was a substantial meal. I’ve finished drinking my water and plan to go to bed soon since my night last night has me pretty washed out.

Someone is cremating a dead animal body. That’s one smell of summer that I don’t enjoy.

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Still Here Fri, 25 Jul 2014 01:55:05 +0000

The Visitor has moved from its 8″x 8″ area on to the right of the screen. There’s a little critter that’s been crawling on different parts of it. I wonder if it’s some kind of parasite. I can’t get to it. I could blast both of them with water but I won’t do that, either.

When I finished with my quiet time this morning, something on the chair caught my eye. It was too small for a bumblebee and too big for a honeybee. My empty water glass was sitting beside the computer so I got it and put it over the critter. Sliding a piece of paper over the opening, I carried it to the front door and released it. I don’t know how such insects get in. The other day, a wasp was swooping around the kitchen and landed on Twinkle’s nose. It’s the first time I ever saw her look cross eyed. That would have been a picture! It was sort of like this.


I got a small jar to capture the wasp and took it outside, too.

Not a whole lot else has happened today. I heard from my friend in Federal Prison. He’s getting all excited about his move to a halfway house in a couple of months. It will be a big change.

Nothing was in the mailbox when I made my trek. Yesterday and the day before, there were boxholders. I wish there were some way to stop them, too, though I do like the Shopper when it has the Save a Lot ad. Bananas are almost always on sale for 49 cents a lub.

Out of curiosity, I was going to compare some of the lesson helps with a published booklet. It was for the third quarter of 2013. When I clicked on “Helps”, it went to a 404 page. I looked on the server and the whole folder was missing. The editor was quite shaken when I emailed her about it. She hoped I’d kept a copy of the files. As it turns out, I’d transferred all of them from my then notebook to the replacement. It didn’t take long to create the directory and upload the files. What happened to them, I’ll never know but they are there now.

Seems the more I sleep the more I want to sleep. I’m already about out of it now so I’ll wind this up and go to bed.

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Surprise! Thu, 24 Jul 2014 01:59:40 +0000 Mimosas are in bloom and I coulda sworn I had a picture or two of the blossoms on one of my favorite trees but I don’t. I went to Flickr’s Creative Commons and found this one.


I love the way they look. I love the way the blossoms smell. Mother had two in her yard out here on the mountain but I think they are history.

Today has been a better day, physically. Otherwise, it’s been a bit stressful. The editor sent out a blast email to give her feedback about the way the lessons load. She said they are coming up very slowly for her but they pop right up for me. To make sure, I was going through all the weeks and when I got to 12 and 13, lo! and behold! (My sister would have added, “and high and be dropped!” the changes I had made—or thought I had—had disappeared. I downloaded them to make sure I had the latest files and redid everything.

Then I started checking more closely. The images the HTML person had uploaded to the server weren’t, for the most part, inserted. I don’t know if it’s something I had done or if he hadn’t put them in. I muddled my way through and inserted all of the missing ones and learned something new in the process. It’s something I’d never done before.

When I reported the changes, I didn’t mention inserting the images. It might be assumed that’s something Yours Truly could do if necessary since I know how now.

I’d never seen “It Could Happen to You” so I took a break from my hard work and watched it. Then I exercised for 23 minutes, according to my pedometer.

The katydids are getting louder and louder. There was one lone one rasping this afternoon but it has been joined by a cast of thousands tonight.

I haven’t seen my CIL but Cuz would have called me to check on him if he hadn’t been in touch with her so I’m sure he’s okay. Since they have a/c now, I guess he doesn’t need to leave the back door open. I have some avocadoes to give him but I don’t want to disturb him.

The days were getting away from me and I’d be drinking my last 16 ozzies of water too late. I got smart and now I set the timer on the computer for 90 minutes after I finish a meal. That means I don’t have to get up as often in the night.

The Visitor is still on the screen above the kitchen sink. Genese commented on yesterday’s post and said it’s an imperial moth and gave me this link. The moth doesn’t eat but lives on what it ate as a caterpillar. Its life span is about a week. The one that’s adopted me moves around on the screen, though I haven’t seen it do anything but sit. It will be interesting to see how long it stays there in the space of maybe eight inches square.

The Catz have been camping out on the deck and Twinkle was busy hissing at them this morning. It probably makes her feel important to let them know this is her territory.

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The Visitor Wed, 23 Jul 2014 01:48:14 +0000 Last night, I was miserable. The bed was cold. I was cold. My back was aching. A slow thinker at times, after awhile I realized I could plug in the waterbed heater and take the chill off, at least. I didn’t expect it to do any good right away but it did. It wasn’t long until I could relax and go to sleep.

I felt better when I got up but was in for a surprise when I went into the kitchen. I saw this over the sink.


I’ve looked and looked online but this is the only one I could find that was similar. I might find it if I could see it from the upper side but the kitchen window is so high off the ground, there is no way. It’s still there tonight and it isn’t telling me what it is or where it came from.

Breakfast yesterday was two nectarines and a piece of dry toast. I did better today.


I called the Apple House about peaches (!) and was told they are picking because so many people wanted them but the fruit is still quite green. I was advised to wait a few more days if I wanted riper ones. I’ve bought green ones there and let them ripen over time but nothing is better than a tree-ripened peach. I’ll wait.

The Redneck A/C was fired up today and it needs more containers of ice. It’s also very loud—probably because the cooler is metal. I have two more gallons of water in the freezer and I figure they will have overflowed their tops like one of the first ones did. At least it didn’t get the stuff underneath wet, The water froze on the outside of the jug.

Twinkle has been fed. I cleaned out The Bubbler and refilled it. She can be entertained for hours just sitting and watching it.

This is about it for today. My exercise was walking to the mailbox and back. My reward was the Shopper and the Bi-Lo ad. Woohoo.

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A Five Mouses Tale Tue, 22 Jul 2014 01:34:37 +0000 I didn’t feel good when I went to bed last night. Whether I overdid or not, I don’t know. Washed out. Blah. Wasn’t any better when I got up this morning.

I hardly ever check my email first thing but something nudged me that way. I was shocked to find this:

Hi Tommie,
Thanks for ordering from Here’s a summary of your order.

Shipping to home

Razer Naga Hex Mouse, Wraith Red Edition 5 $59.99 $299.95
Arrives by Wed., Jul 30

See our Return Policy or
contact Customer Service.
Subtotal: $299.95

Shipping: Free

Tax: $24.75

Order total: $324.70

Razer Naga Hex Wraith Red EditionI’ve rarely ordered from Walmart and I knew I hadn’t ordered anything recently. I definitely hadn’t ordered five of the Razer Naga Hex Mouse, Wraith Red Edition.

I logged into my account on Discover’s site and, sure enough, there was a charge processing from Walmart for $324.70. I immediately initiated a chat with a representative. It was answered by a nice person by the name of Mercedes. She couldn’t see the charge on her side yet because it was still pending. She advised me to cancel the order with Walmart if I could.

While I still had her on chat, I went to my account on I sent an email explaining that I had not ordered five mouses and wanted the order canceled. When I pulled up the transaction, the “cancel” button showed up so I clicked it. It wasn’t long before I received an email confirming the cancellation. It said it might take several days to credit “my” mode of payment but when I went back to the Discover site, it was already there.

Mercedes asked if I wanted a different credit card number. YES!! She put in the request and I should receive a new card in 4-6 business days.

I’d started all this a little after 6:30 and the last exchange on chat was at 7:34.

I looked up the address the order was to be sent to and this is the google street view. Then I just googled it and found that it was sold less than a month ago. I was even able to find the name of the person who bought it. Kind of scary all the information that’s out there.

Discover Theft

Something similar to this happened back in 2007. However, Discover had found the unauthorized charges because of an unusual pattern of behavior. Even if I hadn’t found this and other charges had been put on my card, I would have zero liability. If I’m going somewhere out of the ordinary, I call and notify them before I leave.

My day has been less than productive. I went back to bed and slept for about an hour. My back has been hurting and even though it’s gotten above 80 in the house, I think I’ve chilled some. I definitely didn’t feel up to getting the frozen jugs out of the freezer so I could try out the “new” a/c. I took a bath and I think I failed to rinse the shampoo out of my hair.

Twinkle is sitting at my feet. I’m going to go see if she wants something to eat and then I’ll take my NAC and generic Zantac. After drinking my last 16 ozzies of water, I’ll think about going to bed. It’s been quite a day.

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