AWESOME TO BE RAWSOME ONE WOMAN LIVING THE HIGH RAW VEGAN LIFESTYLE Fri, 31 Oct 2014 03:48:42 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Anchor Hocking Rocks! Fri, 31 Oct 2014 02:17:50 +0000 Several days ago, I was outside and on my way back in, I noticed a box on one of the chairs on the deck. It had to have been there since the day before because it was too early for a delivery. I picked it up to bring it inside and Big’Un saw his chance. Hidden from me by the box (it was quite large), he slipped in and was planning to make himself at home. Twinkle rose up, hissed and barricaded his way. Between the two of us, we shooed him back where he belonged.

I had no idea what was in the box. I looked at the label and it said “Anchor Hocking”. Ah, yes! The one cup measuring cup I’ve had for years is so worn I can’t see the markings on it any more. I’d googled the company and found where a woman had let them know she had the same problem and they replaced hers. I figured I’d contact them, too, and see what happened.

The cup is lo! these many years old and I’d hand-washed it most of its life. After I sent the message using the Contact info, I received an email saying

Thank you for taking the time to notify Anchor Hocking of the problem you recently experienced with your measuring cup.

Anchor Hocking strives to maintain high quality standards to produce the finest glassware available. Therefore it is important for us to hear of any problems that you experience with our product.

Our measuring cups are dishwasher safe; however we do not recommend using high power gel pacs, citric acid additives, or Lemi Shine. These products can remove enamel from glassware surfaces. The manufacturer of Lemi Shine warns against this type of usage. Anchor Hocking now has a new enamel formula that will help eliminate this problem.

If you will provide your address (NO PO Box) we will send a replacement measuring cup with our compliments. You may expect delivery within the next 4-6 weeks.

Again we apologize for the inconvenience in this matter.

I sent my address and mostly forgot about it unless I was trying to measure something. That was October 8 but here it was.

The box was ‘way too big for a one cup measuring cup. Of course, when I worked at the hospital, I’d get boxes that size that held a pack of 12 pens. I guess as long as it doesn’t weigh too much…

When I opened it, I was met by a sea of bubble wrap. I unwrapped the replacement cup. What a difference!

Replacement and Worn Cups

There seemed to be something else in the box. I’d told them my other two cups (16 and 32 ozzie) were okay but they’d sent those sizes, too. When I looked on the side of the box, it said something about a sample pack. Okay, so there was no mistake.

Nesting Cups

I really like the handles because they are easy to nest and store. When DS1 and his came to celebrate my birthday, they bought a set to have at home.

Another View

The sticker on the outside of each cup says they are for microwave and oven use. On the back in very light blue, very tiny print, it says “Dishwasher Safe. Some detergents may remove the decoration and result in etching of the glass.” As good as my eyesight is, it’s hard to read.

I’ve solved Twinkle’s food/ant situation. The reason I bought the mat her dish sits on was to make a “mote” around it so the ants couldn’t get to it. I disposed of the resident ants outside where they were supposed to be, put food in her dish and water on the mat and voilĂ ! problem solved.

Mid-afternoon, there was a “Shave and a Haircut” knock on the door. It was my CIL letting me know he’d fed the critters. WOOHOO! I didn’t have to do the chores!

Did some more catching up today. There’s still more to do but not tonight.

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I’m Late! I’m Late! Thu, 30 Oct 2014 02:30:28 +0000

Nope. No date. Just late getting started on too many things including this blog post.

There was a heavy cloud cover this morning. It was so dense, little light came through and it was almost 9 o’clock TT when I woke up.

I’ve made some of the changes to the templates as the editor instructed but it’s tedious and slow-going. They aren’t, for the most part, things that can be mass-changed. I have to do them one at a time on each of 26 templates. Not fun but maybe that means I won’t have to do them the second quarter of 2015.

It was back to feeding the animals today. Not all of the Catz showed up. There were three of them, Big’Un and Bashful. I didn’t see the babies. I hardly ever do. Now and then, one of them will wake up and chatter at me. They sound like they’re computerized.

asus2Speaking of computerized, my sister emailed that our other sister wanted me to call her when it wasn’t time for me to eat. I called and, after a little more than 20 minutes, she was back in business. Again. Hopefully that will do it and she won’t have these problems.

I’d thought I’d go to town today but there’s nothing I need but bananas. I still have apples and three persimmons besides a great deal of other edibles. Twinkle has food but now tiny ants have found it and she isn’t keen on battling them for it. I got rid of most of the little pests but I’m sure more will take their place.

The dishes are washing and I got caught up with a few things I’d been putting off. The weather has cooled so the only vitamin D was drops. I need to move to the tropics.

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24 Hours Later… Wed, 29 Oct 2014 02:13:36 +0000

Now I find my sister is still having computer problems. This time, she’s getting the message that she can’t get a proxy server (?). She’s tried to get on her ancient XP desktop but it won’t come on. I didn’t know any of this until a few minutes ago and it’s too late to call her now. I’m not sure I’d be able to help her, anyway, from this remote location.

I did get more done today. To do less, I would have probably had to stop breathing. When I was looking for a site where I could find the herb tea I drink in the morning (it’s supposed to help with lung problems), I read that it’s used to decrease bloating by increasing urine production. Now, that’s something I don’t need so I ceased searching immediately.

VeggIt had been a long time since I’d had french toast so I got out my Vegg and made some. I halved the recipe and it still made four big pieces with enough left over to make more. I put it into a container for another time. And, no, I didn’t eat all the toast. I ate two and put the other away for tomorrow.

The time slipped up on me and I didn’t get out in the sun. I texted Cuz to see if it was up to me to feed the critters but she said my CIL was here. I looked out and, sure enough, their back door was open.

This afternoon, I got out the beautiful fresh asparagus and steamed it. Knowing there had to be some way to convert the leftover french toast dip mixture, I squeezed in half a lemon, a bit of Dijon mustard, some kala namak, a half teaspoon more of the Vegg and a bit of Earth Balance Buttery Spread. Blending that all together made a nice accompaniment for the asparagus. I followed that up with an Amy’s Samosa Wrap. It was a good meal.

I’ve been getting instructions from the editor about the changes she wants me to make to the upcoming lessons so I guess it’s time to get to work. Twinkle has it so easy. All she has to do is eat and sleep. It must be a boring existence.

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Trojans, Spyware and Malware, Oh My!! Tue, 28 Oct 2014 02:51:47 +0000

Not to mention viruses, keyloggers, PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) and rogue software. In the early days of the Internet, it was relatively safe. Getting a trojan or a virus was serious but rare. Nowadays, a person has to be vigilant and not click on anything that might install a program that could be anywhere from simply aggravating to destructive.

I’d reluctantly crawled out of bed shortly after the sun rose above the roof of Cuz’ house. The B-12 paraphernalia I’d taken to DS1’s house was still in the sandwich bag. It had been my plan to shoot myself while I was there but it didn’t happen. It was a week today since my first experience with the mini-vial so I had to get myself in gear and do it to it.

Gathering everything together, I made sure my hands were clean. Following the instructions I’d gleaned from the pharmacist, I got the syringe filled comparatively quickly. I’ll have to remember the needle that looks so very long going into my leg is much shorter when I’m trying to keep it just inside the rubber stopper.

The shooting was over more quickly, too. I gathered up all the trash and disposed of the used syringe in the apple cider jug from last year.

I did my body test and, in spite of the way I felt, I ended up with a Wii Fit age of 20. My Mii fussed at me for missing yesterday. Was I too busy to work out? No. I wasn’t here.

My devotions included catching up in the women’s devotional book. I hadn’t taken it with me. One of the men at Homecoming told me he prefers the women’s book to the men’s and that he especially appreciates my sister’s contributions. He said that men write about all this deep, eschatological stuff but women write from the heart.

At the best of times, it takes a good hour and a half after I get up before I can eat breakfast. I was moving pretty slowly this morning after three days of intense activity.

I’d started fixing my first cup of herbal tea (I drink it before I eat anything) when the phone rang. It was my sister. She was having problems with her computer. She couldn’t get to the Internet via Chrome. Whenever she tried, a message would come up about the user profile and she needed a new version. Then a program called Regclean Pro would try to run.

Trying to tell her what to do was difficult. I’ve considered remoting in at times like this but she’d need to set up the program and permissions and telling her what to do was probably easier. Getting her out of the mindset that she had to close one program before she opened another was a bit more difficult. I’m used to multitasking on a computer. She isn’t. Right now, I have at least six programs open and a dozen tabs in Chrome and that’s on a slow night.

I walked her through some things (I had to have her use Internet Explorer) and we hung up with a full antivirus scan running.


Later, I tried to call her and when she got home, she called me back. With my directing her, she uninstalled Regclean Pro (how it installed itself is beyond me) and downloaded and installed Malwarebytes. I told her what to do when it finished its scan and we hung up. All told, between the two calls, we’d been troubleshooting for over an hour. I have a newfound respect for support people.

Thinking back, I used to download programs without a care in the world. I remember one April Fool’s prank I sent to a very serious computer support person. When it was opened and run, it would take a snapshot of the Windows files that were actually on the computer, then (supposedly) wipe them out. He almost had to go home to change clothes. I’d never think of doing something like that now.

Otherwise, Twinkle and I have been rather lazy. I haven’t even been to the mailbox. Cuz (or somebody) came out so I didn’t have to go feed the animules. I did get 15 minutes in the sun.

Maybe my B-12 will kick in by tomorrow and I’ll feel up to doing something besides recuperating. I can hope.

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What a Weekend! Mon, 27 Oct 2014 03:11:41 +0000 Friday morning, I got up early and started preparing to leave for my granddaughter’s school. It was Grandparents Day 2014. Since she’s in the 7th grade, there won’t be many more of these occasions which is bittersweet.

I’d let Cuz know I would be gone most of the weekend so I didn’t stress over trying to feed the critters before I left. I took care of Twinkle, did what I had to do and was in the car seven minutes after I’d planned to be. Pretty good for my record.

The l o n g bridge that my sister talks about is either being repaired or widened—I know not which. In either case (or maybe neither), it is down to one lane. There are traffic lights at both ends and signs that promise no more than four minutes’ wait time. I was hoping it would still be green and it was until I was almost there. Just as I got within hoping distance, it turned yellow and was red when I got to the line. I was the first car so I settled down to wait, noting the time. Sure enough, it was four minutes before all the oncoming vehicles got across and the light changed.

I got to the school with 45 minutes to spare. No parking in the back 40 for me that day! And when I got inside, I had plenty of time to go to the bathroom and find a seat on the second row!

The singing group my granddaughter is in was practicing so I was able to hear the music before most people did and it was beautiful. I took the opportunity to take some pictures. There are 51 members in the group and only a dozen or so are males. My granddaughter is on the end of the back row.

Watching the Director

I’m not going to try to link all the pictures. If you want to see them, they are grouped in an album here.

She’s in the advanced band, as well, but she was sitting so far in the back, I couldn’t see her. It sounded really good, though. Besides my granddaughter, my sister’s grandson and my adopted sister’s grandson were in the same band.

When it was time for gymnastics, I fled to the bathroom. It was almost over when I got back. My granddaughter was leaving the stage door which was perfect because I was right beside it.

She went upstairs to get her things and when she got back, I asked if she would be calling her mom. She sheepishly said she’d dropped her phone in a creek and it didn’t work any more. Well, I’d call on mine if I could get a signal. When I dug it out of my purse, I found it was dead. We checked out at the door and went to the book fair.

After buying one book, I took her home and her mother drove up some five minutes later. She was so relieved to see us! She said she’d left voice mail for me and had called the school. Whoever she talked to there knew nothing about my granddaughter’s whereabouts so she was understandably upset.

We visited a bit with her asking if I were spending the night at DS1’s. I said yes, the next night. Well, what about tonight? I was going home. She looked surprised. I guess she didn’t realize the only reason I was there was because I’m a grandparent.

I stopped at the university supermarket to grab something to eat (breakfast had been scant and hurried) and saw a former pastor as soon as I got inside. We were catching up when his wife walked in and then one of my friends from years ago spied us and came over. I’d told the pastor I’d be back for DS1’s concert the next day and he said several of the people he’d talked to were coming only for that. It’s an every five year reunion so it’s special.

Hoping to get a sandwich I could eat while driving was unrealistic. The stack I ended up with was a two-handed one. It must’ve had a whole package of sprouts on it. It was very good but hard to eat. I sat in the car and ate half, drank a Ginseng Up on the way home and munched on some sample pretzel rings.

DS1 and I had made a date to meet at the alumni lunch on Sabbath. I was trying to get everything into the car and leave but a Clowder of Cats was threatening to trip me up. I didn’t know if they had been fed after I’d done it Thursday so I went over and made sure—more out of self-defense than anything else.

On the way, I’d listened to the last part of the church service. Turns out the speaker is someone who is friends with DS1. Later, I found out he’d mentioned DS1 in his sermon.

I found a good parking place and made it to the lunch location about 15 minutes early. I called and left DS1 voice mail saying I would be standing in the sun (gotta get that vitamin D) and I’d see him and his friends when they got there.

Here they came and I thought sure he’d seen me but he didn’t. He hadn’t checked his phone, either. I grabbed him as he was on his way inside to look for me.

There were tables set up with lasagna, salad, rolls, etc. They always have one lone vegan table so I cruised along until I found it ‘way at the end. When Mother went to her last Homecoming, she’d gotten the vegan offering and it was pretty pitiful. Not so this time! It was vegan lasagna and the rest of the table pretty much matched the others.

I tempted fate and took a lot of the salad. It was mixed greens and a good portion of it was spinach. All of the food was good and the lasagna was delicious. It had sliced ripe olives along with the noodles, sauce and vegan cheese. It looked much better than the dry-appearing unappealing regular lasagna.

My niece and her daughter came over and sat with us. By and by, her son came along, too. I’d looked for him the day before but with no luck. There were a few other people I saw that I knew but my in-laws weren’t among them.

DS1 had been urging me to eat because he was to go home, change and be back by a certain time. I was through and waiting but he was still talking. Finally, he hushed long enough for us to make our way out. I did run back to tell the lady at the vegan table how good the lasagna was. She was pleased but there was a lot left and she would have probably given me a pan if I’d taken it. I did take one serving for today.

Back at the house, I got unloaded while DS1 changed. It was decided he’d take their car and my DIL would ride over with me later. I think she was a bit nervous with this auld lady at the wheel. She held on to the Gosh a’Mighty and was embarrassed when I noticed. I told her it was fine—that’s what they’re for.

We got inside and found a short pew that we proceeded to lay claim to. We were supposed to save seats for some others who wouldn’t be getting there as early. I turned away several people wanting to join us. It was rather unnerving to sit there, just the two of us, when the others never showed.

I guess the sound and video equipment was being set up while the members were all on the platform singing snippets of songs. I don’t know what they were doing in this picture:

Before the Concert

Some of the other pictures I took are here. When the concert started, I didn’t take any more. I wanted to enjoy it without being distracted.

The music was beautiful (you can watch a video of the concert here—it starts at about 11:10) but I couldn’t understand a lot of what was being said. I’ll watch, listen and find out what made people laugh. I guess my hearing will have to get worse for me to want to wear my aids to a concert.

After it was over, I saw my brother-in-law and his wife. We visited for a few minutes. Then I saw the daughter of one of our former pastors. She’d played Mother’s organ for DH’s and my wedding. I didn’t see a whole lot of people I knew but that’s not why I went, anyway.

The singers and spouses were going out to eat last night so I “baby-sat” my 19 year old granddaughter. She ate pizza, we both had a pear (I was still full from lunch) and we watched a couple of movies.

When the couple got home, DS1 wondered WHY carnivorous places equate vegetarian meals with squash and zucchini. Evidently, the company of friends was more satisfying than the food. They had quinoa, too, with no seasoning.

He was up this morning a little after 4 to get ready to go to work. I went back to sleep and didn’t wake until after 9. I was pooped.

When the others got up, I’d already had my quiet time and breakfast. They had somewhere they needed to be so they left me in charge of locking up. I got everything into the car, closed the door and left.

I saw absolutely no one I knew at the supermarket. I did my shopping and started back.

Getting home, CATS were near-rioting. I called and left Cuz voice mail. I saw DD had called so I called her back. We talked for almost an hour. I got a text from Cuz saying my CIL had been here this morning and she’d be here tomorrow. I wouldn’t have to feed anyone but Twinkle and me.

And now Twinkle is sitting on the floor in front of me, looking expectant. I’ll go give her more food, drink my water and go to bed.

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It’s Getting Closer Fri, 24 Oct 2014 02:43:43 +0000 No leg cramps last night, thank goodness. The bed felt so good and no wonder. It was 56 out from under the covers. I had to add a blanket night before last so I was cozy and warm.

The thermometer beside the chair where I’m sitting seems to be stuck on Celsius. It was, I think, 14 degrees when I got up. That translates to 57 degrees F.

When I was googling conversion tables, I found one here. I would have been pretty close with my formula but this puts it right on the money. I printed it off so I can have it handy.


Once again, I didn’t get in the sun to fill my prescription. It was too cool and an uncomfortable breeze was blowing. I’ll have to steel myself, wrap up and go for it but I couldn’t make myself today.

My last banana went down the hatch a day or two ago so I printed off some ads to price match and set out for town. According to the man at the tire place, I should have had two new ones put on a year ago. It was his projection from months before that.

He was on the phone when I went in but as soon as he hung up, I told him I wanted him to check my tires for wear. When he’d thoroughly inspected them, he said the front two looked brand new, the back ones were showing a little wear but, since my car is front wheel drive, I’d have no problems. He had me pull around to the back so one of the fellows could make sure the pressure was where it was supposed to be.

I don’t like getting low on fuel so I stopped and bought gas. For the first time in forever, it was below $3 a gallon. And I’m still getting 38 mpg.

There weren’t many things I needed from Walmart but, with price match, I got bananas for 44 cents a lub, pineapple for 99 cents, asparagus for $1.77 a lub and Bartlett pears for 99 cents a lub. I’d called the produce manager this morning and he said they had a box of persimmons he’d save me. I asked how much and he said $1.28 each. When I told him that was a bit pricy for 20 count, he said he’d order more and try to get the price down. I bought two of them, anyway. They are a hair larger than the ones I got at Bi-Lo but I’ll wait on buying a quantity.

When I got home, the Catz and Big’Un met me. I called and found out the critters hadn’t been fed. My CIL sounded surprised that I thought he was supposed to be here.

I came in, grabbed my key and went to the house surrounded by a clowder of cats. All five Catz were there as well as (of course) Big’Un. I took care of the babies and started out with the container of cat food. If I’d had a free hand, I would have had to rub my eyes. I counted five Catz, Big’Un and one cat. That was seven altogether.

The strange one has mostly gray fur but there are hints of colors that make me think it may be from the same family. I wonder if it’s one of the two kittens Six had. It was skittish but came within four feet or so of me and would have come closer, I think, if the others hadn’t been around. The felines were all gathered around the food and chowing down when Bashful got paranoid. When it (I didn’t think to try to determine the sex) jumped, they all scattered. It was like a bomb had been dropped in the middle and they all went off in different directions. It was pretty comical. It doesn’t take much to amuse me.

Cuz called me. I gave her the news about the new cat. I’d finished up her Facebook page. After I cleared the details with her, I published it.

My friend in the halfway house called me a little while ago. He was on his way to work. After tonight, he has two more nights and then he’ll start a job in a restaurant where he’ll be working second shift. Third is about to do him in. He said he isn’t getting nearly enough sleep and I can see why. I’d hate to try to sleep days.

Twinkle is lurking, the laundry is surely dry by now and the dishes are washed. I need to drink the rest of my water and call it a day.

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Three Days in a Row Thu, 23 Oct 2014 02:13:13 +0000

Day before yesterday, I was distracted. Yesterday, I was distracted. Today, I noted the time but got busy and it slipped past. Tomorrow is another day and I hope to get out and get some sun!

no sunAt any rate, I’d gotten more sleep last night until early this morning when my left leg decided to participate in the Granddaddy of All Cramps. I tried stretching it, rubbing it and praying (not necessarily in that order). The pickle juice remedy came to mind and I had a jar of it in the fridge I’d saved for just such occasions. When I started to pull it out, I managed to knock a half-full can of garbanzos off the shelf and onto the floor. I picked it up as quickly as possible, saving most of them. There were enough out of the can, though, that it made quite a mess. I’m ashamed to say I left it and went back to bed after I drank some pickle juice. I’m sorry but I wasn’t going to wake up enough to clean so sue me.

The pickle juice did the job and my cramp was gone. I was still sleepy enough I dozed off quickly and didn’t wake for the day until a couple more hours had gone by. Twinkle was probably glad for the accident. She does like the broth off garbanzo beans so she could lap up all she wanted.

I’ve been working off and on to get Cuz’ Facebook page ready to publish. I have 11 projects uploaded and another ready to go. After that one’s done, there are four more and it will go live.

Speaking of Cuz, I texted her this afternoon to see if my CIL would be doing the feeding today. No, but he should tomorrow. I got ready and went over to take care of the critters. Only three of the Catz showed up along with Big’Un. One of the females takes after her mama with her loud high voice. It’s a good thing I don’t hear wonderfully well. I think it would be painful if I could.

Top temp where I’m sitting has probably been about 67 today. I have the Dr. Heater on to 68 so it’s doing a good job keeping it in range. I’d love to be able to get the sheets off the registers. They make good tripping hazards. I have plastic to go over the furnace grill. The Press ‘n’ Seal I put on it last year has seen its day.

Twinkle has finished off yet another can of food so I’ll have to get one out of the box so she won’t starve during the night. My sister cooked a butternut squash today and I finished one up I murdered and baked the other day. We must have similar taste.

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Spammed Wed, 22 Oct 2014 02:26:45 +0000 Yesterday had the potential of being a good day. I’d had a decent night’s sleep and was looking forward (?) to shooting myself in the leg. And that begins the tale…

Remember the tiny vials I ended up with when my prescription for B-12 was filled?

Tiny Vial

I made all of my preparations the way I was supposed to—washed my hands well, laid out the syringe, prep pad and the itty bitty vial on a clean paper towel. First, I unwrapped the syringe, then popped the top off the vial. Opening a prep pad came next, and I wiped the rubber stopper on the vial. That might not have been necessary since it’s a one dose vial and hadn’t been used before but I did it, anyway. I drew up 1 ml of air, inserted the needle into the stopper, injected the air and, NOTHING. The force of the air pushed the plunger out so I started over. I don’t know how long it took me to draw up 1 ml of cyanocobalamin but it seemed like at least 10 minutes.

Then came the scary part. I’ve never liked self-injecting but I hadn’t done it in so long, it was worse than it had been before. I took as many deep breaths as I could without setting off a coughing fit, prayed, held my breath, let it out, held it again—well, you get the idea. I finally just went for it and plunged the needle into my thigh. It hurt so I knew I had the wrong spot but I was already committed. I pulled it out just a tiny bit and pushed the goosh into the muscle. There was the tiniest bit of blood when the needle vacated my tender flesh.

I wanted to get some advice about filling the syringe from the mini-vial but I didn’t want to bother the pharmacist. Just as I was putting a bandaid on my leg, the phone rang. It was an automated message from the pharmacy that my prescription was ready.

It couldn’t have come at a more opportune time. I called and told the woman I’d picked the prescription up the day before but I needed some instruction. How the &*()*&%! (I didn’t say that) do I fill the syringe easily? Well, she said, that’s why people go to the doctor’s office for their injections. She proceeded to tell me that I needed to inject 1 ml air into the vial (yeah, did it) but when I start drawing the goosh out, I have to have the needle barely inserted with the vial held upside down. Oh, joy. If I didn’t have a tremor in my left hand it would be okay but it’s going to be a trick to do it. My angel will have to hold my hand steady. I don’t see any other way.

Plans are made to be changed, remember? I checked my email. All of a sudden, beginning at 9:15, spam comments from my blog started filling my inbox. I emailed merm and DD. Well, they both were at work and couldn’t do anything at that point but merm figured the site had been hacked. I ran the exploit scanner and, of course, it didn’t find anything. I wonder why I even have it in my Tools. Here’s what it says:


Unfortunately it’s impossible to catch every hack and it’s all too easy to catch false positives (show a file as suspicious when in reality it is clean). If you have been hacked, this script may help you track down what files, comments or posts have been modified. On the other hand, if this script indicates your blog is clean, don’t believe it. This is far from foolproof.

For the paranoid…
To prevent someone hiding malicious code inside this plugin and to check that the signatures file hasn’t been changed, here are the MD5 hashes of these files. Compare them with the references on the plugin homepage. You’ll get extra points if you check this file has the actual md5_file() calls.

Fortunately, my spam blocker was only letting a few of the hundreds of spam comments through. When all was said and done, there were something like 3500 pending but 123 of those were the ones that slipped the boundary.

Watching the numbers of comments grow was unnerving and I got little to nothing done. It did help to hear from merm that my site wasn’t the only one affected. So…I hadn’t been hacked. I’d changed my password, anyway. She told me to just leave the spam alone and the spam blocker would take care of it when it came back online.

In spite of her reassurances, I couldn’t make myself go to bed. It was almost 1 a.m. TT when I gave up.

This morning, I assessed the situation. I started casting about for help and found a nice little plugin, GASP (Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin) that helps to keep the spam from ever getting through. The thing is, if you want to leave a comment now, you will have to check a little box to verify you are a person and not a spambot. Simple and painless. No big deal. Comment away! If it hadn’t been for that, the numbers of spam comments would have been higher. I was still getting the message that there was a problem with the spam blocker but with reinforcements, the numbers were stable.

By and by, the spam blocker came back up and the numbers started dropping. It was an hours-long process but it eventually got back to where it was originally.

I’d planned (there that is again) to go over and feed the critters first thing this morning but after getting to bed so late, it didn’t happen. When I got there hours after I intended to, my CIL had been there and done it. Praise the Lord!!

This afternoon, I went to the Apple House and bought a peck bag of Fujis, a box of Kennebecs, two butternut squash, three acorn squash and two green tomatoes. It was a struggle getting everything into the house but I did it.

I’ve had more of my fortune cookie tea. The sayings of the last four are:

  • Sing from your heart.
  • Compassion creates understanding.
  • Empty yourself and let the universe fill you.
  • Socialize with compassion, kindness and grace.

Twinkle isn’t eating as much as she was and her hip bones are sticking out again. If I take her to the vet, I’m afraid it will do more harm than good. It takes days for her to get over being boxed up, poked and prodded. I think I’ll just let her be. It would be nice if I could do a weight transfer.

It’s a relief for SOME things to be back to normal. And I’m glad I can holler at DD and merm when they aren’t.

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The Miniatures Mon, 20 Oct 2014 02:44:09 +0000 I’d been up for several hours when I heard the mower just outside the house. Quiet time including downloading the latest file from Sabbath School Study was long past and I’d been working on getting the albums created on Cuz’ Facebook page. After I lined up a method, it wasn’t taking all that long so I figured it would be good to get it done ASAP.

I went out and we visited for a little while and Big’Un came to pay his respects. It was chilly so I didn’t stay long. I mentioned the fig tree should be mulched to avoid freezing again and she said she’d take care of it. There are mixed predictions about the winter that’s coming on. I’ve seen below average temperatures and she saw a mild winter. I guess the only way to know for sure is to live through it and that’s what I’m aimin’ to do.

It was my plan to go on to town after breakfast and a shower but plans are made to be changed. I was moving slowly so I gave up on trying to get there any time soon. DD called and we had a good conversation. She’s been looking at cars and has almost settled on what she wants. As long as mine holds together, I’ll drive it. I don’t need a monthly payment.

While we were on the phone, I was going to look something up on my blog and discovered it was down. I figured it would come back up on its own so I didn’t contact merm about it.

There was no big rush to pick up my prescription. I wouldn’t be injecting before tomorrow at the earliest since I wouldn’t want my get up and go gotten up while I was trying to sleep.

The sun was directly overhead at 12:25 today so I went out for 10 minutes. There was a cool wind blowing so that was just about all I could take. The sun was warm but not that warm.

Since a bath sounded better than a shower, I went into my chilly bathroom and immersed myself. I’d kept the bedroom door shut because I’ve discovered Twinkle thinks that part of the house is a cat box, too. She was roaming around and meowing like she did months ago so I’m sure she was constipated. She got results somewhere, somehow, and she’s back to as close to normal as she can be.

It was cool enough out here for a light jacket but when I got to town, it wasn’t necessary. The only place I went was Bi-Lo. The prescription was a couple of dollars less than I thought it would be—and there are six refills before it expires on 10/16/2015! If I can figure it correctly, there should be three refills since each one is a 90 day supply. One thing sure and another thing certain, I won’t run out as long as they keep it in stock.

The recording on the phone said to ask which flu shot would be best so I asked. The woman looked surprised and said the only thing she knew was there is a different one for older people. I told her I’m an older people and she just gave me a curious look.

When I got home, I checked out the little vials of B-12. I’ve never drawn up a dose from such tiny ones before.

Teeny Weeny

I started hunting a video on youtube that would help me. I finally found this one. It’s full of information and MIS-information but it’s the only one I could find that dealt with 1 ml vials rather than ampules.

The web site was still down so I emailed merm. She emailed back needing more info. After she filed a trouble ticket, Support got it fixed but they didn’t know how they did it. It doesn’t matter to me as long as it’s okay.

I’ve had my two cups of Yogi tea. They’re kind of like fortune cookies. I wish I’d noticed the sayings sooner. Today, one says, “Truth is everlasting.” The other says, “Life is a gift. Experience the beauty.” I wonder if all of them are different. That would be quite a project for somebody.

Someone sent me an announcement to put on Facebook and email. It had the time as standard so I changed it and started wondering when standard will be roaming back in for the rest of the population. I was surprised that it’s as early as it is this year. Next Sunday, DS1 & 2 and I will all be back on the same time!

Tonight, I still have to drink my water and take my last NAC for the day. It doesn’t matter if it’s standard or daylight saving, time marches on.

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That’s Better Sun, 19 Oct 2014 02:12:14 +0000

I’m still waiting for my apples, winter squash and potatoes. The sun came out of hiding yesterday and I was able to get my D. Today, I was inside so I couldn’t visit Ol’ Sol. Later this afternoon, the clouds rolled back in. I hope they roll out before tomorrow. Far as I know, it hasn’t rained and that’s an improvement.

When I was in Bi-Lo, I went to the pharmacy and asked about multi-dose vials of B-12. No, they only had the single dose vials. How much? Well, my prescription had expired on the 6th and they couldn’t tell me unless they ran it through. I’d need to get a new one from the doctor.

I emailed my PCP and told him what the deal was. He emailed back the next day that he’d taken care of it. When I called the pharmacy, I was told that yes, they had the prescription and I could get three one dose vials to equal a 90 day supply. WHA’ THE?? I am supposed to inject weekly. That would be a three week supply. Contact my PCP again and get a corrected prescription.

Not only did I call the office, I emailed and stressed it was supposed to be weekly, NOT monthly. Since I’ve been on the patches, my level is a bit more than 1/4 what it was on the injections. Another email came in that it had been taken care of.

I called the pharmacy and yes, they had the corrected prescription but they only had 10 vials. That was fine. Run that through and give me a price. It ends up being a little less that $40 for the 10. That smarts. I used to get a 30 dose vial for right at $20. The injections do far more good than the patches. The two are comparable in price until the syringes and prep pads are factored in. Then the injections cost more but they work and that’s the object. If the patches did as good a job, they are painless, stress-free and are a conversation-starter. Too bad they don’t live up to the hype.

By the time everything got straightened out, I still had too much to do to drop everything and go to town. If it had been right to begin with, there would have been no problem. Oh, well. I’ve gone without this long…

Last night, I set the timer for long enough for it to go off a little after 6 and went to bed. It was cool but stuffy in the bedroom so I turned the fan on low. I was in bed by a few minutes after 9.

There was a guest speaker scheduled so we were to have a fellowship meal. A lot of the men were gone on a retreat so the congregation was pretty slim. I’d taken macaroni salad and two bags of Beanfield’s chips.


The regular sound system guy was missing and it was hard to hear the women when they spoke. Since all the men were gone, the voices were in the range that my hearing isn’t. Try as I might, I couldn’t adjust the aids so I could understand everything that was being said. I’ve found that, during music in general, it’s best to turn them off altogether.

Since I wasn’t benefiting from the sermon, I left early and went over to take care of my chips. The salad was done except for taking the Press ‘n’ Seal off.

It was quite awhile before church was over and people started filtering in.

I’d made sure the salad had plenty of Vegenaise but the pasta had soaked it all up and it was kinda dry. I think it was Alton Brown that said, “Never throw away pasta water!” I should have mixed enough in to keep it moist but it all went down the drain.

Even though the men were gone, there was as much—or more—food on the tables. Guess that shows who does the cooking!

Since there was so much food, there was a lot of everything left over. I sent macaroni salad home with two people and kept enough for my supper.

Well, I have another project in the works. Cuz wants me to set up a Facebook page for her and transfer all the pictures on her web site to it so she can cancel that account. She said there’s no hurry which is nice since Q1 2015 is supposed to go live the end of next month and I haven’t done the first thing on it.

Twinkle is so lucky! She gets her food doled out to her every day and she sleeps most of her life away. As for me, I’m thankful to have a roof over my head and food to eat. I’ve finished my second cup of Immune Support. I discovered the little paper tabs on the tea bag strings have sayings on them. This one said, “Speak the truth.” The one from earlier today said, “May this day bring you peace, tranquility and harmony.” Amen.

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