AWESOME TO BE RAWSOME ONE WOMAN LIVING THE HIGH RAW VEGAN LIFESTYLE Thu, 24 Jul 2014 01:59:40 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Surprise! Thu, 24 Jul 2014 01:59:40 +0000 Mimosas are in bloom and I coulda sworn I had a picture or two of the blossoms on one of my favorite trees but I don’t. I went to Flickr’s Creative Commons and found this one.


I love the way they look. I love the way the blossoms smell. Mother had two in her yard out here on the mountain but I think they are history.

Today has been a better day, physically. Otherwise, it’s been a bit stressful. The editor sent out a blast email to give her feedback about the way the lessons load. She said they are coming up very slowly for her but they pop right up for me. To make sure, I was going through all the weeks and when I got to 12 and 13, lo! and behold! (My sister would have added, “and high and be dropped!” the changes I had made—or thought I had—had disappeared. I downloaded them to make sure I had the latest files and redid everything.

Then I started checking more closely. The images the HTML person had uploaded to the server weren’t, for the most part, inserted. I don’t know if it’s something I had done or if he hadn’t put them in. I muddled my way through and inserted all of the missing ones and learned something new in the process. It’s something I’d never done before.

When I reported the changes, I didn’t mention inserting the images. It might be assumed that’s something Yours Truly could do if necessary since I know how now.

I’d never seen “It Could Happen to You” so I took a break from my hard work and watched it. Then I exercised for 23 minutes, according to my pedometer.

The katydids are getting louder and louder. There was one lone one rasping this afternoon but it has been joined by a cast of thousands tonight.

I haven’t seen my CIL but Cuz would have called me to check on him if he hadn’t been in touch with her so I’m sure he’s okay. Since they have a/c now, I guess he doesn’t need to leave the back door open. I have some avocadoes to give him but I don’t want to disturb him.

The days were getting away from me and I’d be drinking my last 16 ozzies of water too late. I got smart and now I set the timer on the computer for 90 minutes after I finish a meal. That means I don’t have to get up as often in the night.

The Visitor is still on the screen above the kitchen sink. Genese commented on yesterday’s post and said it’s an imperial moth and gave me this link. The moth doesn’t eat but lives on what it ate as a caterpillar. Its life span is about a week. The one that’s adopted me moves around on the screen, though I haven’t seen it do anything but sit. It will be interesting to see how long it stays there in the space of maybe eight inches square.

The Catz have been camping out on the deck and Twinkle was busy hissing at them this morning. It probably makes her feel important to let them know this is her territory.

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The Visitor Wed, 23 Jul 2014 01:48:14 +0000 Last night, I was miserable. The bed was cold. I was cold. My back was aching. A slow thinker at times, after awhile I realized I could plug in the waterbed heater and take the chill off, at least. I didn’t expect it to do any good right away but it did. It wasn’t long until I could relax and go to sleep.

I felt better when I got up but was in for a surprise when I went into the kitchen. I saw this over the sink.


I’ve looked and looked online but this is the only one I could find that was similar. I might find it if I could see it from the upper side but the kitchen window is so high off the ground, there is no way. It’s still there tonight and it isn’t telling me what it is or where it came from.

Breakfast yesterday was two nectarines and a piece of dry toast. I did better today.


I called the Apple House about peaches (!) and was told they are picking because so many people wanted them but the fruit is still quite green. I was advised to wait a few more days if I wanted riper ones. I’ve bought green ones there and let them ripen over time but nothing is better than a tree-ripened peach. I’ll wait.

The Redneck A/C was fired up today and it needs more containers of ice. It’s also very loud—probably because the cooler is metal. I have two more gallons of water in the freezer and I figure they will have overflowed their tops like one of the first ones did. At least it didn’t get the stuff underneath wet, The water froze on the outside of the jug.

Twinkle has been fed. I cleaned out The Bubbler and refilled it. She can be entertained for hours just sitting and watching it.

This is about it for today. My exercise was walking to the mailbox and back. My reward was the Shopper and the Bi-Lo ad. Woohoo.

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A Five Mouses Tale Tue, 22 Jul 2014 01:34:37 +0000 I didn’t feel good when I went to bed last night. Whether I overdid or not, I don’t know. Washed out. Blah. Wasn’t any better when I got up this morning.

I hardly ever check my email first thing but something nudged me that way. I was shocked to find this:

Hi Tommie,
Thanks for ordering from Here’s a summary of your order.

Shipping to home

Razer Naga Hex Mouse, Wraith Red Edition 5 $59.99 $299.95
Arrives by Wed., Jul 30

See our Return Policy or
contact Customer Service.
Subtotal: $299.95

Shipping: Free

Tax: $24.75

Order total: $324.70

Razer Naga Hex Wraith Red EditionI’ve rarely ordered from Walmart and I knew I hadn’t ordered anything recently. I definitely hadn’t ordered five of the Razer Naga Hex Mouse, Wraith Red Edition.

I logged into my account on Discover’s site and, sure enough, there was a charge processing from Walmart for $324.70. I immediately initiated a chat with a representative. It was answered by a nice person by the name of Mercedes. She couldn’t see the charge on her side yet because it was still pending. She advised me to cancel the order with Walmart if I could.

While I still had her on chat, I went to my account on I sent an email explaining that I had not ordered five mouses and wanted the order canceled. When I pulled up the transaction, the “cancel” button showed up so I clicked it. It wasn’t long before I received an email confirming the cancellation. It said it might take several days to credit “my” mode of payment but when I went back to the Discover site, it was already there.

Mercedes asked if I wanted a different credit card number. YES!! She put in the request and I should receive a new card in 4-6 business days.

I’d started all this a little after 6:30 and the last exchange on chat was at 7:34.

I looked up the address the order was to be sent to and this is the google street view. Then I just googled it and found that it was sold less than a month ago. I was even able to find the name of the person who bought it. Kind of scary all the information that’s out there.

Discover Theft

Something similar to this happened back in 2007. However, Discover had found the unauthorized charges because of an unusual pattern of behavior. Even if I hadn’t found this and other charges had been put on my card, I would have zero liability. If I’m going somewhere out of the ordinary, I call and notify them before I leave.

My day has been less than productive. I went back to bed and slept for about an hour. My back has been hurting and even though it’s gotten above 80 in the house, I think I’ve chilled some. I definitely didn’t feel up to getting the frozen jugs out of the freezer so I could try out the “new” a/c. I took a bath and I think I failed to rinse the shampoo out of my hair.

Twinkle is sitting at my feet. I’m going to go see if she wants something to eat and then I’ll take my NAC and generic Zantac. After drinking my last 16 ozzies of water, I’ll think about going to bed. It’s been quite a day.

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Redneck A/C Mon, 21 Jul 2014 01:23:48 +0000 I am so sleepy, I am having difficulty staying upright. It isn’t even 8 o’clock yet TT and while it looks almost dark out, sunset is still nine minutes away. Twinkle is watching me. Surely she can’t be out of food again.

The first course at breakfast was two mangoes and some blueberries. When I got the already washed berries out of the fridge, the unwashed carton fell on the floor. I dreaded looking down but when I did, I saw it hadn’t popped open. That was definitely something to be thankful for. Here’s part of my breakfast feast.

Breakfast Froot

Twinkle’s been getting her toenails hung in my purple shirt. I tried to file them down this afternoon but had to give it up pronto. Guess a visit to the vet will include a toenail clipping.

I texted Cuz to see if they left this morning and she texted me back from Macon, GA, where they’d stopped for breakfast. I asked if my CIL would be bringing the rigged a/c and she said yes. She had put it in the back of the van before they set out.

Not long after that, my CIL got home. I didn’t bother him but I took the two gallon jugs I’d managed to scare up and fill with water (leaving space for expansion) out to the freezer. It wasn’t as much of a job to make room for them as I thought it would be.

Another hour or so later, there was a knock on the door. It was my CIL with the Redneck A/C. I didn’t take a “before” picture. I filled a bowl with soapy water, added a bit of bleach and went to work. It’s definitely not a thing of beauty but I hope it will be a joy forever. This is after I’d cleaned it up.

Redneck Air Conditioner

I figure the water in the jugs should be frozen by tomorrow and we’ll see how it works. I need to find more jugs so I can swap them out and keep things cool when the weather gets hot. The clip is gone off the fan. I had it over the kitchen range last winter to spread the warmth. Guess I can get another little fan for that.

Speaking of hot, it finally warmed up some today. It got up to 81 in the kitchen and 79 in the living room. I haven’t checked the bedroom lately.

DD and her boyfriend were on their way to meet merm, merm’s girlfriend and merm’s family (all but her brother) for brunch. DD was able to get a reasonably good signal so we visited for about 20 minutes. She’s very busy with her new job and is exhausted at the end of the day. Guess that can translate to job security? I told her to take pictures and post them on Facebook. So far, I’ve seen two.

I made a list of four things that need attention regarding the 4th quarter lessons and emailed it to both the HTML person and the editor. The editor wrote back her appreciation but I’ve heard nothing from the other party. It would be nice to get started so the crunch won’t happen again.

Guess I’d better go see about Twinkle’s food situation. Her litter box has been cleaned out and the laundry is done. I’m going to turn in soon. My schedule is more “early to bed” than it used to be.

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Which Winter? Sun, 20 Jul 2014 02:30:56 +0000 We’ve had Blackberry Winter, Dogwood Winter, Indian Summer. What we’re having now, I have no idea. It’s much cooler than usual for this time of year. Yesterday morning, it was 62 in my bedroom when I got up. This morning, 66. Oh, yes! The Polar Vortex. That’s what it is.

Cuz left yesterday after coming over to tell me goodbye. She and her construction partner are going on a working vacation to Florida. The van was packed with stuff for the Housesitter. Where she’ll put it, I have no idea. It seems her little trailer is already bursting at the seams.

The animals fed, I didn’t have that chore to take care of. I did some things around the house here and had my shower well before dark. Twinkle’s food was set out and I was in bed before 9.

I woke in the night and was awake for I don’t know how long. Seems to happen when I go to bed early. When I did let myself look at the clock, it was 3:48. By and by, I went back to sleep and dreamed strange dreams.

The HTML person had sent out the first draft of the 4th quarter lessons and I spent ‘way too much time trying to figure out where the missing closing quotes are that mess everything up from October 31 on. When I went into the church, it was almost time for the meditation music.

One of the elders stopped me and asked if I were playing the organ today. Well, no. I told him I’m not authorized to play any more. “Ever?” “Well, for at least a year. Don’t you think I’m due a year off after more than 25 years of playing?” He agreed that was reasonable.

The pianist was doing double duty today. She played the meditation music and music for the song service on the piano and then switched to the organ.

I guess the signal light still doesn’t work. She had started playing a second song when the deacons and elders came in. I think it was “Jesus Loves the Little Children”. The procession caught her off guard and there they went to the front. I was probably the only one who noticed she wasn’t playing the introit.

The pastor has been encouraging more friendliness in church. He said that if anyone was sitting alone, someone should go sit with them. I was all by myself (and quite happy) on the back row. One of the ladies came to invite me to sit with her and her friend/significant other/husband (I have never known which it is). I told her it was warmer where I was which is why I sat there. Then the Computer Owner got up and sat with me. For years, I have sat in the most alone place there is—the organ bench—so it doesn’t bother me to go solo.

Once home, I texted Cuz for the second time today to see if anyone would be here to feed the critters. I got the answer to please take care of them. I’d taken my top off and put on my housecoat so I went over before I finished changing and did the honors. On the way back, I stopped and got a carton of coconut ice cream out of the freezer.

Twinkle had begged for food so I fed her and it wasn’t more than a few minutes I heard her retching. That’s not a welcome sound to a cat’s human’s ears. When I went looking for the spot to clean up, I found three. Going into the bedroom, I found a fourth. After that, I gave her very small amounts several times so she wouldn’t eat too fast and she’s been okay so far.

I’ve been cool so I knew Miss Twinkle had to be cool, too. I got the shirt I’d worn yesterday and put it on the chair with the heating pad. She still wouldn’t jump up on it so I got her and placed her on the shirt. She smelled it and eventually settled down.

Keeping Warm

It’s been misty and foggy all day. I went out on the deck to take a picture

A Foggy Day

and turned to come back inside when I spied this:

One of the Catz

Katydids are getting louder and louder. I first noticed their rasping a week or so ago. Seems a bit early.

It’s already past 9 which is getting late for me now. Guess I’d better give Twinkle her food for the night and hope I don’t find it in puddles tomorrow morning.

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Bartering Fri, 18 Jul 2014 01:58:35 +0000 After I woke in a 62 degree bedroom, I got up and started my day. I didn’t get on the computer right away but when I did, there was a message from Cuz. Did I have some card paper? All she needed was two or three sheets. I got a couple of different kinds of heavy paper and took them over.

She was making business cards for spaces for the 127 Yard Sale (billed as the longest yard sale in the world and one of my biggest working years’ nightmares). I told her I have business card stock but she said she did, too, but it wasn’t working for the business cards. I had her send me the picture she was using and told her I’d get back to her.

After straightening the photo and cropping it, I fit it on the template. I’d thought I was cleaning the nozzles on the printer but it turns out I have to use what it’s physically connected to instead of my notebook. I cleaned the nozzles twice and printed three sheets to make sure everything was working the way it should. Then I printed the cards on regular paper three times. After that, I cut one of the prints down the middle and lined them up with the business cards Cuz had given me. It was acceptable. I printed two sheets of business cards and took them over.

Offering to pay me for my work, I asked her to fix me the “air conditioner” I’d shown her earlier. Needless to say, I’ll plug the fan into an outlet and not have the solar panel.

She thought she had a spare cooler and an elbow but she’d need a fan. I had the clip-on fan I’d used for years at work. I came over and got it. She said she’d work on it tomorrow and have my CIL bring it to me. WOOHOO! Now, I need to make a spot where I can put a couple gallon jugs of water in the freezer. That will be, probably, the most difficult part of the whole project.

Breakfast was a little later than usual and after that, I looked up and printed off a few coupons and ads for price matching. My supply of froot was getting low.

Mother Hubbard's Cupboard

I took a shower, got dressed and headed for town. There were still enough packages of Dole Banana Dippers that I was able to get four without having to ask for the ones that are supposed to be put back for me. I’ll save those for insurance.

There were a lot of things to price match and when I got through and hauled everything home, here’s what the “after” looked like.


All the new stuff here except for three of the mangoes were price matched. The cherries (also price matched) didn’t make it into the picture. The little bowl has the rest of the cherries from last week and the others are from today.


Quite a difference in size.

I also price matched a half gallon of Silk Dark Chocolate Almond Milk. A bit of homework pays off.

Cuz was outside so I went to visit a bit. She did find the key and had the things the Housesitter wanted.

I’ve been getting to bed earlier and earlier. Last night, it was a few minutes after 9. Twinkle’s still to feed. I turned her heating pad on today but she had no interest in lying on it. Fine with me. Turned off, it’s a lot cheaper.

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Comments? Thu, 17 Jul 2014 01:29:10 +0000 Ever since I wrote the post titled “Chicken“, I have been getting a ton of spam comments. They range from today’s,

Hello to every one, for the reason that I am in fact eager of reading this blog’s post
to be updated daily. It includes fastidious material.

to one from a couple of months ago.

Undeniably believe that which you said. Your favorite justification seemed to be at the internet the easiest factor to keep in mind of.
I say to you, I definitely get annoyed whilst folks consider
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Needless to say, I’ve flagged all of them as spam. Today, I got smart and disabled comments on the post. I’ve had enough.

When I went to bed last night, it had cooled off to a nice 74 degrees in my bedroom per my little pyramid clock. This morning, it was down to 63 degrees and I had slept so well! No tossing and turning and winding up like a mummy in the Earthing Bag.

I’d gone out after sunup to scope out the day. I was all by myself with the Catz nowhere in sight.

A bit later, I looked out and my cousins were home. I went over and welcomed my Cuz to the Arctic. She was in the process of trying to find the key to the lock on the Housesitter’s storage space. I don’t know if she ever found it. The Housesitter has mailed her key but who knows when it will get here?

After I got back to the house, I fixed some FROOT. I’d decided I’d posted all the pictures of breakfast I needed to but this looked so pretty, I changed my mind.

Today's Froot Plate

It’s one mango, two nectarines and I failed to count the blueberries.

I finished the archives I have access to going back to second quarter 2011. I did a bit of sleuthing and the mobile lessons began the third quarter 2009. At one time, the lessons were done in four different formats. There were the NIV, KJV, NKJV and the mobile versions. Thank goodness the current editor found a way to pare it down to two.

It’s been cool enough all day today for long sleeves and sweat pants. I even had a cup of hot chocolate this morning. At one point, I lost Twinkle. I looked for her in all her usual spots but she was nowhere to be found. Then I started looking in UNusual spots and found her right beside my chair on my heating pad (which wasn’t on).

Cool Twinkle

I’d opened a new can of food for her yesterday and gave her the first out of it at 1:15. I know the time because it was when my friend called. By 1:15 today, she’d finished all but less than a teaspoonful. Since then, she ate that and has started on yet another can.

The Lady in Question is back on the heating pad (which still isn’t on). I started getting sleepy at 6 this afternoon. It was too early to go to bed then but you can believe it when I say I won’t be up much longer.

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Nostalgia Wed, 16 Jul 2014 02:36:29 +0000

It wasn’t planned but is it ever? I was in bed by 10 (part of my new “get to bed at a reasonable hour resolve). I didn’t go to sleep right away but lay and dozed a lot. When I did go to sleep, I woke in the middle of the night and was awake for I don’t know how long. I rarely look at the clock at a time like that because the light wakes my brain up even more and it’s harder to nod off again.

It was during the awake time in the middle of the night that I started thinking about my childhood and how lucky I was to grow up when I did. The kids these days don’t have it as good as I did. A lot of my summer days were spent playing with friends out in the fields with the cow pies and down by the creek where we saw water striders and frog eggs. After the eggs hatched there were polliwogs that wriggled around in the shallow water.

Mother, my sister next to me (may she rest in peace) and I lived some of my younger years at a self-supporting boarding school. There wasn’t a big variety of food but I remember someone donating a huge quantity of white bread to the kitchen. The president’s sister-in-law was in charge and she dried out all of the bread in the oven so it wouldn’t mold. That was stored in a large barrel and she turned her head the other way when we’d lean over the side and snag a piece or two.

Her name was Esther and since she was aunt to my friends, the rest of us called her “Aunt Esther”, too.

She was very resourceful and would make noodles from nothing but flour and water and then she’d cook them in a tasty broth she made from odds and ends. Once a week, she would empty the refrigerator of leftovers, mix them together and bake it into a casserole some of the kids from my sister’s age group dubbed “Lockerator Desolation”.

There was a cellar where canned goods were kept (the kind in jars, not tins) and five gallon buckets of sorghum. It was so cool down there and the sorghum was so thick, it took a lot of muscle to pull the ladle out of the dark rich syrup.

Lots of farms surrounded the school and someone brought over a truckload of watermelons. I loved watermelon more then than I do now and that’s saying a lot. The melons were piled in a spot where there were lots of huge rocks. One of the boys would grab one, burst it on the rocks and the closest and fastest kid would grab the heart and run. We’d eat watermelon until someone came and chased us away.

Corn ShocksWhen fall came and the corn had been harvested, the field would be cleared of stalks and they’d be tied together in “shocks”. Those dotted the countryside and provided yet another diversion for us. Pretending to be Indians, we’d hollow out the shocks and make teepees. Sometimes there would be tiny ears of corn we’d shuck and eat, cob and all.

There was an apple orchard and we’d climb the trees and eat green apples in spite of being told they’d give us a belly ache.

We’d be out in the fresh air all day, only coming in to eat (when we hadn’t foraged enough on our own). It was a magical time and I didn’t know what riches I was experiencing until much later. Time took its toll. My friends moved away, other people took over and things changed.

When I did get to sleep, I had weird dreams. I dreamed there were four kittens I put in a bubble bath. They were swimming around, then sank to the bottom. One by one, I pulled them out, massaged their sides until they expelled the water from their lungs and they were fine. Night before last, I dreamed Genese had started a Wordscraper game.

I woke about 6:30 and took my thyroid med. I went back to bed, planning to sleep another hour, slept two and got up.

Here’s part of my breakfast.

Stone Froot

The white peach is the last of that variety. I had two left and one had rotted rather than ripen. The local peaches aren’t quite ready yet per their web site. Those will be the next I buy.

One of my friends from church called while I was in the kitchen feeding Twinkle. By the time I got to the phone, it had gone to voice mail. I called her back. She was at the university supermarket so I gave her a small order and told her I’d PayPal the money. She laughed even though that’s the way we do it now.

DD called me this afternoon just as I was getting ready to eat my artichoke. She couldn’t talk long since she was at work. Red tape required my Social Security number. I gave it to her and we talked for a little while. The coverage map for her cell phone shows she should get an excellent signal but she doesn’t. She’s ordered a different router to see if she can improve her Internet access.

I’m still updating the archives. It isn’t hard to do. It’s just making myself do it.

The weather has turned a bit cooler. Maybe I’ll sleep better tonight.

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A Scientific Experiment Tue, 15 Jul 2014 02:09:10 +0000

I go through a lot of toilet tissue. Even though I can no longer claim to be a raw foodist, I still eat a lot of fresh fruit which translates into more water in my diet. That means more trips to the bathroom because I haven’t cut down on the amount of Adam’s Ale I drink.

When I was at Walmart the last time, I was looking at all the different kinds of tissue available. I usually get Angel Soft in the largest package which insures me of a supply for a long time before I have to restock. This trip, though, I was thinking about my budget and where I might be able to cut corners. One place I won’t cut is food. It’s my belief that the most important expenditure is for what goes into my body and while I like to get bargains and actively seek them out, I will not skimp on quality or quantity to save a dime.

Angel SoftThat’s getting me off the current subject, though. As I was going down the bathroom tissue aisle, I was looking at the price breakdown of different brands. A 12 double-roll package of Angel Soft sells for (I think) $5.74. It has 264 sheets per roll. I don’t remember the formula Walmart uses on their shelf stickers but the price per unit was considerably higher than some of the other brands.

Wandering along, I happened to notice a display of packages that didn’t have a brand name. That was odd. I’d never really seen it before because I’m usually zoned in on getting done and out of the store ASAP. The unit price was 12+ cents. The package price was $5.68. It said it’s septic tank safe (a biggie as far as I’m concerned). I figured I could spring for one package and if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t buy it again. If I did like it, Walmart would probably quit carrying it, considering my history with them.

No Name Tissue

I used one roll and it isn’t half bad. It definitely hasn’t been bleached white white (like a lot of name brands have been) which appeals to me. It’s also two-ply.

The rolls seemed bigger so I started looking on the package. Angel Soft/264 sheets per roll. No name/374 sheets per roll. That figures out to be 29.5% more sheets per roll for the cheaper brand.

Then I decided I would put it to the length-of-time-to-finish-a-roll test and do a comparison. The numbers are in and the Angel Soft lasted just about half as long as the No Name. I’ll have to admit there are a lot of variables there and to be fair, I’d have to count bathroom trips and intensity to be more accurate. I won’t go that far, though. I’ll just leave it with the No Name wins on the budgetary front.

When I was doing my TP research, I came across some interesting youtube videos going from the manufacture to stocking a supply for hard times.

That isn’t all I’ve done today. When I looked out this morning, I noticed my CIL was home. I called the house and he said yes, he’d fed the critters so I wouldn’t have to. Then, this afternoon, I got so sleepy I went to bed and took a nap. Highly unusual.

A lady called from Walmart and said they have more Dole Banana Dippers in. I asked her to put some back for me and I’ll get them the next trip to town. Nice to have personalized service. Now, if they’d get So Delicious coconut ice cream back…

It got above 86 degrees in the kitchen. I’m thankful the days are getting shorter. That means more time for the house to cool down between the onslaught of heat. I don’t know where Channel 3 is located (each of the sensors is assigned a channel number but I only have two sensors) but it always shows the low as 39.9. Maybe it’s in someone’s refrigerator.

I’d asked about going back in the archives on SSNET and changing the links to take out the reference to “mobile”. I should keep my thoughts to myself. I’ve done as far back as the first quarter of 2013. My access only goes to the second quarter of 2011. Anything before that will stand as it is.

Twinkle has wanted lap time today but it’s been ‘way too warm. She’ll have to either take advantage of the early morning or wait for cooler weather.

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Early(er) to Bed Mon, 14 Jul 2014 02:08:41 +0000

It was at least a couple of hours earlier than usual that I hit the hay last night. I slept fairly well in spite of still having to get up to go to the bathroom. There’s no way to cut the fruit completely out and it’s all primarily water.

I wasn’t up before daylight but it was before I usually am. Everything I did was on an earlier schedule so my eating of juicy fruit shouldn’t interrupt my sleep tonight as much. This was my appetizer for my second meal and it was several hours ago.

Smaller Froot Plate

The plate is still loaded but it’s a dessert plate this time and the quantity is down by, at least, half.

My cousin had texted this morning that they’d be here today. She planned to mow and she also loaded up my one lone bag of garbage. It’s nice that I don’t have to be concerned about getting that to the right place at the right time. We used to have dumpsters up here on the mountain but no more.

I’d put a load of laundry in before they got here and just remembered to put it in the dryer a little while ago. I think the heat has baked my brain. It got up to 86 in the kitchen today. It wasn’t conducive to my doing a lot of what needs to be done.

No need for the pickle juice last night. I hope the same can be said of tonight.

Guess I’d better check Twinkle’s supply of food before I fold my tent and silently steal away.

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