AWESOME TO BE RAWSOME ONE WOMAN LIVING THE HIGH RAW VEGAN LIFESTYLE Wed, 26 Nov 2014 02:40:53 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Well, Shoot! Wed, 26 Nov 2014 02:14:08 +0000 Today was B-12 Day. At the best of times, I’m not overjoyed at the prospect of shooting myself. Three weeks in a row, I’ve had an “uh-oh”, this being the third.

Well, you know I used my last syringe from the box I’d bought while I was still gainfully employed. As a matter of fact, I used the last two syringes since one of them fell apart. Once again, I have a “Show and Tell”.

Yesterday, in anticipation of The Day, I’d gotten several syringes out of my stash and put them in a plastic bag close to the alcohol prep pads. After doing my washup and putting out the clean paper towel, I peeled back the wrapper on the syringe. My eyes popped and threatened to leave their sockets. Surely I wasn’t seeing what I was looking at.

I went to get a used syringe from last week. I’ve given up using a sharps container since they aren’t required in Tennessee. Sure enough, the needle is only 2/3 as long as the one I had in front of me.

50% longer

I’ve been using 1″ needles and the ones I ordered are 1.5″. It did make filling the syringe from the teeny tiny vial easier but I still didn’t relish the anticipation of putting it into my leg.

Rather than using the “dart-throwing” method of inserting the needle, I put it on my skin and “bounced” it in and only partway. There was more blood than usual when I finished pushing in the goosh and pulled the needle out.

Chatting with a rep from the company where I ordered them, I found out that I’d either have to keep them and use them or keep them and order more of the right length. The rep did offer me a 10% discount if I decided to replace them—or add to them.

I posted a question on Facebook and have gotten several replies. Most of them are advising using the syringes and just insert the needle 2/3 of the way. One EMT told me I could shoot myself in the hip and not worry about the fact that it’s so much longer. The only thing about that is, I’d be walking sideways after a while because my right hip would get it every time. He also said he’s a big weenie when it comes to giving himself a shot. He can’t even do a finger stick to measure his blood sugar.

So…I guess I’ll keep the syringes and try not to go as far my femur.

Getting myself in gear, I went to town and hit the beauty shop at just the right time. The Tattooed/Pierced Lady had just finished one up and would cut my hair as soon as she swept up the hair. I ran to the bathroom while she did that. Several of the hairdressers have moved on to other jobs so she and one other person are the only ones left. She’s the acting manager and she was much more talkative than on previous visits.

I’ve found that everything has its price so when she offered to dry my hair, I didn’t take her up on it. It would dry while I did my shopping.

On my way around the store, I saw a couple of friends and visited briefly. After I checked out, I saw two more and ended up having a LONG conversation with one that was very enjoyable. She worked at the hospital and retired fairly recently. She tried to get in to get her hair cut but the T/P Lady was booked.

It was getting on toward twilight when I pulled up to Cuz’ house to feed the animals. I got that taken care of and came on home.

Twinkle had eaten very little of her food. I’ve gone and done something I probably shouldn’t have but I can’t stand to see her waste away to nothing. She used to dearly love Fancy Feast beef with gravy. I bought half a dozen cans and mixed a tiny amount with the food that was left in her dish. Then I took the utensil I use especially for her food and had her smell it. She perked up and licked both sides, then followed me into the kitchen where she licked the lid from the FF and proceeded to polish off the half teaspoon or so of food. I mixed up some more but by that time, her appetite was sated. She licked at it but didn’t actually eat much. Before I go to bed, I’ll leave another dab or two in her dish.

Maybe it’s contagious, whatever it is Twinkle has. I couldn’t think of a single thing I wanted to eat after I got home so I’ve only had water and tea. Maybe I’ll make my Mii happy and lose a half lub or so overnight.

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Frustration Tue, 25 Nov 2014 02:09:53 +0000 Twinkle is curled up in a fetal position and still breathing. I don’t know how long she can exist on the tiny amounts of food she’s eating. I put fresh food out for her this morning, giving the rejected overnight feeding to the Catz and/or Big’Un. Later today, I put most of THAT out and added fresh to her dish. She smelled it and walked off. I’m not going to force feed her. I refuse to take her to the vet to have her poked and prodded. I’ve prayed that she won’t suffer and will either be healed or die a painless death and I hope one or the other will be soon.

Cuz came and fed the animals today. She also picked up one of the vehicles that’s been parked for months. When she called me later, she said most of the air was out of the tires. No wonder, it’s been sitting for so long.

All day long, tracking has said that the permanent replacement for my temporary coat would be delivered today. A little while ago, it was updated until tomorrow.

I was supposed to go inspect the persimmons but I never got up enough energy to do it. I need to print off whatever I need to shop, anyway, so tomorrow will probably be The Day. I surely don’t want to wait until Wednesday. The day before Thanksgiving is not my favorite time to go grocery shopping.

My clothes are probably dry and I’m pretty tired from watching Twinkle dwindle away. I guess I’d better go take care of them and get to bed. With my eyes closed, I can’t see Twinkle not eating.

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Another Rainy Day in Tennessee Mon, 24 Nov 2014 02:33:43 +0000 Seeing the sky through the slats of the blinds from my nice warm bed (BTW, my heater does still work) didn’t bode too well for the day. It was leaden gray and dreary. The trees were dripping. “Back of the clouds, the sun is always shining.” A cheerful thought but it didn’t match the situation.

The ringing telephone did bring some hopeful news. The produce manager had two boxes of persimmons and was able to get the price down to 98 cents each. Not each box, though. Each persimmon. The count? He should have been able to look on the end flap but he counted each persimmon. 22. Hmmmmm. Not very big, huh? Well, about the size of a tomato. A cherry tomato? Campari? Beefsteak? There are lots of different sizes of tomatoes. I ended up telling him to hold a box for me and I’ll see if I want them when I get there.

Gone are the days when I used to order 10 lub boxes from Dario. Those were such gorgeous persimmons. I do wish he’d go back into the business but the last I heard, he’d moved on. These are from six years ago and they make my mouth water.


They were so good and juicy. I haven’t found any that compare.

Sliced persimmons

Enough wallowing, though.

Hoping against hope, I texted Cuz. No, no one would be here today. Someone would be tomorrow. I briefly considered not feeding the critters but it was only for a moment. I zipped the temporary coat partway up, pulled it over my head and zipped it the rest of the way. It was raining pretty briskly by that time so the hood came into play. Trying to deal with the garage door while holding an umbrella didn’t seem attractive. When the wind tried to take the hood off, I did have to resort to holding it with one hand.

After I’d fed the babies, three Catz and Big’Un were waiting on the back steps. I’d opened the garage door (I started to abbreviate it but “GD” wasn’t appropriate) on my way to the house so I went in, filled the food pan and closed the door, taking care not to injure myself in the process.

When I got back home, I was dry except for my feet. The temporary coat did a good job.

DD didn’t call today. I didn’t expect her to. The movers were to be at her apartment fairly early and any moving day is a full one. Poor Pixel will have to get used to a whole new place—again. I think this is the fifth place he’s lived and he’s younger than Twinkle. Not counting her place of birth, she’s lived in three.

Speaking of Twinkle, she’s eaten a bit more today but not enough to cheer about. Last night, after the animals had cleaned out her dish, I washed it thoroughly with dish soap and then scrubbed it with baking soda to get the other cat smell off of it.

I still need to drink another 12 ozzies of liquid before I go to bed. I wish I could get a schedule going that would let me get it all in several hours before I go to bed but I can’t. Guess it’s just more exercise in the long run (and run, it is).

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So Sad, So Sad Sun, 23 Nov 2014 01:55:35 +0000

Years ago, I was browsing in a no-longer-exists salvage shop not far from the hospital. I found an incomplete set of glasses that I couldn’t resist. There were seven of the eight in the box. I don’t remember how much they were but it couldn’t have been a whole lot. I brought them home and they’ve lived with me ever since.

I’ll have to modify that last sentence. One by one, they have gotten broken or they were hit against something so hard, they cracked. That’s what happened to the next-to-the-last one. I was moving it and hit the rim and when I examined it, there’s a “U” shaped crack on one side. So much for using it for drinking. Only one whole one is left and I have scoured the Internet for more like it with no luck. That one lone glass will go the route of its siblings someday. I know not when but it will be even sadder than yesterday was.

Cuddl DudsMy sisters have worn their Cuddl Duds over the cold seasons (but they put an “e” at the end of the first word). The winterwear has such a warm sound (sort of like Snuggies which weren’t completely successful). I sat down the other day and ordered a set—top and bottom. I based the size on what one of the reviewers wrote (“roomy”).

They came yesterday. I didn’t try them on. I figured I’d wait until today and wear them to church.

The rest of the day passed with me finishing up the proofing/editing of the SSNET file and doing the usual Friday chores. I was very tired by the time 9 o’clock came. Cuz had come by as promised and I noticed (when I went to get something out of the freezer) the Catz’ pan had been moved into the garage. Good idea. I’d thought about doing it, myself, but hadn’t.

This morning, I chopped up the Veggie Roll that had thawed, mixed it with tomato soup and onion I’d rehydrated and put it over rice. Then I matchsticked some beets and mixed THEM with some garbanzos, Vegenaise and kala namak. I was ready for the Thanksgiving fellowship meal.

I had my clothes all laid out and proceeded to get dressed. The Cuddl Duds bottoms went on first. A tad bit long but they fit. Then the top. Uh-oh. I was able to get my arms in and pull it down over my shoulders but under the armpits is where it stopped. There was no way it was going over what my sister would have referred to as my “upper division.” I thought, “I’ll wear the pants and return the top.” I had to back up. They were a SET. I couldn’t do that. Both pieces will have to go back and they are not sold separately. I could get black or white but I don’t want black or white. At least the return is free.

Cuz texted me in answer to my inquiry that they wouldn’t be here and the pan was in the garage because of the dogs. I let her know I’d noticed.

Putting on my temporary coat, I took my meal offerings and cruised down the mountain.

The church service was good, about giving thanks in every situation. I was able to hear all of the sermon without adjusting my aids more than once. I could be thankful for that.

The Computer Owner and I sat together with the Cavalry’s son. I put my aids on “Noisy Places” and was able to hear the conversation with no problem.

After lunch (one of the men complimented me on my Amish Beet Salad), I met the CO at the nursing home where we visited with Genese far longer than either of us had planned. It was so interesting, though! Genese and I got to reminiscing about our days working at the hospital. A couple of people I know came in plus I saw Genese’s sister. It wasn’t long before sundown when I left.

By that time, I had a pounding headache. I know it was a mix of two things—the hearing aids and no water. I took my aids out and put them on the seat. And, no, I didn’t lose one.

Pulling up to Cuz’ house, I fed the sugar babies, two Catz and Big’Un. Then I came home where I found that Twinkle had barely touched her food.

Queen Twinkle has refused to eat from her dish so I’ve set it out on the deck for the Catz to clean up. They’ll eat anything. I got one of her stainless steel bowls and put some fresh food in it. She has nibbled at it but I’m afraid it will eventually be passed on, too.

My head is still aching. My eyes are burning. I’ve had 36 ozzies of water/tea so far and am going to have some more. Hopefully, a good night’s sleep will see me all better tomorrow.

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The Coat Fri, 21 Nov 2014 01:08:25 +0000

Yesterday, when The Coat came, I tried it on. It was with some difficulty that I was able to zip it up but I did manage it. And that’s where the story starts. Sort of.

Today, the doorbell rang. It was Cuz’ twin brother (also a cousin). He’d come to load up and cart away the old water heater. Concerned I would be nervous if I heard his doing about behind the house, he notified me in advance.

Later, I texted Cuz and asked if anyone besides her brother would be here today. No, but someone would be by tomorrow.

I’d had on my old robe since that’s what I wear when I do my body test. I changed into my new softer, warmer one so I wouldn’t feel quite so shabby. When the time came for me to go feed the critters, I took the tag off The Coat and put it on.

The CoatMy tea was steeping. I’d set the timer for 10 minutes. I wanted to be there and back before it beeped. I struggled. And struggled. And struggled some more. Thinking I had the zipper ends lined up perfectly, I’d pull on it with no success.

Giving up, I pulled the coat around me and held it closed with one hand. With the snaps only at the bottom, there’s no way otherwise.

After I fed the critters, I tried some more. No luck. I held it closed again and went to the mailbox. When I got back to the house, I tried zipping it again. And again. And again.

My tea had steeped far longer than the prescribed 10 minutes. I wrang the tea bag and brought the cup with me to the computer.

I sat down and pulled up the Live Person chat. Looking up The Coat, I was disgusted to see that it had been put on sale—just my luck! The sale price is what I paid with my 25% discount.

LeRoy came online and I told him about my struggles with the zipper and, to add insult to injury, now the coat had been marked down. He decided the zipper was defective and I could return the coat for a refund and order the other one, same size and color, that was still in stock. He’d waive the $6.95 charge for using the return label attached to my invoice.

So…what was I supposed to wear in the meantime? I had ordered the coat because I needed it. Well, I could go ahead and order the replacement, wear the original one until it got here and then send it back. Okay. Well, what about the discount I’d gotten on the first one? He gave me a code to get an additional 20% off that didn’t work. It said, “To take advantage of this promotion, you are required to purchase 1 more item(s) of qualifying merchandise.” I’d have to call Customer Service and place the order on the phone. He’d put everything in notes so there would be no misunderstanding about what was going on.

He gave me the 800 number and a woman answered. I think her name was Sherry. It’s unusual for me not to get the name plus note the time and date. I told her everything should be in my account and it was. Long story short, she manually discounted the 20% (she couldn’t override the requirement) and I’m getting a coat that will, hopefully, have a zipper that works easily. In the process, the total is $32.49 less than it was to begin with. I opted for the shipping upgrade for $5 to get the new one here sooner. It’s still $27.49 difference.

I tried zipping the coat with it not on me. It wasn’t easy but I made it work. Then I put it on. No way could I get it to zip. Taking it off, I tried it again. It worked. I gave up. I guess I’ll put it on with it partially zipped so I won’t be cold.

One more lesson is done. That means only one more to go. After the final check, I’ll upload the file to the server.

Twinkle has nibbled. It’s only a matter of time until she will probably hide under the couch where she’ll hiss and screech at anyone passing by. I’m not looking forward to it. She’s surely on her 11th life by now.

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I’ve Gotta Stop Lying Thu, 20 Nov 2014 01:10:39 +0000

After I said I was through with the lessons last night, I did the rest of nine. Today, I did 10 and 11 so there are just two more and I’ll be done except for the final check. Oh, and formatting the Helps.

I don’t know what to do about Twinkle. She has eaten very little. I put a dab of food on her plate and she refused it even though she’d been asking for it. Her bones are sticking out again and she staggers sometimes.

Cuz texted that she’d be by again today. I texted back, “Hallelujah!” I do hate to go out when it’s cold. It got down to 15 last night. For the first time this year, I left water running. Upper 20’s are predicted for tonight so maybe a heat wave has hit. Best I can remember, the high this afternoon was 41.

Down CoatMy coat came and it fits! This is the back view (DUH!) but the front is similar in pattern. It has three zippered outside pockets—two in the side seams and one on the upper left. There’s a mesh pocket on the inside so I wouldn’t really have to carry a purse if I didn’t want to. I know I don’t look as slim and trim as the model in this picture but it will be so warm. The two-way zipper goes down to about a foot from the bottom and there are three snaps to keep it closed if the wearer wants. The sleeves have knit cuffs on the inside. I love the hood. The hat my granddaughter crocheted for me is nice but the hood will be cozy. The last coat I bought was in 2009—11/30/2009, to be exact. I think I was due another one.

Supper tonight was a bit different. I baked a huge Kennebec that would make two regular-sized baked potatoes. Then I scooped out the insides, mashed them with my favorite salt, almond milk and Daiya jack cheese and twice baked half. The other half is in the fridge for tomorrow. There’s no way I could have eaten the whole thing.

I need to shape up my fingernails. While I was in the tub, I cut them short with clippers. There are sharp corners that could be used for weapons.

Twinkle was zoned out. She was curled up on her chair with her eyes half closed. She looked for all the world that she might be dead but when I spoke to her, she said, “WHAT?!!” and looked at me with those big eyes. I don’t know what to do about the old broad. She’s back to eating about 1/8 can of food a day, if that. I do know there are no more vet visits for her. They don’t seem to do any good and she hates being hauled around. Whatever will be, will be.

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Oh, SHOOT! Wed, 19 Nov 2014 02:22:13 +0000 It was 10 o’clock when I finally got around to my B-12 injection. I’d settled on Mondays for it but since I hadn’t put it on my calendar, I didn’t remember last week so I did it on Tuesday. Yesterday, I decided I’d wait until today and just make it an every Tuesday happening. That’s when I put the reminder on my Google calendar to repeat with no end date.

I laid out all of my paraphernalia—prep pads, syringe and tiny vial. Everything was on a clean paper towel. The syringe was the next to the last one in the bag. No fear. My new supply came Friday.

Peeling the paper off the syringe, I laid it back into the plastic that was molded to its shape. Then I popped the top off the vial and automatically cleaned the top with a prep pad. That’s habit because it isn’t dirty. I took the needle cover off and pulled the plunger back to 1 ml. Inserting the needle into the vial, I pushed the air into it and the goosh started filling the syringe. And then…


the needle separated itself from the syringe. I wish I could have seen my own face. Fortunately, not nearly as much of the goosh came out of the vial as this makes it appear. I think it’s like when a person cuts one’s self—it looks like a lot more blood (usually) than it really is.

I picked the needle up, put the cover on it and screwed it back onto the syringe and started over. Oh, dear. When I pushed it back into the vial, there was some resistance. I guess I had blunted it and I’ve found out the hard way that a blunt needle just won’t work.

Getting the last syringe out of the bag, I started over. I was able to draw up about .75 ml. Not a full dose but it would have to do. I wasn’t going to break out another vial, too.

I’ve had the Dr Heaterin my bathroom on low for the last 24 hours or so. It wasn’t warm in my bedroom but I wasn’t planning to stay any longer than it took to shoot myself, anyway. I need to get a grip and go ahead and do it. The anticipation doesn’t help. It doesn’t bother me a bit to have someone else shoot me but I’d still not make a good junkie.

Other than that, I’ve done laundry, cooked, cajoled Twinkle into eating little dabs of food and worked on lessons. My eyes gave out when I was barely into lesson 9 and I gave it up for the day. The fellow in South Africa that does the helps is planning to be done with them by the end of the week. Surely I can have the last five lessons done by then.

Yesterday, I followed doctor’s orders and took two generic Prilosec. Not today. I had the same reaction to two of them that I had with Dexilant. I’ve done okay with doubling up on the generic Zantac but I’ll continue on with what I’ve been doing of the other.

These sub-freezing temperatures are getting old. The high was 26. It got down to 17 last night and it’s currently 18.5. If I wanted to live in the Arctic, I’d move. I expect better of Tennessee.

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Weary in Well Doing Tue, 18 Nov 2014 01:44:54 +0000 After I said I wasn’t going to work on the lessons any more last night, I got tempted and did another half or so. Finally, I said, “Twinkle, that’s enough. I’m going to bed.” And I did.

Not a whole lot to report today. I called the pulmonologist’s office about the dosage on the generic Prilosec and was told yes, I was to take one in the morning, one at noon and the generic Zantac in the evening. I’m down to a week’s worth of Prilosec if I take two a day. I went looking on Amazonand found OTC Prilosec with magnesium for over a dollar less than I pay for the generic at Walmart with no tax and free shipping! Hopefully, it will be here before I run out.

I’ve finished (I think) through lesson 5. I never know until I go back through with a fine tooth comb and make sure I haven’t missed something. Even then, I find a mistake when I’m studying the current lesson and, as the editor says, I correct it on the fly.

When I went over to feed the critters, the cat food was down almost to the dust. I texted Cuz to bring them some more. It was whizzin’ cold out and spitting little tiny flakes of snow. Four Catz and Big’Un showed up. I haven’t seen the fifth or Bashful for several days.

Twinkle has eaten more today but that isn’t saying a lot. Neither one of us does well in cold weather. My appetite doesn’t dwindle but I just had to anoint my eyes because they were burning again. Next time I’m in town, I’ll have to check out the gel the Computer Owner uses.

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HOW MUCH?? Mon, 17 Nov 2014 02:16:40 +0000 The phone was ringing when I was all but ready to go out the door. If I stopped to answer it, I probably wouldn’t get home before dark so I let ‘er ring.

It was drizzling when I left the house and the weather didn’t improve. “My” gas station has replaced the cover over the pumps so I didn’t get wet when I fueled the car, at least. This trip, I got 37.5 mpg. Still not bad for mountain driving.

When I got to Walmart, my favorite produce person was nowhere to be seen. I had price match on avocados—49 cents vs 98 cents for some really pitiful-looking ones. The avos I got at ALDI are bee-u-ti-ful (I still have one and a half) but the ones in the bin were squishy and gross. I went to the produce storage door and asked a man if they had any better ones. He checked and said no.

Making my rounds, I stocked up on what I needed and went to pick up my prescriptions. I told the woman to tell me how much they were before she scanned them. Total was $142.69. ?? How much were they individually? Well, the generic Prilosec was $132.69 and the generic Zantac was $10. I told her to put the Prilosec back but I’d take the other. The quantity of Prilosec was 180. That made them 74 cents each and the directions said to take two a day. I made up my mind I will call the doctor’s office tomorrow and make sure of the dosage. I’ve been taking one a day which has been controlling the acid. The OTC figure out to be 40 cents each. Big difference.

I looked for the wedge pillow the doctor assured me Walmart would have. Not so. The only wedge there was is a fill-in for the gap between a mattress and headboard. It beats me how a wedge will work with a waterbed, anyway.

Going back to the produce section, I asked a woman about kimchi. They used to have it but she’d never heard of it. She asked another person who had no clue, either. Then, there was my produce person! WOOHOO! If anyone would know, she would. No, they didn’t have it. We talked a bit and then I mentioned the less-than-primo avocados. I told her a man had checked and said those were all they had. She offered to check, herself, and came back with four. Two didn’t have stems so I rejected them. Going back for more, she brought me four to add to the other two.

It was still drizzly when I pulled up to Cuz’ house to feed the critters. I made quick work of it and came home. I had everything put away when I tried calling DD (she was the one calling when I didn’t answer). It wasn’t long before she called back.

We talked for almost a half hour when I called a halt so I could eat supper. I’m supposed to eat at least three hours before I go to bed and I was pushing it.

I’d worked on the lessons this morning and finished (I think) the first two, then started on the third. No more tonight.

Twinkle still isn’t eating enough. My eyes are burning in spite of the fact that I bought some expensive artificial tears and manage to get at least one drop out of three in my eyes. Winter is liable to do us in.

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Home Improvement Sun, 16 Nov 2014 01:42:57 +0000 Talk about cold! Winter has hit and it isn’t welcome. Most years when it’s mid-November, the days may be cool and a bit crisp but a light jacket or sweater is all that’s needed to be comfortable. Not now. When it gets down below 20 at night and struggles to get UP to freezing in the daytime, it’s cold. I know it isn’t the bone-chilling frigid weather Denver and similar parts are having but it’s still darn cold.

Remember my fix for the unused furnace last year? Yards and yards of Press’n Seal blocked out most of the cold air that insisted on coming in.

My handiwork was getting to be tattered and worn. There were places where the adhesive had given up and its effectiveness was gone. I’d bought some plastic that’s normally used to cover the inside of windows. It should be a lot better than the cobbled together barrier of yesteryear.

I was feeling pretty good, having survived the Terror of Radiation the day before. I got the kit out and measured off a length. Measure twice and cut once? Not me. Measure once, allow for mess-ups and cut. Cutting along the fold helped me keep it fairly straight. I’d put that part at the bottom, anyway, and use the factory cut at the top.

When I unfolded it, I thought I had unfolded it. I’d already cleaned the “frame” and applied the two-sided tape. Pulling the tape off the top piece, I carefully positioned the plastic and was pushing it into place when it shifted. HUH? It shouldn’t move like that when it’s stuck to the tape.

Uh-oh. I hadn’t unfolded it completely. I’d only unfolded it halfway. When I finished unfolding it, the excess was on the left, next to the bathroom door. THAT wasn’t good but I was committed. I’d just have to press it down on the right side and then the left. The plan was to then take my scissors and slide them down the corner to cut the long piece off as evenly as possible.

When I got through, this is what it looked like:

Twinkle approving redo

There are a few ripples here and there but I’m not going to try to see through it. No biggie. When I find my almost-new-roll of package sealing tape, I left enough around the edges to seal it again. I didn’t stick it at the bottom. I have a towel rolled up against it and all of the air that had been whistling through (well, not really whistling) is blocked.

I was on a mission so I pushed myself to do a lot more including laundry, changing the bed, cleaning out Twinkle’s cat box, etc., etc. When I was through, I was shaking. I think I overdid. At least Cuz came by and fed the animals. I saw her on the way back from the mailbox.

The nurse called from the pulmonologist’s office with my results. The barium swallow indicated that I have reflux. (I could’ve told ‘em that before the test.) The doctor wants to put me on generic Prevacid in the morning and 300 mg generic Zantac at night. Should I take that in addition to what I’m already taking? What are you taking? Generic Prilosec 22 mg in the morning and 150 mg generic Zantac at night. Well, I could keep taking the Prilosec and double the Zantac. He wants me to get a wedge to put on the bed to elevate my upper body at night. I’ll get it but it may not work with my waterbed.

As for the CT, it is consistent with interstitial lung disease. Well. What a blessing. I was so nervous about having too much money in my bank account when this came along and took that away. My co-pay is supposed to be $100. When the person registering me asked if I wanted to pay up front, I told her I’d wait until the claim was processed. At any rate, I won’t be so filthy rich after this rescue.

After a full day, bed was very welcome. I didn’t set the timer so I slept until I woke up. Well, I slept with several interruptions to go to the bathroom. That’s a consequence of my upped intake to flush the barium out of my body. I’ve read not to be surprised if my poop was white. Well, I’ve yet to be not surprised. I hope that doesn’t mean I’m still bariumed.

With the time change, church has fallen back so I had an hour leeway. I planned to get there on time. HA!! One thing after another slowed me down and I got there for the opening song for the 11 o’clock service. I think they’d started early since the sermon via DVD was almost an hour long. I slipped into the bathroom and was pleased that I didn’t have to wash my hands with cold water. Someone had fixed the water heater!!

The bulletin secretary had called me yesterday to correct something in the online bulletin. While we were on the phone, she said she thought the quarterlies for Q1 2015 had come. Sure enough, they had and she gave me one.

I’d looked up the speaker but I hadn’t watched any of his videos. I had no preconceived notions either way even though I prefer having a live person up front.

The speaker uses a touch of a Mexican accent at times so it wasn’t easy for me to understand everything. When I got home, I looked it up and watched it again. It’s really good.

Cuz texted that she needed me to feed so I took care of that before sundown.

Twinkle is back to not eating much. I had to give the outside animals the parts she’d spurned this morning. I’m wondering if it has anything to do with how dry it is in the house. The humidity level is 36% beside my chair even though I’m keeping a pot of water on the stove that goes though about a gallon a day. I know my eyes are burning and the dry air contributes to that.

I’d think about getting a humidifier but the doctor says they can grow bacteria and make my condition worse. Worse is something I don’t want. Maybe I should get some artificial tears…

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