AWESOME TO BE RAWSOME ONE WOMAN LIVING THE HIGH RAW VEGAN LIFESTYLE Mon, 22 Dec 2014 02:13:57 +0000 en-US hourly 1 I Don’t Understand Mon, 22 Dec 2014 02:13:57 +0000 Maybe it’s just for the holidays but Amazon is running a promotion for Prime members. If No Rush Shipping is selected, Amazon will add $1 to the member’s account to be used toward “eligible Kindle Books, MP3 downloads, or the rental or purchase of eligible movies or TV shows from Amazon Instant Video.” I had ordered a few Christmas-related things I didn’t have to have right away so I figured, why not?

One of the packages shipped from the closest-to-me Amazon warehouse. When I checked tracking, here’s what I saw:

I don't understand

Now, why would it go from a place some 50 miles away, if that far, and be sent clear across the state to Nashville? From here to there, it’s more than 150 miles. Makes no sense, whatsoever, to me. In the meantime, I have $3 in my account to be used by March 31, 2015.

Last night was pretty much a bust, sleep-wise. I dozed a bit and dreamed about kittens and children when I did. By 2 a.m., I was getting desperate. I got up and soaked in the tub until I was drowsy, went back to bed and slept until 7:30. Right now, I feel like I’ve been drug through a knot-hole to quote my mother.

The vacuum really needed a good cleaning out. I’m learning new things about my Dyson all the time. When I was cleaning it, I found yet another way to take it apart so I could get to the nasty stuff. I worked on it until it picks up like it did when it was new. I’m not up to moving furniture yet but I vacuumed what I could in the high traffic areas.

Unloading the dishwasher has become a morning job since it requires bending over. I got that done and put in the dirty ones that had accumulated. Living with esophageal reflux takes some getting used to. I wouldn’t have to modify my behavior if I didn’t mind coughing and throwing up but I prefer the quiet life.

Cuz texted and asked me to feed the critters again. I was okay until I got to the sugar babies’ cages and that’s when I started choking, coughing and my nose was running (again, calling on Mother) like a sugar tree. I got done as quickly as I could, grabbed a bag of corn out of the freezer after feeding the Catz and came home.

I used said corn with some cashews and made corn chowder. It was missing something but I ate it anyway. I feel too washed out to try to “fix that dish”.

The pillows under my knees helped last night. For the most part, I stayed on the wedge and didn’t slide down as much. The pillows compacted during the night and by morning, they really didn’t make that much difference. They’re a good stop-gap, though.

A scratchy throat and sleepy eyes have convinced me I need to stop and get ready for bed. Until tomorrow…

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Winding It Up Sun, 21 Dec 2014 02:11:27 +0000

This year, I have yet to buy a Christmas present in a store. I have all my shopping done except for my two “boys” and one daughter-in-law. One of the “boys” has a wish list that hasn’t been updated since September and the other two individuals will probably get gift certificates/cards because neither one has given an inkling of what they might like.

sunshineOne of the “boys” called and wanted me to find something online. He doesn’t know what it is and, from his description, I certainly have no idea. It’s something that sits in a central location in the house and has a name. You can ask it questions and it will give answers, i.e., “What’s the weather supposed to be like?” “Sunny and warm with temperatures in the mid-70’s.” (Obviously, I’m wishing here.) He mentioned the cloud, too, and I told him that’s storage in cyberspace. I did searches on every combination imaginable and came up with nothing.

But let’s go back to yesterday. Cuz texted and asked me to feed the critters. Since I’d been on vacation since Thanksgiving, it was a reasonable request. I’d done some more vacuuming and I see that the container that holds all the yucky stuff needs to be emptied. The editor had added a disclaimer to the lessons and misspelled some of the words (she gets in a hurry) so I had changes to make. That didn’t take long with Notepad++. Mid-afternoon, I went over and fed the babies and Catz. Four of the five Catz showed up and I guess Big’Un is history.

Interspersed here and there, I got the diffuser going, rubbed essential oils on my chest and the bottoms of my feet (Eucalyptus on the chest, Balance on the bottoms of the feet). I made sure I didn’t bend over for anything. I bent my knees if I needed to reach something that was lower than my arm would reach.

Before I went to bed, I soaked in the tub to relax. It did the trick and I slept last night! I didn’t wake until almost 8 this morning (not counting trips to the bathroom). I’d thought about setting the timer but I figured if I slept, it was because I needed to.

In spite of my late start, I got to the church just as the lesson study had begun. The guest speaker had been persuaded to also moderate the discussion. It was an interesting class period.

The speaker and his wife were the ones I went to prison with as told in this post. The church service was as interesting as Sabbath School. I would have sat with my road trip friend but my place on the back pew is so much warmer than where she was.

After church, my friend gave me the essential oils she’d promised. The Frankincense is a full 15ml bottle! Since she’s signed up with doTERRA, she gets a break on the price but it was quoted as $93 during the online seminar the other night. She’d already given me half a 10ml bottle two Sabbaths ago. I showed her my inhaler and she was pleased that it’s helping me. It was a boost to my spirits when she said I’m looking better.

I’ve been thinking about all I’ve been doing lately that, no doubt, has an impact on my breathing and energy levels. Besides the essential oils, I’ve been Sleeping on a Slope, eating better and getting more sleep. I’d lost a few lubs but about a half lub has crept back on. My vacuuming is lessening the amount of dust and cat hair in my environment. That can’t be bad. Tonight, I’ll try sleeping with my legs on pillows and see if that lessens the sliding on the wedge.

The box from Theo’s Chocolate is still unopened. DD emailed that it was up to me whether I opened it or saved it until Christmas. There are several days left for me to be tempted. I’ll have to see how it goes.

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Staying Up Late Fri, 19 Dec 2014 02:08:14 +0000

I was on the verge of getting ready to go to bed last night when I saw a post about an essential oils session. A man had invited me for a man’s perspective on essential oils but I’m not a man. I don’t need a man’s perspective. This one was by a woman so, since I’ve been using some of the oils for almost two weeks now, I signed up and got in about 11 minutes late.

The woman was talking a mile a minute but there were slides and the oils she was referring to were the ones I have plus some others. What she was saying made sense and I do believe the oils have helped me. Of course, it was all in the name of sales but it’s mighty tempting, too. I’ll have to take it up with my friend from church and see what she thinks.

At any rate, I was more than an hour later getting to bed than I’d planned. I slept reasonably well for these nights. I wish I had those “I slept like a log” nights again but I don’t see that happening.

This morning, I did a bit of vacuuming and didn’t cough up a lung after I got through. I made it a point to do it before I’d eaten. Maybe that’s the secret—take care of anything bordering on the strenuous without anything in the old stomach except water. Water didn’t bother me.

One of the presents for my family came today. Two presents came for me. One is from my sister so I know what it is.

Theo Chocolate Factory

The other is from Theo Chocolate so I know it has to be Theo Chocolate. DD had said she’d ordered something to be sent to me. I emailed her and asked if I should open it now or wait and I haven’t heard anything.

Did I ever mention I toured the factory with DD and merm? It was so neat and, after sampling cacao nibs and chocolate in the factory, we were able to munch our way through the store. I can’t wait to see what kind of chocolate is in the box! I already have 70% dark and 70% dark with salted almonds so I hope it’s something else. My very favorite is congo vanilla nib but the cheapest I can find it online is $5 a bar plus shipping.

I knocked out another set of lessons this afternoon and took the compost out to the bin. The dishwasher wasn’t quite full (there was room for another glass or two) but I ran it, anyway. The bulletin came so I updated my template and posted it online The sun came out now and then, kind of flirty-like. I wish it would come out and stay.

It’s my goal to get to bed earlier tonight. I still have a few things to take care of but I’ll get ‘er done. May sleep be restful and deep.

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Low Riders Thu, 18 Dec 2014 01:42:23 +0000

It seems my good nights can’t be in a row. In spite of the hard stuff, I was unable to sleep well. I looked at myself in the mirror today and my eyes are like road maps.

My reminder to shoot myself was in my inbox yesterday but I never got a round tuit. I did it this morning and it was so nice to sit in Mother’s chair. Maybe a lot of the drama/trauma was from having to hide out from Twinkle to take care of it.

Yesterday, I’d spent a lot of time on hold (DH said it was IGNORE) with Walmart. I was trying to find out if the box of persimmons I’d ordered had come in. I gave up and posted my frustration on their Facebook page.

This morning, I called and the person who answered didn’t leave me hanging. She was very nice and, even though it took several minutes, she got me through to produce and I was able to find out that yes, the persimmons had come in.

I took my bath and prepared to leave for town. Checking my email, I found a cease and desist message from a web site I’d quoted via a post by one of the forum members. I took down the offending material and sent a note of apology along with confirmation that it was no longer on my blog. A plus, though. When I got in the car, the sun came out!

It did throw me a little late. I stopped at the mailbox and got my second Christmas card of the season. I know people mean well but I was just as happy with the ecard my niece sent me this morning and I don’t have to dispose of it. The other looked-for item was in the box—the Shopper with the Save a Lot ad that gets me 49 cents a lub bananas almost every week.

First stop was Bi-Lo to pick up my B-12. There were only 10 vials in the giant bottle. I questioned that and, according to them, it’s a 74 day supply. HUH? Ten vials at one a week is a 70 day supply. I don’t know where the extra four days come from. AND the price for the 10 went from $37.69 to $42.69. That’s 50 cents a vial. A pretty big jump. When I mentioned that, the woman snapped, “We can’t guarantee the price!” Well, okay.

I checked for some things I needed while I was there but either they weren’t stocked or were too much more than Walmart. I took my tiny vials and left.

Bless her heart! One of my Facebook friends was working Walmart’s Customer Service and didn’t have anyone in her line when I went in. I told her I was glad to see her but she might not be glad to see me. I showed her the register tape with my flags and corrections and she was able to follow my logic! I also returned three mangoes that had rotted rather than ripened. All told, I got over $4 back.

On my way around Walmart, I ran into one of the Cavalry’s daughters. She was on her cell phone but managed to give me a cheery hello and ask about my health.

Later, I was looking for Holiday Nog in the dairy case. A little woman struck up a conversation with me and before we parted company, she told me her life story. I assured her I’d be praying for her.

Walking into the produce section, there was my favorite produce person. When she spied me, she immediately went to get the box of persimmons. The person I talked to this morning told me they were 25 count. I was surprised to see they were bigger than 25 count would be. I went ahead and took them and hugged my friend good-bye.

Thankfully, the cashier didn’t take the 25 count stamped on the persimmon box as truth and counted them. There were just 20. However, they rang up at $1.28 each and were supposed to be 98 cents. One of the women verified the lower price so he rang them up as price match along with my oranges and bananas.

My impromptu visit in the back of the store pushed me on toward sundown. It was definitely in the works when I started up the mountain.

The Catz met me when I got home but I went ahead and unloaded while dodging them.

Saggy PantsI took my NAC with a full glass of water. Careful not to bend from the waist, I started putting stuff away. In spite of my best efforts, I ended up coughing.

Sometimes I’m a little slow on the uptake but I realized later that my jeans were probably the reason I was coughing. They fit snugly around the waist and that’s another no-no. I ended up walking around with them down around my hips kind of like the ones in the picture.

That led to another revelation. The next time you see someone wearing their pants like this, sympathize with them. They are only trying to offset the effects of reflux. Otherwise, they would be in abject misery and none of us who have it would wish that on anyone. Go up to the person/people and let him/her/them know you feel his/her/their pain. It’s awful, folks, and I’m here to tell you this is one way to aid in the war against it.

One of the customer service people from Walmart called this evening to find out what the problem was in produce. I told her there was no problem in produce. It’s with the handling of phone calls. She sounded a bit bemused when she said there’s no phone in produce. Well, maybe there should be.

I haven’t done squat on the lessons today. When I go to bed, they will probably continue to be undone. Surely, six will keep people busy until I can do the rest—especially since the new quarter doesn’t begin for another two weeks.

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Sunshine in the Morning Wed, 17 Dec 2014 01:36:12 +0000

It was there. I know I saw it. It really was the sun peeking over Cuz’ house. Then it was gone and the clouds took over again. That one little shot was so tantalizing. I’ve checked Weatherbug for the next week and it looks like the sun is going to be rather fickle. It will be here one day and gone the next and maybe here and gone in the same day. I need sunshine!

KohbiLast night’s sleep was better. I skipped the cough medicine and melatonin, and went on to the hard stuff. The generic Nyquil helped me get into a deep enough sleep I didn’t mind sleeping on a slope. The neck pillow seemed more pliable, too.

Speaking of the neck pillow, it came last Friday. This evening, an email showed up in my inbox.

Great news! Your order of Kohbi Travel Bliss Memory Foam Neck Pillow from Amazon has shipped. It left our warehouse earlier today on its way to you! You can expect it on your doorstep within the next 5-7 days (most likely sooner).

You made a great choice shopping with us. At Kohbi, we truly care about our customers. We are 100% dedicated to your complete satisfaction. If you have any issues, we will work with you until you’re happy!

One start-up tip that some persons find helpful in getting comfortable with with a neck-support pillow: As needed, try angling the pillow up at the back, behind your neck, and down at the front of the pillow.

In the meantime, your free Kohbi Travel Companion Ebook is attached.

I sincerely hope they aren’t sending another one. Maybe it was just heralding the arrival of the ebook.

I’ve done one complete set of lessons today and corrected lots of Stuff on several more. The manuscript for the second quarter of 2015 was emailed to the team yesterday. And life goes on.

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The Squatter Tue, 16 Dec 2014 01:33:54 +0000

My search for ways to relieve my reflux and stifle my cough as much as possible is ongoing. I’d noticed it got worse if I bent over and, sure enough, I found a site that said not to bend at the waist after eating. So…I’ve been trying to comply. Getting the box of detergent off the floor so I could do laundry was a little daunting. In spite of my best efforts, I started coughing. That’s when I incorporated another trick—I drank some water that had a teaspoon or so of ACV in it.

My inhalers came today. The little bottle of Breathe was just about gone and I emptied the rest of it onto the inhaler wick along with some Eucalyptus and Frankincense. I finally talked my friend into letting me pay for some of these oils and she said okay. $20. Not nearly enough, I know, but I PayPal’ed it to her.

Besides laundry, I’ve worked on lessons. When I told the editor about having to redo so much, she said she’d try to take care of the incorrect formatting in the style sheet. That would be wonderful if she can.

I’m hoping for a good night’s sleep tonight. The diffuser has been distracting so I didn’t run it last night. I still had a hard time coping with the wedge. I’m just not meant to sleep on a slope. I shudder to think what it would be like if I slept in a regular bed with blocks under the head. I’d probably end up in a heap at the foot.


The heater is going in my sleeping quarters. The temperature outside isn’t nearly as cold as it was. Last night, it was well below freezing. Right now, it’s 45 degrees. Today was sunny which was nice. Lately, so many days have been dark and gloomy. I’m ready for spring. All who agree say, “AYE!!”

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Seeing Double Mon, 15 Dec 2014 01:28:20 +0000

It’s 54 in my bedroom. While that’s pretty cool, it’s 23 degrees warmer than it is outside. I turned the Dr. Heateron so I won’t turn into an icicle when I take my bath. Another thing—with cold air, the diffuser mist mostly just falls down and doesn’t spread around the room.

I’ve had the diffuser running most of the time and I think it does help. I’m getting low on one of the essential oils but if I mentioned that to the friend who gave everything to me, she’d probably get another bottle for me. Amazon has doTERRA (which is what these are) but I don’t know whether the prices are too high or not. Oh! And speaking of Amazon, there’s a link at the bottom of the page for my readers in the great country of Canada! It’s DD said she’ll eventually get around to putting one on the right column, too.

DD called today. For some reason, it didn’t ring through to my phone. I saw the voice mail quite a bit later than when it reached my inbox. I called her back and we talked for well over an hour. Her car is giving her problems so she’s looking for her first new one to be at the dealer soon. Such excitement! It’s been more than 14 years since mine was new but as long as it keeps running…She and her SO were going to merm’s this evening. I gave instructions for greetings all around. My mother-in-law would have said, “Give them my best red garters.”

Red_Eyes_CrossedThankfully, it isn’t up to me to do all of the publishing of the lessons. The editor had planned to be out of town tomorrow but plans are made to be changed. I’ve uploaded the first three sets, the index and the images. The testing went okay. I’ve concentrated until I’m about cross-eyed.

My DIL posted that my younger granddaughter is sick with a sinus infection AND the flu. That’s a rough combo. She had problems getting the prescriptions filled so no meds until in the morning. Sounds like about half the kids in her school are out with the flu.

The diffuser has clicked off for the second time today. I set it for four hours instead of the usual eight. It must be the signal for me to wind this up and start thinking about bed.

Goodnight, dudes and dudettes!

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Eight Days Later Sun, 14 Dec 2014 00:52:25 +0000

A week ago yesterday, my household went down by one member. I’d thought that, by now, I would have all of Twinkle’s Stuff cleared out but such is not the case. I have been otherwise occupied but I hope to have it done soon.

OrangeGranateMy sister can’t have grapefruit because of a conflict with the statin she’s on. I told her I’d try the pomegranate juice with OJ and see what the outcome was. It tastes much the same and looks very similar to the PomFruit. The color was just a bit muddy with the OJ. Still isn’t a bad combination. And, so far, my experience with citrus hasn’t been a bad one.

I got two lessons done in each set for a total of four. Seems I keep making the same corrections over and over. Guess I can consider it job security.

An eggplant has been in the fridge ever since my trip to town last Monday. I put it out of its misery. Cubing it, I sauteed it in a bit of olive oil spray, then added some tomatoes, garlic, onion, Italian seasoning and (of course) kala namak. It was a bit watery so I put in some Earth Balance Buttery Spread, as well. I didn’t eat any of it yesterday but let it sit in the fridge overnight to “marry” the flavors.

Catz came bounding over when I took the compost out. You’d think they were starving but they look fat and sassy.

The mailman brought my Dandy Blend plus an egg slicer (I’ll use it to slice beets for beet salad) and a neck pillowwhich is something several people have recommended to be used with the wedge. I’d washed and dried my Earthing Bag and had the bed all ready for occupancy after my bath.

I’m glad to report that the pillow does work. My standard-size pillow is too big to use with the wedge but the neck pillow is just right. The way I use it isn’t the travel pillow way. I lay it flat on the wedge and rest my neck on it that way. I’m able to turn over and still have support.

The last time I’d been to the mailbox was Monday, I guess. Since I knew the Nielsen material was supposed to arrive, I stopped on the way to church and there it was. My first Christmas card came, too, from my academy roommate. There was the Tuesday mail, as well.

Opening the Nielsen packet, I found the crisp $1 bills. Where they sent five before, they’ve gotten stingy and only sent two. Well, they were going into the Lamb’s Offering for the building fund, anyway.

Class was underway when I got to the church. I’d worn my permanent coat over a Cuddl Duds fleece top and jacket with slacks and knee socks. The heat hit me in the face and I had to take my coat off. My hearing aids had done the “doodle-de-do” on the way down the mountain so I escaped to the bathroom and put in new batteries.

The Computer Owner was teaching the lesson. I had my hearing aids set so I could hear her perfectly along with all the participants. When class was over, the music started and I had to turn the aids off.

While the music was playing, I went to the restroom. A girl (she’s a woman now) I watched grow up was back visiting. She greeted me with DD’s nickname. I didn’t correct her. Later, she called me “Tommie Sue”. I told her I thought maybe I looked so young that she thought I was my daughter. Sorry, DD. She said, “Well, you two DO look so similar!”

Bless the musicians’ hearts! The speaker had chosen to do a mix of reading and Christmas music. I was so thankful I wasn’t the one sitting on the organ bench all that time. And, from what the organist told me later, it was all quite the spur of the moment for her. I’d turn my aids on for the speaking part, then off for the music.

Today was fellowship meal. I hadn’t taken anything so I came on home. But not so fast! Rather than travel the by-pass, I started out of town on the original road. About halfway between the intersection and the highway, traffic was stopped. There was an unmarked car with it’s lights going and an officer was out, peering into the underbrush at the side of the road. I couldn’t imagine what was going on—maybe he was looking for an escapee? Turns out it was just that. However, the escapee was of the four-footed variety. It was a large black cow. A man with a gray beard was herding it along. It plunged down into what I figured was the way it got out and disappeared and traffic was moving again.

Once home, I heated up the rest of some leftover collard greens, a potato and the eggplant mixture. I’m here to tell you that eggplant is scrumptious! I’m going to be sad when it’s all been et.

I texted Cuz later and she called. It was good to hear from her. She plans to be back by Monday but she may not be coming here. She throws a Christmas Eve shindig at her construction partner’s house every year and time’s a’wastin’! I’m invited but I’m hoping to be with closer family.

Tomorrow morning is a combined board and business meeting. It’s also the Women’s Ministry Prayer Breakfast. I think I’ll split the difference and not go to either one.

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The Memorial Fri, 12 Dec 2014 02:11:15 +0000 Last night was another sort of decent night’s sleep. I’m getting resigned to never being fully comfortable in bed again. The current wedge is better than the other one but I still like being able to sleep and not be on a slope. I guess that isn’t part of my future. At least I can turn on my side with this one if I want.

It was the first morning in many that I woke to sunshine! That made me feel better, for sure. I still cough in spite of the diffuser going most of the day and night. I’ve gotten so used to the smell of the oils, I don’t notice them any more.

Today was the day I’d set aside for Twinkle’s memorial. Late this afternoon, I put on my coat and went out to take care of the placing of the little marker. The ground was wet from the recent rains but I scrounged enough rocks to sort of ring her grave.

Paw Prints

The rocks were very muddy so I wiped what I could off my fingers on the weeds.

Here’s a closeup of the marker:


I said, “Twinkle was a good cat,” dodged Catz and came back in the house.

It’s been a week or more since I’ve seen Big’Un. He was friendly without getting right underfoot.

Now we’ll take a sharp right and go off in a different direction.

When I was at ALDI last month, I bought a couple of small pomegranates for 49 cents each. I don’t know why I do such things. I know they’re good for me but I don’t even like them that much. Well, yesterday, I decided I would use one. I juiced a pink grapefruit, poured the juice in a glass, and then juiced a pomegranate. I strained the juice and poured it in with the grapefruit juice. Here’s what it looked like:

PomFruit Juice

It tasted as good as it looked! This morning, I repeated the action and it was still just as good. I have two more pomegranates that are about twice as big that I got at Walmart. They were priced at over $2 each but I did the old match trick and got them for 49 cents, too. Now that I know how good the mix is, I’ll take my life in my hands and repeat it. Citrus is supposed to be a no-no with reflux but so far it’s been okay.

Bedtime approaches so I’m going to call it a day.

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A Delay? Thu, 11 Dec 2014 01:56:49 +0000

Last night wasn’t perfect but it was definitely better sleeping on the new wedge than the original one. It actually extended down past my behind so I wasn’t constantly having to reposition it. I’ll put it closer to the edge of the bed tonight so I won’t have to scoot myself over to where it is.

My B12 shot procedure went better, too. It was a relief to see that 1″ needle vs the 1.5″ needle. I think I got as much goosh out of the vial as was possible to get without wringing it. It was nice not to have to sequester myself in the bedroom, too. Miss Nosy Parker (aka Twinkle) made it imperative for me to go behind closed doors to shoot myself. I sat in Mother’s chair and took care of it with little problem.

Dandy BlendI’m trying to eat/drink more healthfully. I’d been having a cup of hot chocolate pretty much every day to wind up breakfast. When I ran out of the mix, I started drinking Dandy Blendinstead. I thought, sure, I had part of a bag in DD’s room (my auxiliary pantry) but it was nowhere to be found. I have some in a jar to keep in the kitchen (better than opening the bag daily) but it is getting low. I sat down and ordered some yesterday. Tracking said it would be here tomorrow.

Checking my little jar, I figured I could make it stretch until Thursday if I paced myself and only had a cup a day. From my calculations, it would do for that long but no longer.

This morning, there was an email from Amazon.

We’re writing to let you know there was a transit delay and the delivery of your package may be delayed by 1 – 2 days. UPS will deliver the package as soon as possible. We’re very sorry about this unavoidable delay and we appreciate your patience.

Oh, no! Not the end of the world as we know it but I’m trying hard to be good and that was my go-to for a hot drink in the morning. I decided to check UPS.

A late UPS trailer arrival has delayed delivery. We’re adjusting plans to deliver your package as quickly as possible. / Delivery will be rescheduled.

My two day delivery with Prime was suddenly increased to three and possibly four. So…my Dandy Blend will be a bit weaker tomorrow so I can make it stretch until my new supply gets here.

I’ve formatted the helps files that were ready (01-08) and fielded multiple emails from the editor and others on the team. I’m hoping against hope that the HTML person is using my final draft of the lessons to split and insert into the templates. There was a reminder that the deadline is Monday. If I’m still alive, I think we’ll make it.

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