AWESOME TO BE RAWSOME ONE WOMAN LIVING THE HIGH RAW VEGAN LIFESTYLE Wed, 17 Sep 2014 04:17:49 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Hangin’ In There Wed, 17 Sep 2014 02:41:54 +0000 Today’s been a busy one. Yesterday, the girl from the clinic called to remind me of my appointment to see my PCP this afternoon. It was my annual wellness visit and I was only five months late.

After an extended phone conversation with a rep from the Mother Ship’s retirement plan, I started for the bathroom when I saw a package on the deck. No one had knocked, rung the doorbell or hollered.

A bit of history is necessary here. Last month, a rep from GO Veggie! had contacted me and said she noticed I “write a lot about Daiya” (I didn’t realize I did that much) and would I be interested in trying their products? Well, yes, if they are vegan. Send ‘em on.

When they didn’t come and didn’t come, I emailed and asked about it. With my problems getting packages delivered correctly, I could just see someone melting vegan cheese over a big ol’ hamburger. She assured me it would be sent out soon and here it was.

GO Veggie!

The box contained full sizes of two packages slices, three containers of “cream cheese”, two different kinds of shredded GO Veggie! and a bottle of grated parmesan style.

I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet so I decided to have a slice of American toasted on a piece of bread (in addition to the rest of my scuppernongs and half an avocado). Now, not having American cheese for more than nine years might make me one of the least likely to rate it in being similar to the genuine article. I haven’t even eaten Daiya American cheese (I really don’t think they make that variety). However, I do remember that the slices aren’t oily to the touch (maybe that’s to keep it from sticking too badly to the plastic) and they aren’t 1/10 of 6.7 ozzies.

As for the flavor, it tasted like nothing I remember ever eating before. I read the ingredients after I ate it and was a bit put off by the fact that one of them is carrageenan. Daiya doesn’t use carrageenan. That’s a strike against GV slices.

After breakfast, I did a few things that needed to be done and got ready to go see the doctor. I arrived a few minutes early and got all checked in. A lady I used to see at the hospital came in and sat beside me and we visited while we waited.

Following my humiliation at being weighed, I was shown to the exam room. The nurse took a brief history, keying it all into one of the cast iron laptops supplied by the Mother Ship. My blood pressure wasn’t accurate. The automatic gizmo they use inflated to the point that it felt like my arm would be bruised. I’m sure the result was higher than it would have been otherwise because I was in pain. At least my O2 sat was 98 and I could trust that reading.

The doc came in and he was a sight for sore eyes. We talked and he checked me over. The crackles in my lungs were no more pronounced than before. He ordered a laundry list of lab work and the “paperless” system printed off each one individually. Used to be, they’d all go on one sheet. So much for saving trees. He was satisfied with the state of my health, considering.

I had a package to mail when I left there. When I walked into the post office, one of the ladies from church was at the counter. Her three boys were along for the ride. She hugged me and said they’d missed me at church. I told her my boy had turned 50 and I’d gone to help celebrate.

I’d ordered a pair of shoes and they were too big. First time that’s ever happened. The company had sent a return label I could use or I could elect to pay the postage up front. The label was $1 less so I went that direction. In addition to being cheaper, it gave me a tracking number.

The bank was my next stop. I had to get a statement verifying that I am who I say I am. My retirement account has “R” to match my driver license (which includes my maiden name) and my bank account has “S” because my middle name is Sue. The lady who typed up the statement for me (on an honest-to-goodness typewriter) is someone I’ve dealt with before. She’s very sweet and when I was ready to leave, she came around the desk, hugged me and told me she loves me. Now, that’s a Southern Belle for you.

Cuz had texted that my CIL had been here yesterday and they’d be home tomorrow. That left today for me to do the honors. I pulled into their driveway and took care of the babies and the Catz.

When I got back in the car, two dogs were behind the house. I blew the horn and the Catz scattered. That wasn’t my intention. I sat there until I was sure the dogs wouldn’t get the Catz’ food, then pulled around. One of them followed me to my house and I had to shoo it off. The larger of the dogs was wearing a collar and it looked as though the other one had been, too. I’m not anti-dog, necessarily, but they don’t need to eat cat food.

Back on Sabbath, the “cafe” Sabbath School class had a buffet with various breakfast items. I’d gotten a bottle of apple juice but it was too cold to drink. I’d dried it off and put it in my purse to warm up and forgot about it. I discovered it today so I drank it after I drank my water.

Supper was two peaches, broccoli and some more toast with cheddar slices (carrageenan included). The cheddar doesn’t taste as much like cheddar as Daiya cheddar does and it has a weird aftertaste. Also, it melts but it doesn’t stretch. It just goes to liquid. When it cools, it’s a grainy blob. Sorry. I’m not impressed.

I’m thinking that, tomorrow, I’ll make side by side mac ‘n’ cheese using Daiya shreds in half and GO Veggie! shredded cheese in the other half. Except for those two things, the two dishes will be identical. At least the shredded GO Veggie! doesn’t have carrageenan but neither does the Daiya.

Twinkle seems to think she’s supposed to be fed and I have to drink my water. It’s time to cut the cheese (snicker snicker snort) and go on to other things.

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Rain, Rain and More Rain Tue, 16 Sep 2014 01:02:52 +0000 It never rained hard. Just off and on. Mostly on. During one of the lulls, I went to the mailbox.

I texted Cuz to see if I was supposed to feed animules today but never heard back. The Catz haven’t been hanging around so I took that as a sign they’d been cared for. I hope I didn’t assume too much.

My sister emailed that my niece had an accident, her first. She hopes it will be her last. Hopefully, the damage will be fixable. From the pictures, the car that ran into her is worse off. As for injuries, there were none except for being shaken up and perhaps a few bruises. Tomorrow will tell the tale for soreness.

The lessons are still to finish up so I’d better get busy.

It’s been cool again today. Tomorrow is supposed to be back in the mid-80s. Twinkle is enjoying her heating pad in the meantime.

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24 Hours Later Mon, 15 Sep 2014 01:43:36 +0000 Not a lot has happened. As promised, Cuz stopped by her house but not here. If I hadn’t looked out, I would have never known anyone had shown up. She doesn’t need to be interrupted by this Old Lady when she’s busy so I left her alone.

No Word WrapTomorrow is when the lessons are supposed to go live. I worked on them some more this afternoon and may knock out another one or two more before I go to bed. It’s obvious that the HTML person hasn’t complied with the editor’s request to insert the image so the text wraps around it. That may end up being my assignment. Seems I get to do more and more of this type of thing.

DD called and we had an almost hour long conversation. She’s able to work from home on Fridays and hopes that will expand to other days of the week, as well. We shall see what we shall see.

As cool as it’s been today, Twinkle had to be placed on her chair and held there until she realized it was warm. She went to sleep and slept for hours. In spite of that, she’ll probably sleep for hours tonight.

My comforter felt so heavy after not having it on the bed for weeks but the warmth was welcome. It isn’t quite as cool tonight but it never got hot today. Currently, it’s 73 in the bedroom and 65 outside. The sensor that’s close to my chair needs new batteries. I’ll have to break out the screwdriver and risk the tweeting of the bases.

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Half a Century? Sun, 14 Sep 2014 02:43:21 +0000 When did I get old enough to have a son who is 50? Oh, yes! That must’ve been yesterday. It was his birthday and I’d been invited to his celebration. He’d asked to go to his favorite Mexican restaurant so I agreed to drive down yesterday afternoon and spend the night.

The Catz were in residence on the deck but I dodged them as I loaded the car. I didn’t have time to feed them but I wasn’t worried for their sakes since Cuz or somebody would be by. I loaded Twinkle’s dish with the rest of a can of food—I’d given her a spoonful out of it earlier in the day.

RefundI stopped by Bi-Lo and presented my receipt that had the overcharged avocados on it. I expected to be refunded the difference but the girl credited my credit card for $9.10. I was amazed. Questioning it, she assured me what she’d figured was correct. Seems I heard or read somewhere if the price is incorrect, it’s free. While I was there, I bought a bow to go on the folder containing the genealogy I’d copied so long ago.

I’d forgotten the long bridge I travel between Here and There is either being widened or repaired and is down to one lane. There was a bit of a wait but not terribly long and I was on my way again.

It was still a couple of hours until we were supposed to get to the restaurant that I pulled up to the house. I was greeted by the Birthday Boy and Benji.

With everything unloaded, we sat down to visit. I had my large glass o’ water so I could wash down my NAC. I sang Happy Birthday to the Honored One and gave him his present. I’d taken the rest of my granddaughter’s birthday present, too.

Along with the genealogy, I included an Amazon gift card—and it was a real card. I hadn’t realized I could print off a quarter-fold greeting card until I was looking the other day. It even gives the option of uploading a picture so here’s the one I put on the front.

A Few Birthdays Ago

He was pleased with his gifts (I’d also included a P-38 that he doubts he’ll ever use).

We made it to the restaurant only to find road construction cutting off parking in the front. DS1 called and found out we could park in the back. The back entrance was open.

The first ones there, we sat at two tables that had been pushed together. Pretty soon, a couple and their daughter arrived and then the fellow who drives the truck DS1 partners on.

My food was the last to arrive and I’d turned down anything to drink. When the refills came around, the owner questioned why I didn’t have anything to drink. She looked at me directly and demanded to know. I looked at her just as directly and said, “What goes in must come out.” She was satisfied.

When we left, it was raining but the sun was shining. I said there should be a rainbow somewhere and sure enough, there was a double one. It would get darker and more intense and then almost disappear but it was visible for a long time.

Back at the house, DS1 checked his email and he had a gift certificate from DD. He called her to thank her and started talking about when his Pawpaw has built a “tree house” for him and DS2. Actually, it was a platform with a ladder made from skinny trees but it struck me funny and I laughed until I cried. Mother would say when Hoot (his nickname) built something, it wasn’t a thing of beauty but it was a joy forever.

I talked to DD briefly and, sure enough, That Boy had come a’courtin’. I do believe they spend all their waking, non-working hours together.

As usual, I slept on the couch. I was afraid I wouldn’t sleep well without my nightly dose of melatonin but I was so tired, I did.

This morning, I woke to the dining room light blazing and DS1 typing on his notebook. He was to teach the junior class and still had to finish preparing.

Eventually, everyone was up and, after I ate a bowl of millet-rice flakes, we left for the church.

My granddaughter invited me to go to class with her and I was glad I did. It was very interesting. After we were dismissed, we met my niece and her daughter in the hallway. My niece had taught in Primary and a little girl had told her, “You’re my favorite teacher and you’re nice for an older person!” Talk about a backhanded compliment! We got a big kick out of that one. Out of the mouth of babes…

She went off with a friend so it was DS1, my DIL and me at the table for the noon meal. We had spaghetti with a homemade sauce and I tanked up.

After we were finished eating, I got my things together, DS1 helped me carry it all out and I came home to find Twinkle had downed her food except for the crumbs and was wanting more.

I called Cuz and, yes, the critters had been fed yesterday and, yes, I was to feed them today. I took care of them and came back, changed clothes and relaxed.

It’s turned cool. This evening, I fixed a cup of hot chocolate. I’d closed the bedroom windows yesterday morning and was tempted to leave them closed but it was stuffy. I opened them part way and put the comforter back on the bed. The last time I checked, it was 68 in my bedroom and 60 outside.

A volunteer tomato plant has come up in my strawberry patch. If this cool weather persists, I doubt it will set any fruit. It would be neat to have some tomatoes of my own, after all.

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50 Years Ago Tonight Fri, 12 Sep 2014 03:08:31 +0000

I was nine months and 11 days pregnant. My doctor must not have believed in inducing labor because it was never mentioned. I doubt I would have gone for it, anyway. I didn’t mind being pregnant. NOT being pregnant was preferable but, after all, I only weighed in at 126 lubs when I presented at the hospital. Besides, I’m of the belief that it’s better for babies to be born when babies are ready.

Now, that 6 lub 8 ozzie baby will be 50 years old tomorrow. It’s hard to believe I’m of the age that makes it possible to have a son who is hitting the half century mark.

This morning, Cuz texted she was stopping by so she’d feed the critters. I’d rejoiced prematurely because an hour later, she texted she was sorry but something had come up. I’d be doing the chores, after all.

Today has been overcast and misty. I did hear a clap of thunder but I don’t think it ever opened up and rained.

I got an email from Walmart regarding my latest Savings Catcher results.

My Savings Catcher

Another $1.60 was added to my balance. The freezer bags I bought were on sale at Family Dollar for less than I paid at Walmart. PLUS, I’d used a coupon with them and Walmart refunds in spite of that. I doubt that I’ll have enough built up to pay for Christmas gifts but I’ll let it sit until there’s a goodly amount.

Twinkle hasn’t been as rowdy today as she was yesterday. Maybe she’s to the stage of having “good days and bad days” like the rest of us old ladies.

The lessons are ready for me to do my thing but I’ve begged off until Sunday. I have bigger fish to fry.

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Done and Done Thu, 11 Sep 2014 02:27:48 +0000

Today has been unremarkable. I worked on the helps some more and got all of them ready to upload. Twinkle has been fed several times and the critters have been cared for. There’s been little out of the ordinary until…

I went into the kitchen and was getting ready to feed Twinkle again when I noticed movement in the sink. I’d left a few dishes in there from my last meal of the day but in moving them around, I saw something that looked like this:

Wolf Spider, too

Rather than try to capture it bare-handed, I grabbed a plastic container and turned it down over it so it couldn’t escape. The lid was put next to it and eased underneath until the arachnid was fully contained. I then took it outdoors and set it free. And, no, the spider in the picture isn’t one and the same. I found it online and it was labeled for reuse so I reused it.

Well, Twinkle has been fed and I’m drinking my water late so I’ll be sure to get my exercise tonight.

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Serendipity Tue, 09 Sep 2014 20:07:30 +0000 Ever since I couldn’t get tomatoes at the produce place because it was closed, I’d been thinking about going to the one out here on the mountain. I still had four of the little tomatoes left that Cuz grew and one slice of the big tomato I’d bought a week and a half ago.

Cuz texted me this morning that she’d be stopping by the house so I wouldn’t have to feed the critters today. I warned her there would be five Catz and another cat to feed. She hoped Twinkle had gotten out. Nope.

It was a cool morning so I still had my housecoat on when the doorbell rang. It was Cuz. And she was holding this:


She’s been buying tomatoes from a farm near here and thought I might like a “few”. The reason for her stopping by was to pick up more jars for canning soup and spaghetti sauce. She’s been making tomato juice, too. That brought back memories.

When I was a freshman in highschool, I came down with scarlet fever the last day of Christmas vacation. For weeks, my throat was terribly sore. Mother had canned quarts of tomato juice the summer before and she’d heat it up with salt and lemon juice. That felt so good going down. I lost my whole second semester but gained an appreciation for Mother and her hard work.

Speaking of Mother, I put on one of her style of summer dress but with a T-shirt underneath. The other day, I ordered another one but not from the same company. It came today and is about stiff as a board. It will probably take several washings to get the sizing out.

Something lit a fire under the HTML person so I’ve gotten busy and worked on the helps. I have 1-11 done and will do the rest tomorrow. We should squeak through before the 09/15/14 deadline. Guess an inch is as good as a mile.

For supper, I had the last four little tomatoes and then two slices of a big tomato on a sandwich. Nice I don’t have to set out to buy any time soon. As good as that big tomato is, the little ones tasted much better.

Twinkle has been jumping up on things today. I had to get her off the dining table at one point and she was on the sewing machine another time. I don’t care about that but when it comes to where food is supposed to be served…

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A Pet Peeve Mon, 08 Sep 2014 19:44:22 +0000 Sometimes when I’m grocery shopping, I’ll pick up a promising avocado. The first thing I check is the stem. If it isn’t still there, the avocado goes back in the bin. Without the stem, air gets to the good stuff inside and things start on a downhill slide much more quickly.

Once, I was looking over the display of beautiful avocados in Walmart. On closer examination, almost ALL of them had had their stems recently removed. I freaked out and went bonkers on the poor produce guy closest to me. He insisted he was innocent and I believed him. There was another fellow who acted as if he didn’t care and I always thought he might be the culprit. He was later fired for throwing tomatoes against the wall in the storage area.

I cut one of the Fours today and it was a nice ‘un. What a relief! I’ve had halfway garbage far too long.

I’m wondering how my friend’s trip went today. It was a long one—roughly 400 miles. Google says it would take more than 6 hours in current traffic.

When I went over to feed the critters, there were five Catz and one huge gray feline. It has faint markings and the tip of its ear is gone making me think it’s, possibly, fixed. I put the food out for the Catz and, to keep it away so they could eat, I put a little pile a couple of feet away. The Catz don’t seem scared of it like they do the Neighbor Cat. It ate all I put down except for a couple of pieces that ended up in dirt. It looks like it hasn’t missed a meal so it probably belongs somewhere else. It isn’t shy. It rubbed against my legs. I didn’t try to pet it since it doesn’t need encouragement. I doubt Cuz would be delighted having another mouth to feed.

I didn’t get a picture of it but it sort of looks like this:

My feral friend

The phone rang and when I picked it up, I got a fax sound. I kept saying hello and finally hung up. It rang again and that time, it was my sister. She laughed and said she guessed she couldn’t send me a fax. Well, no. I have to have the phone line hooked up to my printer and the fax turned on. If I keep the phone line hooked up, the printer rings but the handsets don’t. So…I don’t keep the printer hooked up.

She wanted to send a test because she’d written an article for the women’s devotional. She figured she’d fax it in if she could get her fax to work. I told her it would be better for her to attach it to an email and send it that way. Much more readable and they wouldn’t have to run it through OCR to convert it to text.

I walked her through the process of a Save as to put it in .doc format, then attaching it to an email. She wanted to try it on her own so we hung up but she soon called back. She’d left out the Save as. I walked her through it again and I think she got it that time. She’s since written down the steps. If she’d worked at the hospital and attached multiple files to emails five days a week, it would be second nature.

DS1’s 50th birthday is Friday. I went through stacks of pictures to find one to make him a card. Don’t worry. This isn’t spoiling the surprise. He never reads my blog. If I had a vlog, he might watch that but since I don’t…

I’m sleepy. Twinkle’s eaten enough that she’s down for the count but she’ll wake and be at my door if her dish is empty. I’d better go fill it NOW.

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Sunday, Sunday Sun, 07 Sep 2014 20:32:19 +0000

It was weird dream time last night. I don’t remember all of it but I was pregnant. I have no idea who the father was. All I know is, I was relieved when I woke and realized I was not With Child. My sleep was better in spite of surprises. I’d been cold the night before so I turned the waterbed heater on and got another blanket. Amazing what being comfortable can do.

This morning, I finished making my list for town and clipped my coupons. There were several “test” coupons I tucked outside the pockets so I could leave them for other people to use.

Shari posted on my timeline asking if I’d tried this yet:


I answered, “ARE YOU KIDDING?? I can’t even get the ice cream without driving 70 miles. This is so new, it probably won’t get here until my 102nd birthday. I know it doesn’t contain carrageenan but that’s about it.” She replied, “I didn’t know you had such limited choices in your area. Always wondered why you shopped at Wal Mart. I still have never set foot in one and there are 7 within 10 miles of my house and another on the way. Putting all my mom & pop stores out of business.”

Folks, she lives in Dreamy-Land when it comes to buying food. One of my favorite places is PCC. They even had fresh fava beans. And the olive bar! Wonderful!! I told her that, besides Walmart, there are four chain supermarkets in town and none of them have great selections. Not far from her are Asian markets, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s…the list could go on and on. Fred Meyer (Freddie’s) is the store my sister loved to shop. Their produce section is as big as the whole Save a Lot in my town.

I went to one Walmart while I was out there and it was pretty pitiful. I wouldn’t frequent it, either. The only reason I walked in the door was to get my thyroid med prescription transferred. It had little to no produce and that’s what I look for, primarily. If there’s a good produce department, I’m hooked.

Cuz texted me she would be home so I wouldn’t have to do the feeding. I went out to get some stuff from the freezer, not realizing she was already there. She was obviously in a hurry so I didn’t say more than hi and bye.

After my shower, I was sitting at the computer checking out some prices when DD called. I told her I was getting ready to head out so we only talked 35 minutes. She’s making a good-sized dent in unpacking and putting away.

The town trip was pretty interesting. There was quite a line at the checkout so I struck up a conversation with the woman behind me. I offered to let her go in front of me since she had fewer items but she said fair was fair and I should go first. She did say I was the only person who had ever offered which seemed a little strange.

I mentioned I was retired and she said she was, too. I asked where she’d worked and she said Northwest Airlines which became Delta. “Flight attendant?” “Heavens, no! I was an [can't remember the word she used] pilot.” The WORD made me think she might have been outspoken and not appreciated all that much. I told her my husband had been a pilot. “Is he still alive?” “No.” (He’s been as good as dead to me for years.) Then she said that, statistically, pilots don’t live as long as people from other walks of life.

We talked about one thing and another as the line moved slowly. I’d warned her I had price match and coupons. She said she’d try not to scream too much. My first coupon didn’t scan. A lot of times, they don’t until the scanner is cleaned. The girl didn’t even try. She just did an override on all of them. So…between my price match and the coupons, I got half gallons of Silk unsweetened vanilla for $1.50 each.

The lady told me she enjoyed our conversation and reiterated her appreciation that I’d offered for her to go ahead.

It had started to rain (again) when I walked to the car. I don’t ever not put the cart where it belongs but I left it where it wouldn’t be in the way of any car.

Walmart didn’t have everything I wanted. I stopped and got the remainder at Bi-Lo. The cashier was a young kid trying to be cool and flinging things to the fellow bagging. I said, “Produce WILL bruise.” He gave me a blank look. I phrased it another way, “Fresh food will bruise.” He kind of shrugged and that was that.

I’d price matched three avocados at Walmart for 49 cents each. The ones at Bi-Lo were much nicer and the sign said 89 cents. That was 40 cents more but a trip to ALDI would set me back far more than that. I got five. They are like #1. The ones from Walmart are all the way to the other end. Or maybe one step away.


The rain had stopped by the time I left Bi-Lo. I figured I’d go to the produce place but when I saw closed doors, I remember they don’t open on Sunday any more. I still have tomatoes Cuz sent me by my CIL so I’m okay.

At home, I keyed my TC code into the Savings Catcher and then went on to check my Bi-Lo receipt. The avocados had rung up at $1.69. They were nice but not THAT nice. I called and told the CSR. She said to keep my receipt and they’ll refund the difference next time I’m in town. That will be $4 plus tax (shades of Mother).

My sister emailed and asked the name of the song I don’t like and the preacher who’s long-winded. Turns out she doesn’t like the song, either (maybe it’s because our mother was very musical and it ain’t), and will be on the lookout for the preacher.

My friend in Federal Prison has to be excited tonight. He’s moving to a halfway house tomorrow.

Twinkle is lurking and looking expectant. I’m sure she needs to be fed before I go to bed. Tonight, there’s cause for celebration. I have dental floss.

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Mis-Directed Sat, 06 Sep 2014 20:22:14 +0000

Yesterday, I was in the process of getting ready to go to town when the phone rang. I couldn’t get to it in time to answer it (the handset closest to me was dead) so I waited for the voice mail to come through. It was my niece. I called her back. She wanted to let me know my only remaining brother-in-law has been transferred to hospice care. It’s sad but he hasn’t had a life since my sister died.

After we talked for a few more minutes, we hung up and I assessed my situation. There was so much to do before I could leave the house, I decided to put off my trip until another day.

Later, I checked the tracking on my printer ink when the usual time for a UPS delivery passed with no package showing up on my deck. It stated it was delivered and “Left At: Met Customer Woman”. I called my CIL (who isn’t the customer OR a woman) and he checked the back steps. Yes. There were two packages and both were to me. I was relieved they were there but it did not make me happy.

Why would a delivery person lie about where the package was left? Maybe he/she wants to lose his/her job? I can’t be the only person in this situation. I emailed UPS and got a nice note back saying they will contact the local office about the problem.

The mailbox held a letter from Discover saying the most recent investigation has been completed. If I had any questions I could call. Call, I did. The rep couldn’t tell me any more than what was in the letter. I wouldn’t be liable for any charges, etc., etc. When I wondered how it had happened, he helpfully said, “Someone got your number and made the charges online since they didn’t have the card.” Well, DUH!! That was especially obvious since everything ended in DOT COM. I thanked him for his time and hung up.

Since I wasn’t going to town, I might as well use the last avocado. Out of the most recent dozen or so, I’ve had one completely good one. The rest, I’ve had to eat around the bruises. I had to throw away at least half.

Half an Avocado

My nephew-in-law posted a picture showing avocados in different stages of ripeness.


I like to buy them when they look like #1 and are hard enough to use as a weapon. Then I can let them ripen to the stage I want and keep them in the fridge until I use ‘em. That hasn’t been possible for a long time.

The bulletin secretary sent the files for today. I usually get them on Thursday but maybe she waited until she could get 95% of the information. I plugged everything into my template. Hmmmmmm. The opening song was my least favorite in the whole hymnal. I won’t say which one so don’t ask but it’s not musical at all and is very repetitious. Then the speaker was via a DVD—or so it said. Now, I like to hear speakers in the flesh. DVD speakers have to be excellent to hold my attention. Maybe a hologram would help though I doubt it. I looked him up on youtube and saw that all of his sermons were VERY long. What happened to the advice, “Short sermons will be remembered far better than long ones.”?? And “There is a serious waste of vital energy in long sermons.” That’s true for the preacher and the congregation.

Debating with myself, I decided I would take today as a visiting day and go to the church out here on the mountain. It’s much closer than the one in the valley. I’d found out who was speaking. It was my pastor and he preaches relatively short, memorable sermons. My mind was made up.

This morning, I decided I’d format a couple of the helps files after I’d had my quiet time. When I put in the anchors, there’s a specific formula I’m supposed to follow but one of them had me in a quandary. I spent far too much time on it and it was too late to go to the church I’d chosen when I’d had breakfast and gotten ready. I’m on Tommie Time and they’re on Daylight Saving Time. So much for that. It was either stay home or go to the valley.

Getting to the church, I saw some of my friends on the porch (the building used to be a house). We talked a bit and the wife was mourning that I no longer play the organ. She loved the old songs. I told her to have her daughter (present) look up “Rodeheaver” on ebay and Amazon. The books are out of print but they are available used. The daughter wrote down the name and I went on in.

There was still room on the back row so I sat down.

Many of the preliminaries were done away with today to make room for the L O N G sermon to follow. I don’t know if the file had been captured from youtube or if it was streaming (though the Internet access went away when the school closed). At any rate, the speaker’s voice gave me a headache. I did everything I could to compensate with my hearing aids and finally turned them off. Maybe the volume was turned up too loud, period, because it still grated.

The sermon went on and on. Ten minutes after he said he was closing, I got up and left. When I looked the sermon up on youtube, he must’ve wound it up as I was walking to the car. Then again, maybe not. There are several different videos with that title and speaker. Some are shorter, one is longer.

I pulled up to Cuz’ house so I could get the Feeding of the Critters done before I came home. I planned to get a pint of ice cream out of the freezer when I was done but it had started raining huge drops when I took the Catz’ food out. I pulled around and down to my house. Thankfully, I had my umbrella and was able to go from the car to the deck without getting completely drenched. The downpour didn’t last long

The headache continued on and my neck started hurting. I (as Mother would have said) flailed around until something popped. It still bothered me. I did wall pushups and something else popped on #5.

I drank my water and ate my lunch (too much). The apple pie filling was still in the fridge and I had to face the fact that I wasn’t going to use it since it’s ‘way too sweet for my taste. I took it over and put it in THEIR fridge. As long as I was that close, I might as well get the ice cream. When I went into the garage, here’s what was on top of the freezer:

Hardee's Cinnamon Raisin Raisins

Back in the late ’80s, I ate many a cinnamon raisin biscuit from Hardee’s and bought two sets of the California Raisins.

I guess Someone has been poking around. Now, if that Someone would find my birth certificate…

Late this evening, it started raining again. Routinely, August brings dry weather and the grass gets brown and crunchy on into September. It’s still lush and green. Hopefully, the threat of forest fires will be greatly diminished.

My headache has subsided somewhat. My neck is still sore. Twinkle has been running through the house and acting half her age. Sometime this month, she’ll turn 17.

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