AWESOME TO BE RAWSOME ONE WOMAN LIVING THE HIGH RAW VEGAN LIFESTYLE Tue, 30 Sep 2014 03:01:14 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Fingernails and Hair Tue, 30 Sep 2014 03:01:14 +0000 It hasn’t been long since I took my fingernails back to a comfortable length. My hair grows at an alarming rate and I need it to slow down. All the conventional wisdom says that both my hair and fingernail growth should be slowing since I’m getting “up there” in age. I had to take quite a bit off my nails today because they were back to the stage they were interfering with typing. I’ve been thinking for a couple of weeks that my hair could use a major cut.

I was looking online for reasons I could look like Nebuchadnezzar in the wild in not very many weeks. Nothing makes sense. Both fingernail and hair growth can speed up with good levels of vitamin D. Mine was very low when it was tested recently. It was 28.9 which is below the bottom of the normal range (30-100).

While I was perusing the WWW, I came upon a site from the UK regarding vitamin D. That’s the quiz part. If you read about sunlight in the United Kingdom, you’ll find that we’re pretty lucky in the States. Much of the year there, the sun isn’t strong enough to make the body manufacture vitamin D. When I took the quiz, I got all the answers right.

I hadn’t realized how late it was when I broke for bed last night. When I took my pedometer out of my pocket, it had already reset to zero and had 120 steps on it after midnight.

As a consequence, I woke too late to get a decent start on the day. It had rained during the night and was still too cloudy to get out for any rays this morning. It was afternoon before I could get my 15 minutes in and the clouds were playing with the sun again. And Big’Un insisted on being petted.

After feeding the critters, I came back in and had a message from DS1. When I called him, he was all excited about a video he’d watched on youtube. It was, in his words, about when the world “goes to hell in a handbasket” and how one family is already learning how to survive such a possibility.

The thing that stood out to him was that they’d taken field corn, ground it into meal, cooked it to make mush, then chilled it, sliced it and fried it. Yes, I’ve done that and yes, he was right about eating it. The difference is, I didn’t use field corn and I didn’t grind it myself.

He went on to tell me about how the woman cooks outside much of the summer and has a woodburning cookstove in her kitchen. I remember the days when my mother had one and I still have the scars where I burned my arm on it. We didn’t have youtube back then so you are deprived of seeing how that happened.

Today was one of his “at home” days and he had black beans soaking for rice and beans for supper. We talked more about cooking and recipes. He should have been a chef.

y-d againI called about the exchange of my shoes today and that style is no longer available. The order was still showing as being open. I just checked my credit card account and it hasn’t been credited yet. If it doesn’t show up soon, I’ll have to call them back or dispute the charge.

Twinkle is getting low on food—again. That means another town trip soon. It was cheaper when she had no appetite but my nerves are steadier when she eats.

The Queen is on her chair (should I say throne?) and snoozing away. I’m sitting here when I think I should be prone. It’s time to call it a day and go to bed.

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Messed Up Mon, 29 Sep 2014 03:20:58 +0000 There was a bathroom break along about daylight. I crawled back into bed and prayed my way back to sleep. When I woke again, it was almost 8:30. I was definitely not rising and shining.

My computer was hibernating when I checked it first thing. That was strange. Later, Genese’s daughter, Kimberly, posted on Facebook that there was a two hour planned power outage during the night. Mystery solved. However, now only half of my lights in the kitchen will come on. I want to replace them with LED tubes but the ones that use the fixtures as they are cost $35 each so four of them plus tax would be over $150. I wouldn’t be assured that the ballast is still good in the one that isn’t working, either.

It was late enough when I got in the sun that Big’Un and I had to station ourselves much farther over than we usually do. The clouds were playing peek-a-boo so I stayed an extra few minutes to make sure I got my 15 in.

DD called and left voice mail. I didn’t hear the phone ring. She called my Google Voice number so there’s a good chance it didn’t come through to the MagicJack. I called her back almost an hour later and we talked for five minutes less than a half hour.

She’d been with her boyfriend’s family last week and some of them viewed her as exceedingly weird because she doesn’t eat meat. BF’s father seems to think it’s a passing fancy. I can assure him it isn’t. She admits to being curious sometimes but when she thinks about actually dining on a dead body, it grosses her out.

My mess-up-ed-ness has followed me through the day. I failed to take my NAC this morning so I’ll only get two doses in instead of three.

No one (but me) was around to feed the critters so after I took care of them, I sat in the sun for 15 more minutes. Big’Un came over and wanted to be petted. He’d rear up on his hind legs and butt my hand with his head. I relented and petted him and one of the Catz came over and nuzzled my foot. One of these days, I may be mobbed.

Sunning time over, I came in and got my camera to take pictures of my front yard. Wouldn’t you know, when I snapped the first one, the batteries went. When I got my supply out, there were exactly four in the package. I’ll have to order more. I use the Amazon brand and they do just as well as Duracell or Energizer. I have them on subscription which cuts down on the price. However, I don’t see where they’re offered that way any more.

Well, here are the pictures of the “Bad House” that’s finishing itself off. I guess it figures if no one will tear it down, it will just fall. And people wonder why I’m ashamed of where I live.

Falling Down

My Beautiful Front Yard

The Ruins

People are so focused on the mess they don’t realize there’s a house behind it all. I guess I’m hidden, at least.

Twinkle has had lap time today. The cooler weather is making it possible. It also makes for good sleeping which is what I should be doing soon.

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If Fall Is Here… Sun, 28 Sep 2014 02:08:52 +0000

Can winter be far behind? I know that isn’t how it goes but it’s true and I’m not looking forward to it. If I can get some good persimmons, that will ease the distaste.

Yesterday, I got out for my solar power both morning and afternoon. Both times, I was accompanied by Big’Un. My sister is concerned there might be a family somewhere missing him. I could print up flyers but what would I do with them? I won’t go roaming up and down this road handing them out. There are too many dogs to contend with. If I posted them, no one would see them. I’ve mentioned before that the tip of his ear is gone. You can see what I mean in this picture.

Ear Tip

That could mean Big’Un is a feral cat that just happens to be friendly. Vets will spay/neuter feral felines and use either a notch in the ear or tip it to show the animal’s been fixed. His equipment has definitely been modified and the ear is too neatly tipped for it to have happened in a fight. So…Big’Un is free to leave any time. Otherwise, he’s also free to stay. Even better is the fact I don’t have to pay for his food.

My annual letter came from the billing department for my utilities. I’ve been paying $208 a month on the budget plan. With the new calculation, it’s supposed to be $207. That’s what sub-zero temperatures will do for the consumption. It was supposed to be much less than that last fiscal year but I’d budgeted for $208 and they agreed to keep it at that. There’s so little difference in the two amounts this time, I think I’ll just let it be.

Medicare and Humana are intent on killing as many trees as possible. I got a thick book from Humana regarding the renewal information. Medicare sent an even thicker 2015 handbook. I can get all the information online. I wish there were some way to cancel anything they send on paper.

Since I price matched six avocados Thursday, I took the ones in the fridge and made chocolate mousse. It was well into the afternoon so I didn’t intend to eat any. After I put what I could get out of the blender into a container, I tasted it. Then I got a clean spoon and tasted it some more. After that, another clean spoon was heaped and that was more than a taste. There was a lot left in the blender. A couple of bowl scrapers and my tongue took care of it.

I had a nice surprise yesterday. An email with the subject “Test” showed up in my inbox. It was from my friend who recently left federal prison for a halfway house. He’s a smart person. Of all the email services out there, he chose gmail. Every second or third word had a period and when I asked about that, he said he was still getting used to the phone and his fingers are too big. It’s a nice phone, though. An LG G3. Mine is an HTC G2. Big difference.

He’d asked for my phone number and I gave it to him. Last night, about 9:15, the phone rang. One time. I’ve had that happen and would be told it rang three or four times on the other end. I checked MagicJack and it was a number from his area code so I knew it had to be him. I called the number back and found he’d been aiming for the listing next to mine and missed. He said he would have never called that late. We had a short but nice conversation.

I didn’t sleep too well last night. I think it was all the chocolate in the mousse. It is rich and dark and yummy. Along about 1 a.m. TT, I got up and soaked in the tub for a half hour or so. That helped and I slept better after that.

It’s essential to face facts sometimes. I’d melted some of the GO Veggie! “cheese” on a piece of bread and there was that funny aftertaste and texture again. I checked the ingredients on both the Mexican and the Mozzarella and there was one difference—the Mexican had nutritional yeast and the other didn’t. It was a settled fact if I didn’t like what I’d tried, I wouldn’t like what I hadn’t tried, either, since it was essentially identical. I wrote myself a note to take it to the pianist.

Then there was the matter of the chocolate mousse. Now, I have no problem liking it. I’d made it with agave nectar this time instead of the maple syrup and it, in my opinion, wasn’t as good but it was still quite delicious. The fact remains that I didn’t NEED to eat it all so my note included taking some of it to Genese. I have no problem spreading the calories around.

Re Freez R BrixNow, a nice bonus with the cheesy situation is that it was packed with four Re-Freez-R-Brix. They are pretty nifty. One in my little “I Love Chocolate” tote keeps things cold for hours and it’s still frozen when I get home. I packed the GO Veggie!, the chocolate mousse and some of the eggplant I’d fixed the other day.

Class was already in session when I got to the church. I’m making up for all those mornings I was there to unlock the door or shortly after.

My hearing aid batteries were on their last legs so I changed them, sitting there on the back row. They weren’t to the “doodle-de-do” stage but close. That reminds me. Today is my audiologist’s birthday. When I wished her a happy one on Facebook, I put “Hear, hear!” Chortle, chortle, tee-hee snort.

Church service was interesting. The sermon title was “Diet: A Matter of Salvation?” I never did figure out if it is or it isn’t. I do remember the verse that says, “Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.” (1 Corinthians 10:31) Wonder if that includes chocolate mousse?

The Computer Owner had the special music. She played an arrangement of “Holy, Holy, Holy” on the piano and later told me she was intimidated by my being there because I would count all the mistakes. I assured her I don’t do that. I especially appreciated it when she played with feeling and did the little flourish at the end. That piano is quite loud and it’s hard to tone it down but she managed to do it during the second half.

I was talking to one of the pianists and she suggested my cough might be aggravated by PND. I’d thought about that before but I don’t really want to take anything to dry it up. Guess I should put that on my list for the next visit to the pulmonologist and then he’ll probably want to send me to an ENT. And the merry-go-round keeps spinning.

My Personal Shopper had brought me a quart of Vegenaise. Somehow, she’d managed to crack the lid. Thankfully, I keep the lids from the empties so I could replace it. I asked her if she would knock some off for that. Like 20 lubs?

From the church, it was on to the nursing home. One of the fellows in housekeeping saw me come in the door. He remarked he didn’t see much of me any more—am I retired? I told him yes, I am. I figured him for my contemporary or not too far behind so I asked him when it would be his turn. I was quite surprised to find out he recently had his 60th birthday.

Stopping in the cafeteria, I got a couple of bowls to put Genese’s treats in. Two of the ladies came out and were telling me about all the people who have already retired and one who will be retiring soon. No surprises there. The more the Mother Ship pushes, the more people leave.

Genese’s mother and aunt were visiting when I got to her room. She tried to get her mother to try the mousse but she refused. Maybe she knows the ingredients and they seem a bit weird. The ladies left to go eat lunch with Genese’s sister.I hadn’t intended to stay long because my breakfast was only mousse and a banana but we started talking about food.

Cuz had texted me this morning that no one would be by today so I pulled up to their house and took care of the critters.

It was cloudy so I came in, changed my clothes, drank my water and ate. The sun came out later but it was ‘way up in the afternoon and I doubt I would have gotten any vitamin D from the exposure.

Twinkle has been nudging my foot. This afternoon, she was begging for food when she hadn’t finished what she had. I rearranged it on her dish and she ate it. Silly cat.

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Half a Dose Fri, 26 Sep 2014 02:37:24 +0000 Cuz called me this morning. The phone only rang once and since the handset closest to me was dead, I didn’t get to it in time. I called her back and asked if she’d dialed my number by mistake. She usually texts me these days but she said no, it was intentional.

She would be going to the other side of the mountain to pick up some things and would stop by here and feed the critters. We’d also “chit-chat” while she was around.

I went ahead and got my 15 minutes of sun in (accompanied by Big’Un) and ate breakfast.

When she got here, I was still in my robe because it was cool and I was shopping for warm at-home clothes for this winter. Mother’s dresses definitely do not fill that bill.

She sat down on the loveseat and we visited while Twinkle took up residence on my lap. Before she left, she mentioned that her computer was being plagued by “popups all over the place” and they were driving her crazy. It was on the table at her house and I was given permission to have at it.

My bananas had run out yesterday and I was in need of several other things. I got ready and set out for town. I was armed with a few coupons and price matches from Save a Lot and ALDI. (Did you know that ALDI stands for “ALbrecht-DIscount”?)

I got bananas for 49 cents a lub, a three lub bag of yellow onions for $1.50, a pineapple for 99 cents and avocados for 49 cents each.

After I’d paid for my things, I went to Customer Service to give them a printout of So Delicious non-dairy ice cream flavors. The So Delicious site is set up so a person can print off everything needed, including bar codes. After two people had refused to take it, one of the supervisors paged the grocery manager. I was directed to a bench where I could wait for her. One of the employees was sitting there, waiting to clock in. Seems they have the same requirements as one of the departments at the hospital did. Clocking in has to be right on the hour. I commented that I’m so glad I’m retired.

By and by, she got clocked in and the young woman came up to see what I needed. She has long dark hair and braces on her teeth. I’m not good at guessing age but I’d hazard she isn’t over 25.

I showed her my printout and explained that SD is non-dairy. In the course of the conversation, I told her that Mother had decided I wouldn’t eat meat and I’d taken that a step further over nine years ago and went vegan. I didn’t go into my foray into raw food for almost five years of that time. Her eyes opened wide and she said, “Oh, that must be HARD!” Well, no. I didn’t say so but everything in the fresh fruit and veggie line is vegan. I did tell her there are few intentional vegan options at Walmart but lots of “accidental vegan” which is mostly junk food.

My printout had my name, address and phone number. She’s promised to see what she can do about getting more vegan foods into the store. If she can, wonderful. If she can’t, I’ll survive.

Once again at home, I unloaded and put away. I got the leftover mac ‘n’ cheese out of the fridge and put it in freezer containers. There was maybe a half cup left that I decided to eat for supper. When I took the containers out to the freezer, I noticed how pretty Cuz’ burning bush shrub is. I came in, grabbed my camera and went back out.

Cuz' Current Stand

My CIL wants her to cut off the lower limbs to make it easier to mow but she refuses. She’s the one who mows so I think she has the right to decide not to lop them off.

While I was snapping away, guess who was keeping me company?

My Outside Shadow

Do my toes look blue? The Computer Owner was sitting with me Sabbath and insisted they did. Well, she said they looked “bluish”.

Big’Un tried to come in the house today and that caused an uprising. Twinkle let it be known in no uncertain terms he wasn’t welcome.

I retrieved the computer and found that Chrome had some extensions installed that were causing the popups. I deleted them and that took care of the problem. Running MalwareBytes and SpyBot helped, too.

Well, I didn’t get my afternoon sun in. There’s no making up for it. I won’t get the morning edition in on Sabbath. I guess I’ll just have to do my best and be faithful with my vitamin D drops.

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Always a Boy Thu, 25 Sep 2014 02:14:05 +0000 Cuz texted that she would do the feeding today so that let me off the hook. It’s handy that she let’s me know. Otherwise, I’m over there in the afternoon whether I need to be or not.

This morning, I was out sunning when I spotted the van. Cuz came out of the house, waved, and was gone. It was nice to see her even at a distance. Later, she texted me, “it was gd 2 c u listening 2 the doc” I texted back that I figured it was about time.

Big’Un had joined me at first but when he spied her, he knew there was food to be had. I was forsaken. I took some pictures of him yesterday but didn’t post them because it was Twinkle’s time to shine.

I’ve tried to catch him with the other Catz to show the difference in size. They’re bigger than Twinkle and he’s bigger than they are but that’s not much in the way of reference unless you’ve seen them in person. Here’s a series of Big’Un all by himself.


Trying to and can't


There WAS a boy...

I almost let the afternoon appointment with Ol’ Sol slip by. I got out later than I intended but it was nice and warm by then. Big’Un joined me until he was convinced I wasn’t going to spend 15 minutes petting him. He went to a different part of the yard and indulged in a siesta.

Nothing exciting has happened today. I ate some more of the mac ‘n’ cheeses. Nothing had changed since yesterday. I still prefer the Daiya.

After I got a refund for the battery that didn’t seem to want to charge, somehow it worked. I emailed the company and let them know so I could pay for it. I got an email back,

There is no way for us to charge you.
Thank you for being honest about the battery.
Please feel free to keep the battery as a gift from us.

So now I have two batteries for my phone. They should do me for a good long while. The other one lasted three years. Anyone want to tell me how to keep them both going for twice that long?

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Happy Birthday to Twinkle! Wed, 24 Sep 2014 02:07:33 +0000 When my Wii was new, I set up accounts for both Twinkle and me. I had to enter a birthday for her. I knew she was probably taken from her mother too young so I ballparked approximately five weeks before that and came up with September 23. For the past several days, my Wii has been reminding me that her birthday was coming up. Was I going to give her a party? Buy her presents? Bake her a cake? No, no and no.

Quite some time ago, I discovered birthdays aren’t celebrated with parties when the honoree is older. The exception to that rule was my mother. I think she had a party or some kind of celebration with her children every year. According to the cat years calculator, Twinkle is 85 so no party. (In cat years, I’m 13.3.)

As for the presents, I’ve given up on buying anything that interests her. The Bubbler is for my convenience and to keep her in fresh water. As a bonus, it can fascinate her for hours.

There’s the matter of a cake. Since she has feline Graves’ disease, her prescription cat food is the only thing she can eat so it would be up to me to eat a cake. That’s something I don’t need.

The Wii keeps aggravating me to weigh Twinkle so I managed to do it this morning. When I accessed her account, there were balloons and streamers and a birthday message. She doesn’t like to be picked up so I waited until the Wii’s excitement tapered off. According to her stats, she’s lost .7 lub since the last time which was I don’t know when.

I posted a happy birthday message on Facebook and an earlier picture of Twinkle. Later, I took a picture of her today. This is Twinkle in her birthday suit.

17 year old Twinkle

My first 15 minutes of solar nourishment was accompanied by Big’Un. When the weather gets cold, I just may let him get on my lap. He does have claws and they are very evident when he starts “kneading”.

The eggplant wasn’t going to take care of itself so I cut it in two and put it on a baking pan.


I’d sprayed it with olive oil and baked it at 400 degrees F until it was well roasted and soft.

Baked Eggplant

After it cooled, I scooped out the flesh and mixed it with kala namak, onion & garlic powder, cumin, ginger and paprika. Pretty tasty. Not at all pretty pretty.

Eggplant, ready to eat.

When I went out for my afternoon health initiative, I noticed the tomato plant is starting to bear. Wonder if they’ll have a chance to get ripe?


I’d put it off long enough so I got out all the equipment and ingredients I’d need for (TADA!!) mac ‘n’ cheese. I went by the Daiya recipe I always use except I didn’t halve it. I really should have because I was only using one lub of Sam Mills pasta. Anyway, I like Sam Mills because it’s non-GMO and if I’m taking it somewhere to share, anyone who is eating gluten-free has an option. It also cooks up nicely and doesn’t get mushy.

Measuring out the cheese into separate bowls, it was evident there’s quite a difference. The Daiya is on the left and the GO Veggie! is on the right.

Left, Daiya. Right, GO Veggie!

I’d assumed the shredded GV was a package of cheddar and one of mozzarella. Not so. There was mozzarella, for sure, but the other package was Mexican Style. I guess it’s supposed to be cheddar and maybe jack? Anyway, it more closely resembles dairy cheese as far as appearance is concerned. A serving has six grams of fat as does the Daiya. However, a serving of GV is 1/3 cup and Daiya is 1/4 cup.

With the macaroni cooked and everything stirred together, this is how it looked:

Again Left, Daiya. Right, GO Veggie!

The Daiya is a bit drier product so I’d added a cup of the pasta water.

Still later, the Daiya had soaked up more of the moisture but the GV was about the same as it was before. This is when I loaded it into storage containers.

Later, Left, Daiya. Right, GO Veggie!

When I stirred it, the Daiya was thicker. The GV was creamier. Points to the GV for appearance and the ability to stay creamy. For me, that isn’t the most important thing, though. Taste trumps everything else and Daiya tastes better to me. The GV has a bit of an artificial taste that I don’t care for.

Supper was eggplant, peas and mac ‘n’ cheese (that rhymes!). I ate a small serving of each of the macs, then got the bright idea of mixing them together. That helped the GV but didn’t do a lot for the Daiya.

According to my calculations, Daiya is still in the lead in the comparison tests. It will be a while before I test anything else. I don’t want to eat too much of this rich stuff. I feel like I overdid it today and I’ll have leftovers for several days. I’ll probably end up putting a lot of it in the freezer.

Well, Twinkle’s birthday is almost over. I sang to her this morning and she laid her ears back and looked alarmed. Seems I have that effect on people, too.

It’s fall for sure. My sister had pointed out in a comment that yesterday was the first day. However, opinions are split on that. Some say the 22nd and some the 23rd. Whichever it is, it’s here.

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Coming Out Tue, 23 Sep 2014 02:25:18 +0000 I had lot of plans for today. I was on a mission to get some housecleaning done plus I was going to make that mac ‘n’ cheese comparison I’ve been promising. Guess what? None of it happened.

I had two sets of forms—eight pages each including the cover sheet—that needed to be faxed. I plugged everything up and proceeded. I thought. After a couple of attempts, I had to change the phone cord. I was using the one that was already plugged up to the all-in-one and it evidently had outlived its usefulness. The flashlight I had grabbed must’ve been left on the last time I’d used it. The batteries were dead. I ended up replacing them in both flashlights.

Changing the cord didn’t take much time. I simply unplugged the one from the cordless base and plugged it into the printer. The memory showed that it was full. I cleared it and started over. Repeatedly. Sending one of the eight page sets through, I got a confirmation that ONE PAGE had been transmitted. Well, that wasn’t good. I set about sending it again. That time, six went through. Still not good enough.

The memory was full again. I turned the printer off and left it off long enough to clear everything out. When I turned it back on and sent the fax again, that time it went through—all eight pages.

By then, it was time to go out for my afternoon vitamin D. I’d had my morning dose with Big’Un at my feet and rubbing against my legs. I started the second fax through and decided it could transmit without me staring at the display. After I fed the critters, I got my camp chair and put it in the sun beside the garage.

Big’Un joined me. After just a few minutes, the sun had traveled far enough that it was filtering through the leaves of the trees. I had to move so I’d be in full sun once again. Big’Un followed. He convinced me to rub his head and neck and would have gotten on my lap if I’d let him. I feel we are still in the “getting acquainted” stage and that much contact is a bit too familiar. Besides, my thighs were bare and having them covered by a large cat would defeat the purpose of being in the sun.

My 15 minutes over, I was back to the fax. The blamed thing hadn’t gone through AGAIN. Twice more, I tried. Finally I got a confirmation for eight pages. I called and talked to a rep to make sure everything had gone through okay. Well, one of the faxes was complete but the second one was missing the signature sheet. ARRGGGHH! She was giving me an ID number to put at the top of that one page so it would end up with its siblings when a call started ringing through. That’s when it dawned on me. The interruption was causing my faxes to fail!

After we hung up, I took a deep breath and faxed that one sheet with a cover sheet. It went through. She’d told me to wait a couple of hours and call back to make sure everything was there and ready to be processed. The phone rang. It was their dang fax trying to call my fax. It had been sabotaging my faxes all afternoon.

I ate supper (leftovers) and picked up the phone. I didn’t get a dial tone. I went into the bedroom. The netbook was off. That was strange. I have the power settings so it doesn’t go off unless it’s on battery. I pushed the power button and it resumed Windows. It showed 5% battery power remaining. I checked the power bar it was plugged into and it was dead. Oh, happy day.

Plugging the netbook into the OTHER power bar, I had to get MagicJack restarted. That took a couple of tries. I called the company and, hallelujah! everything was there.

An email came about my latest Savings Catcher. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. I don’t think I’ll have enough by Christmas to cover my shopping.

My hair is much thinner than it was this morning. I’d had a bath already today but I smelled like I was on a weekly schedule and had missed a couple of Saturday nights. I took another one.

Twinkle is to be fed. It’s been cool all day so she’s comfy on her heating pad. I got on the Apple House’s Facebook page and asked about when the Fujis will be in. For a wonder, I got a reply. The first week of October is when they start. DD’s room should be okay for storing them by then. Fall’s just around the corner.

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The Prescription Mon, 22 Sep 2014 01:19:37 +0000

Last night was a too-late night. As a result, I overslept this morning and it was going on 9 o’clock when I got up. That’s super-sleeping-in for me. I’m not the early riser I was when I was working but that doesn’t mean I make a habit of lying in bed that long, either.

The sun had made a glorious appearance so I unearthed my camp chair and went outside to get 15 minutes’ worth of my PCP’s prescription. The big gray cat came and joined me, enjoying the sun at my feet. I’d asked Cuz’ opinion of the possibility of his being neutered and she agreed that he’s a eunuch.

My CIL has dubbed The Cat “Big ‘Un”. So…now that he has a name, I guess it’s his right to eat the Catz’ food. I’m sure he belongs somewhere else. He’s quite tame and looks well cared for but he seems to have no intention of leaving. Funny thing is, when I came in, Twinkle smelled where he’d rubbed against my legs and she didn’t object. She’s seen him on the deck and hasn’t hissed. It’s like they have an agreement of some sort.

Last week, I came across an interesting site. It’s Where Is My Milk From? The first thing that greets you is a peaceful, serene landscape with not a cow in sight.

The Myth

It says the locations for soy milk can be found, too, so I figured it would apply to a brand that stands for both soy and almond. Right? I looked for the code but I couldn’t find it. It says it’s easy.

2014-09-21 20_04_33-Find the source of your milk - Where Is My Milk From_

Personally, that sounds pretty gross but if a person has never been around cows, maybe not. Anyway, it’s interesting and from what I gather, the results can apply to all dairy products—yogurt, ice cream, whipping cream, whatever.

After 2 o’clock, I gathered up my timer and camp chair again to take up my place in the sun. That time, I was all alone. No cat came to keep me company. I got my 30 minutes total and, if the weather holds, I’ll do it again tomorrow.

A bit later, I heard rain. It was soft at first and then came crashing down for about five seconds and stopped. I took my squeegee out and got some of the worst of the Stuff from The Tree off my car. I really need to take it to the car wash but that Round Tuit is very elusive.

Twinkle has been trying to coerce me into giving her more food when she still has some in her dish. Someone needs to come teach her that my resources aren’t inexhaustible. I’ve tried and failed.

DD didn’t call today. She’d warned me that she would be off with The Boyfriend and THIS time, she’d be meeting his mother. Evidently, where they were going is out of range of any cell phone towers. That’s okay. She’s happy and that’s the important thing.

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Another Saturday Night Sun, 21 Sep 2014 02:01:17 +0000 Doctors who send out emails are the coolest. There’s no chance to misunderstand (unless they’re worded incorrectly) and I have a record of the exchange. My lab work was back and my PCP was letting me know the results. They were, for the most part, good. My fasting glucose was a bit high but my HbA1c was normal and that’s the important number.

My B12 is in the lower part of the normal range so I’m to continue with supplementing—now if I can find the injectible. I still don’t think the patches are sufficient and my hair is starting to come out in the comb. My vitamin D is low so he wants me to take 2000 units a day and get 30 minutes of sun. I recently started back on D3 but it probably hadn’t been long enough to make a difference.

“HDL was 60 and that is good, total and ldl were 198 and 122 and triglycerides only 80…really good. Kidney function and blood count all were good as well. Thyroid is perfect.” See what I mean? All down in black and white. Now, if only my lungs would cooperate…

I took a few minutes and went to visit my cousin in her shop. She was busy but she stopped long enough for us to catch up.

Well, my cell phone battery didn’t charge completely and, plugged in overnight, it lost what charge it had. I emailed the company. It was the last one like that they had so they refunded the money. Since then, it’s charged to 94% but it’s been turned off so I don’t know if it’s holding the charge. I’ve ordered another one from a different company (DUH!) so we shall see what we shall see. It’s a good thing I’m not addicted to my phone. I’d be lost. Or shopping for another one. DS1 said I needed a new one but he rethought since I make phone calls with it maybe once every month or two. It’s plenty good enough for that and I can surf the WWW with it if I get desperate.

This morning, I woke shortly after 6:30 and made it to the church by lesson study time. I sat on the back pew where it’s warmer than anywhere else in the church and the Computer Owner joined me. She has a irritated place on the inside of her forearm. It itches and burns. She’s been putting tea tree oil and hand sanitizer on it because that calms it down for a little while. I told her to wash it when she got home and put MelaGel on it. That’s the most soothing thing around. She’d ordered some for me so she got a “pantry pack” and kept a tube and a little hickey-do of it (sorry to get so technical). I’ll be interested to see if it worked.

After the speaker (the Cavalry) had spoken interactively with the congregation for most of the service (I could hear him but not the participants unless they were more or less facing me) there was an audio clip that was played. I understood maybe three words of it. The talk was about Gideon.

The GO Veggie! cheese slices were sitting in my fridge and threatened to sit there until they petrified so I took them to the pianist. She was glad to get them. She’s wanted to try it but nowhere around here sells the vegan variety. I told her it has carrageenan and she looked a bit dismayed. I guess the tad she’ll get can’t cause that much harm.

My Personal Shopper friend’s husband asked if I like eggplant. DO I?? It’s only one of my favorite vegetables! Well, they’d brought me some. He went and fetched it from their van and there were three in the bag.

I went to the nursing home to visit Genese. One of the residents was in her room when I got there but eventually left so Genese and I could talk freely. She’d gone to the Mother Ship for an MRI and seems to have injured the lymph nodes under her arm. She’s getting swelling like she’s had in her left leg for a long time. She had me pull the cover from her leg and it looks horrible. It would make two or three of mine and there’s a marble-sized blister on her calf. There’s a series of smaller blisters with redness all over her lower leg and her foot looks like a balloon with toes. I asked her if there is any way to drain it but she said it’s like a saturated sponge. She’s been searching youtube and the rest of the Internet to try to find something that would help but has come up empty. If anyone out there knows of something that would work, she would appreciate hearing about it.

Before lymphedema treatments and suggestions come in to exercise it, Genese’s left side is immobile. If she could move it, there would be options. She can’t go to a treatment center because she doesn’t qualify. And please, please pray for her.

When I got home, I took the eggplant out of the bag. Here’s a glamor shot:


The dark purple one was (yes, was) quite light which boded well for flavor and texture. The other two are pretty heavy. The former was showing signs of deteriorating so I washed it, cut out the bad places and sliced it into thick slices. I sprayed a baking pan with olive oil, laid the slices out in a single layer, sprayed them and sprinkled them with kala namak. Then I baked it for 20 minutes at 350 degrees F. I ate almost half right off the pan. It was so good! The other two are awaiting their fate at a later time.

Tonight, I got an email from Walmart. It did me no good to pick that receipt up and enter it

Didnt do any good.

unless the survey wins me a $1,000 gift card. I’ve entered so many of those, I wouldn’t know if it came from that one, anyway. And since I’ve entered so many times and NOT won, I probably won’t win with it, either.

Twinkle is lurking. She’s forever wanting more to eat. Sometimes, all she wants is for her food to be on the side of the dish closest to her. We’ll see what it is THIS time.

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Bloodletting Fri, 19 Sep 2014 03:04:32 +0000

Tempted. That’s what I was. I really didn’t want to go to the hospital for lab work but I knew putting it off wouldn’t do any good, either. The best thing would be to go and get it over with. It isn’t that I dread the stick or the multiple vials. Going to that end of town is something I seldom do. Traffic is heavier and it’s almost always stop and go.

I had most of my quiet time, took a shower and headed out. I battled my way through countless intersections and more times than not, the lights stayed green.

The lady at the front desk entered me on the log and had me sit down. Almost immediately, she called my name to be registered. Registration was quick and painless and after I initialed and signed the signature pad, I was directed to the lab waiting area.

I read a bit in an old Reader’s Digest while I waited. It wasn’t long until my name was called. I was handed over to another tech for the venipuncture.

She seemed a bit nervous and unsure of herself so I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve had a pretty bad experience several years ago that left me with a bruise half the size of Texas on the inside of my elbow. I didn’t want a repeat. Of course, this was a different hospital and a different tech.

She felt the veins in both arms and selected the right one. She wanted to know if I’d had it drawn with a butterfly previously and I told her no. Everything proceeded as usual from there on—except. When she put the needle into the vein, it was more expertly than I’ve ever had it done before. She got it the first time and the stick was just that—a stick.

With the five vials filled, gauze folded and held in place by yellow smiley face Coflex, the other tech offered to show me out. I was done. When we got to the door I said, “She did really good.” Now, that isn’t correct as far as grammar is concerned but that’s the way we talk in the South. That’s when she told me the tech had been away from it for awhile but was getting “back in the groove”. If I have to go back, I hope I get her.

I briefly considered stopping to get something to eat at the Mexican restaurant but drove on by. Then there was Taco Bell. Those three coupons are still in my purse but it isn’t fun going somewhere like that all by myself. I continued on to Walmart, got the things I needed and took them to the car.

When I took the empty cart to the corral, there was a Walmart sales receipt on the ground. Somebody was missing out not using Savings Catcher so I picked it up. It might not net anything but “nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

Ugly DressHome again, home again. I put on the latest dress I got from Amazon and it isn’t my favorite. I’d made the mistake of ignoring the bad reviews and figured people just don’t know how to get rid of sizing in fabric. It’s been washed twice, once with OxyClean and once with white vinegar and it still as stiff as ever. When I put my hand in the right pocket, there was a length at the bottom that wasn’t stitched. A thread was hanging so I pulled it and made it worse. So…in addition to bad fabric, there’s bad workmanship. I’ll keep it but I’ll probably wear it more as a jumper than by itself. No telling when I’ll get up the gumption to stitch the pocket. There’s still the left one.

My cell phone battery finally gave up the ghost. I’d ordered a new one so I put it in and started it charging. That’s when I heard the lawn mower going. I went out and Cuz was riding around on this huge John Deere. She shut it off and said she wished she’d known I was gone so she could have mowed without dodging my car. I asked if she’d seen the ship. Of course not! She’d stayed while the MRI was done. I told her there were plenty of people to take care of her partner if the need arose. She knew it but, oh well.

I moved the car and she mowed.

It was after noon when I ate my first meal of the day. By then, I had a headache. Twinkle was to care for and I was in no mood to deal with mac ‘n’ cheese.

The time has marched on. I still have to drink more water and give Twinkle her allotment of food for the night. I’m done.

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