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Rebounding: It’s Working!

When I started on this rebounding road just about six weeks ago, I had no idea it would be A. So addictive and B. So effective It entered my life on March 12 though I didn’t get started on it that night. It wasn’t until the next day I discovered The Joy of Rebounding. From […]

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Rebounder Side Effects

Everything you do, everything you eat, everything you wear, everything you see has side effects. You swallow a pill to take away your cold symptoms and it makes you sleepy. That’s a side effect. You eat a large portion of lasagna and feel bloated. You may even gain weight. That’s a side effect. You put […]

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To Rebound or Not to Rebound

That is the question. I’d been rebounding for five days, 20 minutes a day until yesterday. I overslept. I didn’t have time to bounce before I went to work. I’d been feeling so good. Sleep was more sound, energy was ‘way up and I generally felt better. Yesterday was also grocery shopping day. After I […]

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Raw Vegans and Rebounders

I know not all raw vegans have rebounders and I know not all people who own rebounders are raw vegan. It seems more and more raw vegans are getting into rebounding, though. Several years ago, I read a recommendation by Frederic Patenaude for the Needak. He said eBay had good prices on them but the […]

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