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The saga of the flea battle

Organization and Fleas

Encouraged by merm to get my flea posts better organized, I’ve crafted a page with his help that, hopefully, manages to bring the links all together in one spot. It puts them in chronological order. Besides maybe helping some poor unfortunate soul who is trying to get rid of fleas, it serves to amaze me […]

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Have I really gotten rid of the fleas?

It would seem so. I’m halfway afraid to say yes, for sure, I have. I’ve definitely done it with chemicals. I don’t know what strain fleas these were but they were inordinately tough. Much too sturdy to cave to all the “natural” cures I tried. Or maybe they didn’t know they were supposed to leave. […]

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Getting Rid of Fleas?

Sometimes I wonder. I have tried almost every natural remedy known to man and they keep coming in. Last Tuesday, I went to the neighbors and asked if they had any way to blow Sevin dust under the house. No, but they had some bombs left over from clearing fleas out of a house they […]

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Getting Rid of Fleas Goes On

I know there are people who will say, “Bomb the place and have it done!” I’m sorry but bombing my house isn’t something I want to do. I live here. Twinkle lives here. Spiders live here and I learned long ago to Be Nice to Spiders. Plus there’s Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web. Any arachnologist will […]

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More Getting Rid of Fleas

Back when I was in my high school years, I learned some nonsense rhymes. Some of them were for Speech and Journalism and some were ones I happened to find on my own. The ones for S&J served a purpose. The theory was that if we made big enough fools of ourselves in front of […]

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Getting Rid of Fleas

I hope. It isn’t an easy task. No one said it would be. I went online and read reams of information and then went and Spent Money. I sprayed Twinkle again with the tea tree oil solution and made her upset with me once more. I hate to think I brought the critters in. Twinkle […]

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