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Earth Day Plus Two: Fighting Back

I know. Earth Day was last Friday but this is as close as I’m gonna get unless I wait until next year. That being said, I hate junk mail. I hate mail of any kind unless it has a real purpose, like personal mail. A couple of years ago, I started fighting back with the […]

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Life Without the Dish

I’m putting this in the category “Being Green” but this is more like “Saving Green”. As everyone who reads my blog knows by now, I have ditched the Dish. If you haven’t read that, I’ll quote from last night’s post. If you have read the weekly update, you can skip the parts that are quoted. […]

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It’s oh so easy being GREEN!

Kermit is finding himself fashionable during the push for everyone to go green. Even his theme song can be revised to fit the trend of the times. It’s oh so easy being green; Getting to spend each day the color of the leaves. I don’t think it could be nicer being red, or yellow or […]

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