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The dos and don’ts of B12

More Results

Last Monday, I spent enough time at the track to put in 2.5 miles. I didn’t want to be late to my 8 am appointment with my nurse practitioner so I didn’t stay long enough to make it three miles even. First, I found a bathroom and made sure I was comfortable, bladder-wise, and decent. […]

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Doctors, Doctors

Doctors are necessary. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to frequent their establishments other than to get the occasional prescription for my thyroid medication but that wasn’t to be. The gas logs are still unlit. I’m afraid to crank them up even though the cold weather could justify the cozy warmth. If my carbon monoxide […]

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Another Phone Consult

I didn’t update about the status of my health last week. It’s just as well since I have more news. I’ve been walking faithfully, Monday – Friday, and doing at least 2.5 miles and 3 on the days I get to the track early enough. Weekends, I BodyFlex and rebound on my Cellerciser. Wednesday, I […]

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I Shot Myself in the Leg

It’s Sunday, September 12, 2010 and DS1’s 46th birthday. I picked an unusual way to celebrate. I shot myself in the leg. It was no accident. It was a calculated thing. I got out my vial of B-12, a syringe, alcohol prep pads and a plastic water bottle. I had already thoroughly washed my hands. […]

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No More B-12?

I was having trouble getting in to my PCP’s office to get my B-12 shots twice weekly. Either no one was there who could give me the shot or they were so swamped, they couldn’t fit me in. Finally, last Friday (August 13—Friday the 13th!) I called on the back line from the hospital to […]

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