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Note from Tommie’s daughter: Tommie passed away in November 2016 from idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, but we’ve decided to keep the blog online as a virtual legacy. She wrote a tremendous amount, and her posts may still be helpful and insightful to many. Here is how she last described herself on this about page:

I was born in 1944, back when there wasn’t a lot of packaged and prepared food like there is today. The grocery stores were small and mothers cooked. Morbid obesity was unusual. I was a skinny little kid and that didn’t change a lot until years later when I developed hypothyroidism. All the conventional wisdom told me it was almost impossible to take off the pounds I’d put on and I was getting desperate. My blog chronicles what finally put that theory to rest when I started transitioning to raw food.

In June, 2010, I went to see a naturopath in the Seattle area about some troubling symptoms I was having which included a pronounced tremor in my left hand. To help calm that, he prescribed eating fava beans twice a day which had to be cooked. My forum members all agreed that I could still claim 100% raw food because the beans were medicinal. They also proved to be the gateway drug to cooked.

While I’m still eating a lot of raw food, I have incorporated cooked food into my diet. I will continue to chronicle my life as a vegan. I will also publish raw recipes (and some simple cooked ones) from time to time. I still believe it’s Awesome to be Rawsome!