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Last night was another night of coughing, though not much, and up and down to go potty. The latter is what gets me more than the coughing, if I can compare the two. Both wear me out but if I could do without one or the other, I would choose having to get up. One reason is because when I don’t have to, I don’t cough nearly as much. I seem to have said before that the climbing out and into bed makes me cough from the exertion.

I woke at 10:20 TT and thought I might stay up but I was still sleepy so I went back to sleep and didn’t wake again until 12:30. It took me a good half hour to drink my water and get my nose cleared. I hate it when it gets stuffed up.

“Breakfast” wasn’t on the agenda yet when my DIL texted that they were just heading this way and the GPS gave an hour and 15 minutes travel time. They were coming to see me and bring me a dozen of my grandeggs from my grandchickens, then continue on to the mountain to pick up the washer and dryer to take home. Their dryer was on its last legs and I don’t think they’ve ever had anything but used ones in their almost 25 years of marriage. Mine were used, too (by me), but lightly.

Cuz got on the little footstool that sits in front of me and explored the closet and found my hot water bottle! I’ll be able to use it tonight and not have to wait for another one to get here.

blue-eggWhen they got here, I’d just started on my applesauce. I nibbled while we talked. My granddaughter was finally talked into going out to the truck and getting the eggs. They’d put them in the carton in an alternating pattern totaling six brown eggs and six blue. They looked very pretty. BTW, the blue eggs aren’t blue blue but pale blue (see the photo of their first one to the left).

We didn’t discuss anything earthshaking and they didn’t stay long. That was fine because a lot of talking tires me.

DD emailed that merm and her girlfriend were coming over but I was to call, anyway. By the time THEY left, I was getting started on supper so we missed our visit again.

I watched the 6th episode of Call the Midwife. One of the stories (it’s a collection of vignettes with a continuing story line that links everything together) was about an unwed mother. She was able to hide her pregnancy with loose clothing and her mother wore a pillow under her skirt to make it look as if she were pregnant. She had resolved that her daughter wasn’t going to be shamed so she would deliver the baby herself and say it was hers. The outcome was scary and the girl had to be hospitalized. Then, there were women being attacked on the docks and he ended up attacking one of the nuns but she wasn’t raped. She was so traumatized by it that she wouldn’t let anyone touch her until an older nun (love Sister Monica Joah!) helped her bathe and reasoned with her. She was, fortunately, able to give the police enough information to arrest the man.

While I ate my supper, I watched an episode of Chopped to distract myself. I find I eat more if I do that and now my stomach is a bit upset.

Before I started eating, I sat Cuz down and told her I was going to tell her something and that she wasn’t to argue. There was an open Internet access that she was able to get on now and then but I poked around and found out what area it was coming from. Maybe they noticed they were being “looked” at and changed some settings but she hasn’t been able to get on since. She’s avoided getting on mine because she doesn’t want to use my data. I told her that what she does takes hardly any at all and that she is to use it whenever she wants or needs to. She agreed so I’m holding her to it.

Since I’ve been on satellite Internet, I’ve been unable to download my Sabbath School discussions. I’d used the open network I mentioned before until I messed it up for both of us. I emailed the webmaster this morning and asked if there were any other way to access the file, that I prefer listening to it on my computer vs online. Then I started thinking. Maybe if I viewed the source, I could figure something out? Now, I don’t profess to believe I was doing this all by myself. I think I was having Help from on High. Anyway, I right clicked on the page and clicked on “View page source”. Then I found the file and highlighted it, then right clicked and clicked on “Save as” and voila! It worked! Praise the Lord! Problem solved.

I haven’t coughed much today. I’ve avoided doing anything that sets it off. I’ll probably cough when I go to bed but that’s to be expected. I hope my stomach settles down soon. Maybe the cough syrup will help. It has promethazine which treats nausea, for one thing.

My CIL was able to wring one more dose of cough syrup out of the bottle. There’s maybe a half teaspoon left. The syringe is a good way to go.

Speaking of go, go I must. We’ll see if I have problems publishing this. I have almost every night. Good night, all!

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  1. merry October 24, 2016 at 10:02 pm #

    enjoy your fresh eggs!
    I like egg and tomato sandwich.
    And the ‘Midwife.’
    Praying for a restful night for you.

    • Tommie October 25, 2016 at 12:03 am #

      Thank you! I didn’t have one today. And thanks for the prayer. Hopefully, we both will have a good night.

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