All day yesterday (or, at least the part when I was out of bed), I felt completely washed out. It wasn’t until after a supper of spaghetti and french bread that I figured the reason out. Two days in a row, I’d eaten essentially nothing but starches and sugar. I needed protein. I talked to Cuz and she agreed to cook some pintos to help get me back on track.

There was little I could do without dozing off and on. I did get through my devotions but I almost went out while I was listening to the Sabbath School discussion.

It was a comfort to see that Matthew was veering away from going inland in Florida but South Carolina wasn’t so fortunate. Then, there was the firestorm generated by a video of Trump from 2005 that surfaced. However damaging it is, I wonder if it will have any effect on the way these women regard him?

When I was sufficiently awake, I’d called the satellite company and signed up for their phone service. The woman tried and tried to give me a mile-long URL so I could go ahead and activate it but I had to have misunderstood some of the characters because I could NOT get it to work. I asked her if she could email it to me. No, she didn’t have that capacity in that department but I’d receive an email with the information I’d need within 24 hours.

Cuz had gotten the one phone and the base that DD had brought down out of the closet and plugged it up so it could charge. When the information came in, I’d be ready to go.

A forward came from DD. It was an email from the vet. Surprise! We didn’t have to wait for the results of the biopsy. It said,

The cells we collected are consistent with a Biliarycystadenomas an uncommon, benign liver tumor. No cells with features of malignancy or significant numbers of inflammatory cells are observed.

Additional information of what we think is happening:

The treatment of choice for biliarycystadenoma is complete surgical excision. This may require a complete lobectomy (removal of a full section) in the cat. Cholecystectomy may also be required. If complete removal is not possible, partial excision may be adequate for good prognosis due to the slow-growing nature of this tumor. Recurrence appears to be extremely rare, but has been reported in at least one case. Other treatments, such as aspiration, marsupialization, and partial excision have met with limited success and are not recommended since there may be a possibility of malignant transformation.

We have a great surgical team that can handle these more complicated surgeries.

Pleae call them to schedule a surgical consult. Wishing Pixel a speedy recovery.

So Pixel may join me in not having a gallbladder. I praised the Lord that it is, overall, good news. After he heals, he should enjoy a long and happy life. I know it won’t be cheap. It’s bound to be expensive but she’s his human and she’ll care for him in any way she can.

After supper last night, I brushed my teeth and made ready for bed. Cuz dosed me with cough syrup and doxepin and told me good night. When she came and shut the door, I finished watching The American Bible Challenge then I leaned back, closed my eyes and was instantly asleep. I don’t know, for sure, what time that was but when I woke, it was 1 a.m. TT.

In spite of my impromptu nap, I slept well the rest of the night/morning. Of course, I had to get up to pee periodically and today, it’s seemed I had to every five minutes. I know it hasn’t been that often but it’s been ‘way too much.

When I woke, the strip I’d put on my nose night before last was still there but the adhesive was pulling away from the strip while it stayed on my nose. I finished pulling it off and scrubbed it with alcohol, then applied Melagel. It’s so irritated and almost raw that I’m not going to put another one on.

This was a quiet Sabbath. Between dozings, I watched some more of The American Bible Challenge.

tiger-sauceSupper was pinto beans on toast and steamed okra. The okra was a bit over. Cuz was surprised at how quickly it cooks. I put some Tiger Sauce on the beans.

While I ate, I kept myself distracted by watching some TV. There was a program about Trump that came on CNN when I was through that looked interesting but I didn’t want to stay up to watch it so I recorded it. I may or may not watch it tomorrow.

Cuz came in and told me good night and said my CIL would do the dosing. He did, then came back a couple of hours later and closed the door.

I’m currently about to fall over. The bed is looking awfully inviting. I hope I won’t have to get up and pee as often as I’ve had to today. I wouldn’t be able to sleep much at all if that were the case.

The time has come to bid one and all a good night, sweet dreams and sleep tight. May we all rest well.

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  1. Paul from UR October 9, 2016 at 10:35 am #

    Glad to see the good news about Pixel!

    I’ve been trying to reduce my carb intake the past week because too many make me antsy and easily distracted both at home and at work – plus I really need to turn my weight around. It’s amazing how quickly one can feel better just by eating better!

    Best wishes!

  2. Lila October 9, 2016 at 4:58 pm #

    Wonderful news about Pixel!. We can stand a lot more good news – just bring it on!

    • Tommie October 9, 2016 at 7:59 pm #

      I agree on both counts!

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