Considering the Possibilities

When I woke this morning, it was to the sound of hammering. It didn’t wake me up. I could hear it after I woke. Cuz is always afraid some noise she makes will disturb me. I can sleep through almost anything and, with my hearing loss, even more than I used to.

The carpenters were hard at work, putting the rest of the siding on the garage and installing the awning that had been brought down from Cuz’ house on the mountain. They’d worked yesterday until they were ready to drop and were trying to finish it up today.

Early afternoon, Cuz’ BiL came in to tell me goodbye. He’d fought the good fight and it was time for him to call it quits and go home to crawl into bed. Cuz came in a little later and said she was going to rest awhile. She looked like she’d been drug through a knothole, whatever that means. You’d have to ask my mother but I think it means she looked like she’d put in a hard day’s work and needed some down time.

breathe-rightWe’ll back up to last night. I brought one of my hand mirrors in from the bathroom so I could see to put my Breathe Right strip on my nose. These are the ones I bought lo! these many years ago but I got ’em for a whole lot less. I washed my nose really well so it would stick. When I got ready, I propped the mirror on my notebook and put the strip on. WOW! I could already tell a difference in my breathing. It helped so much!

Sleeping was more restful until one side popped loose. I pressed it back down. It stayed for a little while and then SPROINGGG! there it went again. Then the other side gave up. No way was it going to work any longer so I put it in the trash.

Today, I asked for an alcohol prep pad/alcohol swab. I scrubbed my nose with it and put the other half of the strip on my nose after it had enough time to air dry. That was not long after I got up and it’s still in place. We’ll see how long it lasts.

Also last night, I turned on the TV and went to my list of recorded shows. When I tried to view the debate (which was still in progress), there was a message on the screen that there had been a problem with the broadcast and it had flipped to a station that said it wasn’t part of the Direct TV package. I have no idea what it was. I gave up, deleted what was there and watched, probably, the last half of the debate. I agree with my sisters that Tim Kaine was very rude to interrupt Mike Pence. It was like he was taking a page out of DJT’s playbook. But, then, Mike Pence was lying and trying to say DJT never said the things Kaine was saying he did. So…it was a tossup as to who “won”, as far as I was concerned. Maybe both of them lost. What is sad is that neither one of them will get a second chance to do better.

Several sources have said today that Mike Pence wasn’t trying to make a case for Donald Trump in 2016 but for himself in 2020. That may be true. Contrary to the way he looks, he’s only 57 so he’d be 61 if he runs in four years. Like Jethro, I can cipher.

DS1 texted today that he’s been under the weather. I knew I hadn’t been hearing from him. He won’t be working tomorrow so that means Sunday will be the soonest he can go back IF he’s able.

The decision to give the phone back to Verizon hasn’t been easy because I know there will be a penalty to pay but I can’t see paying for a phone that won’t work all the time. Or, at least, 99% of the time. I can get VoIP with the satellite company for $10 a month less than what the paperweight phone is costing for six months, then the same after that. It won’t impact my data, either. When it’s ordered and activated, all that has to be done is plug the phone cord for my cordless phone base into the modem and that’s it. I hope to get it done sooner than later. There are some calls I need to make.

I’ve spent some time researching hospice. I know every agency has to provide everything that Medicare requires but I don’t know if they have services that are unique to each one. And then I saw this on Facebook:

How low can you go? I’m not waiting for November 8. I’ve already done my civic duty.

Supper was burgers and fries fixed by my CIL. When he showed me the fries, he said they are gluten free. Well, I eat gluten. Anyway, I had a ‘chicken” patty with lettuce, tomato and onion. I had Cuz cut it in half but I’ll have it left whole next time. Also, next time I want a real slice of tomato. I couldn’t taste it. Cuz likes hers sliced thin. I like a SLICE like she gives me when I’m eating tomato not on a sandwich.

Due to the recording mishap of last night, the DVR had recorded the repeat of the debate on CNN. I watched a little of it and then deleted it.

I did watch a couple of other things plus I roamed around Facebook. And that’s been my day.

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  1. Lila October 6, 2016 at 7:20 am #

    So glad the strips are making breathing easier – and that you are getting such good food! I wonder what Hospice could do that would make your situation any better.

    Hope DS1 will soon be trucking again (pun intended).

    • Tommie October 6, 2016 at 9:53 pm #

      I’ve given my nose a rest today. I bumped one end of the strip this morning and it popped loose so I took it off. I hadn’t looked in the mirror (not a favorite thing to do these days) but Cuz said there was a place on my nose. I’d scrubbed it well with a prep pad and put Melagel on it but when I finally looked in the mirror, I could see what she meant. When I put the strip on tonight, I’ll leave the ‘gel on that spot and let the strips just stick to the sides.

      If all goes well, DS1 will get back to truckin’ (also pun intended) Sunday.

  2. Patricia October 8, 2016 at 10:23 pm #

    I’m glad the strips work for you. My daughter uses them effectively as well.
    Just a thought. I wonder if an LVN might be hired to come out a few times a week for baths and the injections when Humana stops. Advertise in the local paper…Craig’s list..a recommendation from the Home Health Nurse? Maybe even now as a supplement to the HHN. I know you want more baths!

    • Tommie October 8, 2016 at 11:57 pm #

      Well, the strips have gone by the board for now. You’ll have to read about it in tonight’s post.

      Thanks for the suggestion. I still haven’t decided one way or another about hospice.

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