Under the Weather

Some days are better than others and today is one that hasn’t been. I was coughing off and on over a couple of hours last night and unable to sleep. I’d start to drift off only to be awakened by more coughing. I’ve never done well without sleep and when I lose it because of coughing, it’s especially wearing.

My CIL was up and around today. He said he was feeling better and got my breakfast for me. Later, he started making spaghetti sauce for supper.

Yesterday and today, I’ve felt like my old whiplash injury is acting up for the first time in years. No amount of rubbing my neck has helped. I’ve gotten a little relief with my pain med but I don’t like to take much of it.

backer-boardCuz got home after a hard day’s work of laying tile. She said her knees had had it and she had to be helped up when they got ready to call it a day. I wish I had some of her pictures to share. She’d put down backer board (I don’t know if this is the brand she uses) earlier this week and had to drill holes (wherever there’s an indentation) to sink screws into the floor. After they’d taken up the existing flooring, the cement backer board went down and then the tile on top of that. She has to use spacers for the tile. Next will be the grout. I’m learning all sorts of things I never knew about construction.

Supper was spaghetti with sauce and my “Parmesan cheese”, (I think) the rest of the skallops and rolls. I ate all of it except for one of the rolls. Cuz says she isn’t buying any more of that kind and I second that. I had a hard time eating but I kept at it until I was done. I topped it off with a couple of squares of chocolate and my usual tea.

When Cuz found out about my neck, she rubbed it and my right upper back with some lotion that’s supposed to be good for relieving pain. At first, I felt a little lightheaded (I don’t know if that’s what it was from) but it’s helped.

She brought me a Ginseng UP to soothe my queasy stomach and a half a glass of water for in the morning. I’d been thinking about having water in here for mornings but this is the first time I’ve thought of it BEFORE morning. Dosing me with cough medicine and my doxepin, she hugged me good night and closed the door.

She was wondering what the trigger is that sets off the long periods of coughing and I’d like to know, myself. Maybe I need to elevate the head of the bed more. I’ll try that.

Here’s hoping tonight will be a better night and tomorrow will be the same. Good night and sleep tight. Love, prayers and God bless us all!

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