I’d been up long enough to start on my full 16 ozzies of water (I’d already had a half a glass) when I saw my CIL put his cap on in preparation for leaving. He didn’t say anything about where he was going or how long he’d be gone. I wasn’t concerned.

brown-turkey-figsHe was gone for only a few minutes. A little later, he came into my room bearing a dessert size plate filled with figs cut in half. I was thrilled. He’d brought me a few the other day but this was a wealth of them. I started in on eating them and hadn’t finished before he came in with my yogurt. I ate it and then I finished the figs.

I thought these were a different variety from the ones growing where I used to live on the mountain. However, the ones in the picture are brown turkey and that’s what the tree is I bought and DD and I planted so long ago. When the “bad house” was still there, it provided shelter and it didn’t freeze every year but since the house is gone, even mulched heavily, it would freeze the year-old growth and the new growth doesn’t produce. These were the first fresh figs I’d had for a couple or three years.

The lady who lives in the house where this fig tree grows doesn’t eat them so they just rot and fall to the ground. She told my CIL to go ahead and help himself and even gave him some seedlings to plant here. They’ll need to go in a sheltered spot where they’ll still get sun. The south side of the house would be perfect, I think.

I told Cuz she could make some fig preserves. It’s very easy. Just wash ’em, take off the stems, cut them up and cook them down until thick. They’re already so sweet, they don’t need sugar. To be on the safe side, the jars could go in the freezer. She looked a little dubious. I guess it wasn’t wise to hit her with it when she’d just put in a hard day working.

My CIL had gotten sick and started throwing up so he was in bed. I’d gotten my water before Cuz got home. She fixed my supper. I elected to have leftovers. She didn’t need to do anything involved as tired as she was. The platter was filled with mashed potatoes, beans, skallops, rolls and sliced tomato. It wasn’t much more than I usually eat, if any, but my appetite wasn’t there. I ate what I could. After I had my tea, I asked for a bottle of Ginseng UP. I hope what my CIL has is from something he et and not a bug. None of us needs to battle a bug.

This afternoon, I got really sleepy and dozed a bit but never really went to sleep. Maybe it wasn’t enough to mess with my sleep tonight.

My niece sent some pictures. I’d asked her to be careful of what she sent but they were still anywhere from 7 to 14 MB. Eating up 21 MB at a whack wouldn’t have been any big deal when I had U-verse but I need to watch it with satellite. I don’t know if she’s unable to resize them or maybe she doesn’t know how.

I’d been working on a letter to my home church for several days and finally emailed it to the pastor last night. He said maybe it could be an insert in the bulletin. It’s so long, I don’t know if everyone will have the patience to read it all. I told him DD despairs of my ever being able to self-edit but I didn’t say anything I feel could have been left out. Everyone had been so good to me.

Split Words didn’t nag until today. Now, whenever I finish a board, it tries to get me to subscribe. I did bite and do the assessment today but I didn’t get my score because I won’t subscribe. I can’t see paying thirty-some dollars a year to play the only game I’ve been interested in so far when it’s free. And I just got another personal best!


I amaze myself!

Yesterday, I’d emailed my PCP about what the nurse had told me and I got a reply today. He’ll check on it. I asked him to let me know what he finds out. One person on the devotional site suggested I could self-inject. I said I’d done that but my tremor is so bad, I had to get my nurse friend on the mountain to do it. When the needle would be inserted and I was pushing the plunger, it would jerk back and forth and tear the tissue. When I’d pull the needle out, it would bleed. A lot.

Speaking of blood, I’ve been trying to remember to use Ayr in my nostrils, especially the right one. The oxygen dries them out and they’ve been bleeding more than usual lately. I guess the bloody boogers are actually scabs. Sorry if that’s TMI. My nose has been sore today, too. When I put the Ayr on it this afternoon, it hurt initially. Maybe I should use Melagel instead.

This evening, Cuz came in, grinning. She said she was recording a program and figured she’d record the next program that came on, too. I told I could set it to record but she said she usually doesn’t miss it. That doesn’t mean she won’t. I asked her if that meant she likes the DVR. She wouldn’t admit it but I think she does. It’s okay if she really does because I’m paying for it. I figure that’s only fair because she would never have gotten it on her own. I’ll use it more than anyone else, anyway. For some reason, my CIL just WON’T take advantage of it.

Time marches on and I still have things to do before I go to bed. Once again, this is too long but that’s the way I roll.

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  1. Mary Jane Graves September 21, 2016 at 6:55 am #

    We had a fig tree when we lived in Colorado. I don’t know what kind of figs they were, but they were good. My “dwarf” apple tree is full of apples, but they aren’t usable because I don’t/can’t take care of it. It should have been trimmed through the years, as it was confused and didn’t realize it was really a dwarf!

    • Tommie September 21, 2016 at 3:44 pm #

      Do you miss the figs? That’s a shame about the apple tree. Could you get someone to come in and do it now?

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