On Friday, I contacted both the Jacquie Lawson website and American Greetings and let them know I’d be canceling my membership with both of them. I asked if I’d receive a refund for the remaining months. I got an answer from Jackquie Lawson almost immediately regretting my decision and saying that, yes, I’d get a refund. I replied that I’d keep it except for the fact that I’d moved and my data cap was 30 GB a month. My $4.50 was refunded through PayPal which is how I’d paid them.

As for American Greetings, I didn’t get an answer until today. My membership doesn’t expire for another 15 months and, no, there is no way for them to pro-rate the remaining months (math is SO HARD!!) but they were turning off auto-renew and I was welcome to use their site through December 19, 2017. I explained that I have a whopping 30 GB data cap so I probably wouldn’t be using their services. So…I’ve lost a year and three month’s membership’s fee.

Something poked me and said to check my account with Hulu. Next payment date was tomorrow. I went in and canceled and gave the 30 GB data cap as the reason I was doing it. I’m so thoroughly spoiled by not dealing with commercials, I wish I could keep it but that would really eat up my data, even at the lowest quality setting. The email said to enjoy the service through tomorrow. That gives me lots of time. 🙂 So…those three I won’t be using any more. I may send a greeting card now and then but not often.

I was up an hour earlier today than I was yesterday. “Breakfast” was coconut yogurt (one of the flavors so Cuz squeezed some lemon juice in it to cut the sweet), two Kashi blueberry waffles and applesauce. I’m going to turn into a bowl of applesauce but it surely is good!

One of the people Cuz does work for regularly called her and said to come pick apples. He has Winesap and Granny Smith plus maybe some others. I think she’s about done with apples for this year, though.

Before I’d quite finished my quiet time, DD emailed and asked if I felt up to talking today. It’s an effort any time to talk at length but I was willing to do it. I told her I’d call her in a bit so she decided to go to the pet store while she waited. She’d let me know when she got back.

I checked my phone and there were three bars on the battery. Three out of four should give us plenty of time. I thought. She got back, emailed, and I called her. We’d been talking for what seemed like less than 10 minutes (no way to know for sure) when the phone beeped. Maybe someone was trying to call me? Nope. No more beeping. It just went dead.

Letting DD know what had happened, we emailed each other what we’d planned to say so it worked out better, anyway. I’d coughed some and was feeling more coming on.

Since I’d barely gotten started on Masterchef last night, I finished it today and was disappointed with the winner. I wouldn’t buy anyone’s cookbook but certainly not his.

I watched another shorter program after that while I ate supper (I’d done other things this afternoon, too, such as playing Split Words and getting my personal best score, 20 words, no errors in 68.13 seconds! I don’t always do so well, though.


A few times, I’ve failed to get all the words in four minutes, like with different kinds of fish. I’m not that knowledgeable when it comes to my finny friends.

While I ate supper (beans, mashed potatoes, veggie skallops, rolls and chopped tomato) I watched a program to distract myself. I’ll eat more if I do that. I haven’t weighed lately but if I haven’t gained, it isn’t Cuz’ fault — or my CIL’s.

Cuz went on to bed and left my CIL to pour up my cough medicine. She has to work tomorrow so she’ll be out of here by 7 or so. That’s 6 TT. My CIL had been watching football and I don’t think he’d paused it while he came in to dose me. It costs just as much to not use the DVR as it does to use it and it’s so handy!

I’ve been very tired this afternoon. It was a temptation to lean back and doze off but I want to get to bed earlier. In that vein, I’ll sign off now.

4 Responses to Downsizing

  1. Mary Jane Graves September 19, 2016 at 8:21 am #

    At least you will be saving a little money!

    All that food sounds wonderful–is there room for another boarder?!

    • Tommie September 19, 2016 at 4:13 pm #

      There are two couches in the living room. DD slept on one and said she was comfortable.

  2. Alice Fontana September 19, 2016 at 10:45 am #

    My husband and I have taken a hint from you. We are working on downsizing our expenses for internet and television. My DD gave us an Amazon Firestick last year for Christmas. It opened up a whole new world for us. We are thoroughly enjoying Netflix and HBOGo. We almost never watch cable. We hope to cut the cord next January. Thanks for the encouragement….
    I’m anxiously awaiting Black Tom’s arrival. Hopefully, it will be soon….

    • Tommie September 19, 2016 at 4:22 pm #

      Good for you! Now, it’s back to satellite television for me. Strange how it’s come full circle. That tiny data cap has altered what I do online. I’m glad I never invested in a Firestick since it uses streaming. That would have to go the route of the Magic Jack. Which reminds me, I need to call AT&T and cancel U-verse.

      I’m looking forward to the Catz being here. I’ll have to go out to the garage and welcome them. My tubing will reach that far. I’ll be out of breath by the time I get there, though.

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