Brain Drain

Yesterday was spent catching up on some of the things I’d missed by not watching so much online. I’ve found that fast-forwarding through commercials is trickier with this DVR than it was with the other one I had eons ago. With that one, I could push the button four times and it would go for a minute. This one goes in 30 second bursts and it you push it twice, it takes off and zips through I don’t know how much time.

Cuz and I visited some and my CIL fixed supper. The beans smelled good but when I tasted them, I knew I’d be in trouble if I ate them. They had a lot of black pepper. Well, maybe not a lot for some people but a lot for me. Ever since I courted an ulcer years ago, my stomach has been very touchy where black pepper is concerned. I had yellow rice, tomato and an ice cream cone. I was full when all was said and done, anyway.

After sundown, I started surfing the Christian channels and found the Hope Channel is on Direct TV. 3ABN isn’t, though. I watched a program where a fellow who plays the saxophone was being interviewed. He played some original songs but my favorite was when he and his sister played a hymn. She was at the piano.

I looked ahead at the schedule and picked a couple of programs to record to watch today, then went to Netflix to see what there was to watch. The American Bible Challenge popped up so I watched a couple of episodes. At first the questions were super easy but not so much when I watched some more today.

There was very little coughing last night vs lots and lots the night before. In spite of that, I went back to bed and was going to stay there for another 40 minutes and didn’t wake until an hour ad 40 minutes later. It was noon TT before I got up.

As part of my quiet time, I studied Lesson 13’s Sabbath afternoon section. I agree with my sister. There’s a lot of reading. I found the link for the Review and Herald went nowhere so I fixed that in both versions and uploaded them. I was through when Cuz’ sister (also my cousin) and her husband came in. They’d been to church and came here for the afternoon.

“Breakfast” was coconut yogurt, two Kashi whole grain waffles with Earth Balance and maple syrup and applesauce. Everything was yummy.

Cuz’ sister (also my cousin) is working on their genealogy so she picked my brain for a lot of the time they were here. Before it was over, I was getting names mixed up but I think I gave her the right information, all in all. She was interested that a lot of my side of the family is buried close to my mother’s grave.

Her husband played the keyboard but I couldn’t hear it in here at all. I told Cuz to tell him to turn it up but she could barely hear it, herself.

When they left, I watched some more of the Challenge. It’s really interesting.

Cuz had cooked some more beans and left them plain. For supper, I had yellow rice, beans and tomato. Maybe she’ll cook some of my jasmine rice one of these days.

After sundown, I watched the rest of a show I’d started yesterday and another one Cuz had told me about, The Carbonara Effect. It kind of like Candid Camera meets a master magician. It gave me some good laughs. I started watching Masterchef but I still needed to blog so I left the rest for tomorrow.

DD posted a picture of some fabric she’d bought. Her SO really likes foxes. I’m wondering what she’l make out of it. I found it online, too.


It’s cute. I guess you can see that.

Tomorrow is Sunday. That means I’d be able to sleep in if I were still working. I’m not, though, so I can sleep in every day if I want. No one has the heart to stop me.

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  1. Alice Fontana September 18, 2016 at 12:01 pm #

    Tommie, it is so good to read your blog lately! You are so happy and contented now. God is so good!!
    Your daughter’s fabric is cute. I, too, will be interested in what she makes with it. I’ve bought fabric many a time without any idea of how I’ll use it. 🙂
    Again, it is so good to “hear” you sound so much better…..

    • Tommie September 18, 2016 at 10:25 pm #

      It’s good not to be stressed 99% of the time. Now, when I pray, it’s more praise and less pleading. DD asked if it felt weird to be wrapping things up and I told her no, that the last few months I lived alone were agony.

      Yes, it is cute! I’m sure whatever she makes will be cute, too. I’ve bought many a yard of material that never got turned into anything. Sad but true.

  2. Mary Jane Graves September 19, 2016 at 8:24 am #

    I think about how I used to sew and make most of my clothes. Now it’s a major accomplishment to thread a needle!

    • Tommie September 19, 2016 at 4:17 pm #

      When I went to the academy, my side of the closet was full of dresses I’d made. I did make DH a shirt and a pair of slacks. I don’t remember his wearing them too often, though. I knitted for the boys and made dresses for DD. I guess I burned myself out, sewing so much.

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