So Thankful

Yesterday started with me fending for myself at breakfast and I was so tired after, I sat down and dropped off to sleep. It won’t be too soon when the time will come that I can do that and have energy left over. Cuz will probably feel bad that I did that but I don’t expect them to be at my beck and call for everything.

Later in the day, Cuz helped me with a bath. I took it in the little tub and she tried to put a “grab” on the side but the surface was too narrow and it wouldn’t work. I shampooed my hair and got as much of the dead skin off that I could before I called for help to get out. Even when I was well and strong, I had a hard time with that type tub. There’s nowhere to hold on to hoist one’s self and rolling over to get my legs under me doesn’t work any more. Cuz had to come in and hoist me. I was so afraid she was going to hurt herself. Even though I’ve lost weight, I still have a good 20-25 lubs on her. I was in tears before it was over. I wasn’t hurting. It was from pure frustration.

I wrapped up in my terrycloth robe and combed my hair as best I could. Then I came to Mother’s chair and collapsed.

Amys Black Bean Enchilala MealCuz was apologetic that she hadn’t cooked supper but that’s what the Amy’s meals are for. I chose the Black Bean Enchilada Whole Meal and it was GOOD. I ate the whole thing and then topped it off with a So Delicious chocolate ice cream cone. At this rate, I’m sure to gain weight. I’m surely not starving!

There was only one used tissue this morning so I didn’t cough a whole lot last night. I hope I can have a repeat tonight. Those bits of pain pill help with the coughing, even.

Data usage is going to be a big challenge for me. According to the website, I’ve used 5.6 GB since Thursday evening. It says I have zero days left in my billing period so I’m wondering if I will lose 24.4 GB in a reset or if it will continue on to use those remaining and then start over at 30 the month after. I know I get 30 a billing period but these first few days are a big unknown. I did watch a Christian movie last night and I’ve watch some videos today. Until I know what’s what, I’m pretty much in limbo.

I got up to take my morning meds and texted DD I hoped she’d have a safe and comfortable flight. Then I went back to bed and prayed for her.

When I got up, Cuz brought me a container of So Delicious unsweetened yogurt (after a few bites, I added some blackberry jam), then my toast with Earth Balance and the aforementioned jam. THAN she made me a cup o’ tea.

While I was writing that last paragraph, DD walked in! I’d tracked her flight across the country and saw that it was delayed. I figured it was because of weather and I was right. There were thunderstorms in the area so they had to fly in circles until cleared for landing. So now you know she got here okay!

It was after sundown when she did get in and I’d already eaten the most excellent spaghetti with homemade sauce, a vegan “meatball”, salad and two rolls. I was too full to eat anything else. After she arrived, she had what was left over for her supper.

Then she gave me an assortment of Theo chocolate (I did have one of the chocolate coconut bites and she ate the other one) and a gift from merm of more Theo chocolate and a bar of peppermint milk chocolate bark. The last one was passed on to Cuz. There was a nice surprise of a flash drive tucked into the card. It’s loaded with all sorts of goodies. I’m getting plumb spoiled!

We’ve visited a lot but I think DD was relieved when I let her know she didn’t have to sit up with me until I was ready to go to bed. She looked very tired and admitted that she was. I excused her and she hugged me good night.

Yesterday, I had an email from my niece who also lives in Washington. She had already booked a flight to come see me, my “sparkling eyes and smile.” I told her I could have sent her a picture and saved her the trip but she’s bent on coming. I won’t be wonderful company. I can’t go and do like I usta and long visits tend to wear me out. She told DD she planned to be here for most of four days. Maybe she can do some other visiting, as well, such as Mother’s grave.

I went online and made an appointment to see my PCP. I emailed him last week and asked for pain meds but have yet to hear back. The appointment I wanted was met with an “Oops! That appointment isn’t available” but it still shows up. I think someone needs to maintain Zocdoc better.

Oh! I almost forgot. Cuz was able to bring down two of the Catz, Little Bit and Pokey (I think) and now they’ve both disappeared. They hung around for a little while and then left. They may be trying to go home. I found a “quick and dirty” guide to moving outdoor cats and I think they were let out too soon. I’ve sent the link in a private message to Cuz on Facebook, too. I’m praying they’ll come back. If they don’t, I’ll pray they’ve found a good home.

Well, I’ve gotten my answer. I checked my usage and it’s already reset to 30 GB. That sucks. I lost about 24.5. Such is life. We win some, we lose some.

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  1. Gail August 28, 2016 at 8:55 am #

    Loved reading about your recent feasts. 🙂 I enjoy Amy’s products on occasion too. I pray that your visit with your niece will be peaceful.

    • Tommie August 28, 2016 at 4:38 pm #

      Thanks, Gail. I pray for that, too.

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