Canceled Again

If I’d slept well last night, I would have gone to rehab, sore arm and all. I’d taken a teaspoonful of the cough syrup at bedtime and spent more than the next hour and a half coughing and hacking. The first 30 minutes, I had to get up and go to the bathroom twice. One of the possible side effects of the medicine is loss of bladder control. Just what I need. Thankfully, I was still able to control it but the frequency wasn’t my cup o’ tea.

When I did go to sleep, I slept okay but not any more soundly than I usually do. I certainly wouldn’t describe it as being “knocked on my butt”. That’s what the pharmacist had told Cuz’ sister (also my cousin) I’d feel like.

Two things I didn’t do last night. I didn’t shake the bottle and I didn’t drink eight ozzies of water with it. I’ve taken the med and I’m working on the water. After I shook the bottle, it tasted worse than it did last night so maybe the butt-knocking stuff was on the bottom (no pun intended).

And now I’m coughing.

I’ve switched over to the Inogen. I think it does a better job delivering oxygen to my poor dilapidated body. More on that later.

My friend got here with my Ginseng UP and let herself in. After I’d fed the Catz, I left the door unlocked. Not long after, her niece came to do some more housecleaning.

Cheddary SquaresI was in no shape to go to rehab so she set about waiting on me (I said she’s my lady-in-waiting). She made a pot of noodle and chick pea soup for my breakfast and fetched a box of Cheddar Squares to go with it. Then she chided me for not eating enough. I ate all I could hold. Then she made me a cup of herbal tea and got three boxes of tissue out of the pantry.

During this time, the therapist called to see if I would be coming in for a session. No. Sorry. She said the man I’d shared my last session with was sick so she wanted to make sure. She wished me well and said to keep her updated about Friday.

The niece had been cleaning the dining room all this time, going over every surface. After her aunt left, she was ready to move to the living room. I told her to let me know when she was ready to clean where I sit and I’d relocate. I also had her roll up the tubing so she wouldn’t have to dodge it and I switched to the Inogen. When she got ready to vacuum my spot, I unplugged the Inogen and took it with me on battery power to the bed. Cool.

While I rested, she busied herself going over everything in the living room just as she had in the dining room. I noticed the purifier came on while she was cleaning. I have it set on the highest sensitivity so it had done what it’s supposed to do. I just switched on the phone to see what it says about the air quality and something is downloading. Turns out it was messages. Air quality is good.

Before she left, she turned off lights and positioned the wheels on the bed so my tubing wouldn’t get caught on it. And then I was left alone.

I was still on the Inogen so I checked my O2 sat. It was wavering between 98 and 99%. Tonight, it’s around 97% but I’m tired.

While I was well-saturated, I fed the Catz again. They were most appreciative. Black Tom came for petting and Gray skulked around until I was coming in before s/he jumped up on the railing to eat. S/he isn’t nearly as skittish as before, though.

Well, I’m still coughing some. Hopefully, tonight will be a better night than last night. I texted Cuz to stop and pick me up a 25′ cannula the next time she comes this way. I should be able to get to the bathroom without having to switch back on the large concentrator. We’ll see.

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