RNC 2016

Before I get to The Convention, the fund is less than $200 from goal. To me, it’s amazing that it’s all happened in less than two weeks. It says 14 days but it didn’t “go live” until July 5.

I called the DME supply place and asked for some figures on the OxyGo and got them, to a point. The lady didn’t have the cost of the additional batteries or the desktop charger. There’s nowhere on the site that tells where to get replacement filters or columns, either. So many questions, so few answers! She’ll call me tomorrow and tell me what she’s found out.

The dishwasher-loading was completed and all the dishes are clean. I’ve eaten (sort of) and am feeling uncomfortably full. The .2 lub I gained the other day had disappeared today.

Catz were fed and petted. One of the aunts had a burr in her tail and I kept trying to get it out while she kept trying to keep her tail away from me. She didn’t get upset or bat at me but I could tell she wasn’t happy. I kept on, though, until I got it out and then I left her alone. Black Tom was more interested in eating than being petted so he had his turn but no more.

I watched the first episode of “North & South“, a BBC offering on Netflix. It was a little slow but maybe it will pick up later on.

A lot of the afternoon was spent reading “Donald Trump’s Ghostwriter Tells All“. It’s very revealing unless you are of the camp that believes The Donald can do no wrong. I’ve long thought that a gnat has more of an attention span than he does and this reinforces that idea. The article is very long so I won’t finish it tonight.

My sister has lost one or two emails while writing on Gmail’s web mail. I’d installed Thunderbird on her computer many months ago and had encouraged her to use it but she had to wait until she’d had enough. I’d even prettied it up with flowers and, I think, birds. I asked her if it was still there and, yes, it was but she didn’t know how to use it. Should she write an email there, copy and paste it into Gmail? I explained that no, she could write and send right from Thunderbird. Well, she wouldn’t try it today. EXCEPT, she couldn’t help herself and she wrote me a message, then replied to one. Unless she wants to set up folders and filters, she knows what she needs to.

RNCMy roommate has the right idea. She refuses to watch the Convention. I, however, just had to see what was going on so I signed into CNN. I heard some badly performed live “music” and then the Duck Dynasty guy came on. He compared himself to The Donald. He said they are alike in three different ways — they are both successful businessmen (of course, the jury is still out on whether The Donald actually is), they’ve both had hit TV shows and they both have wives who are prettier than they are. At one point, he said he and The Donald are both ugly. I might no go that far but okay.

Bouncing back and forth, I skipped some of the speeches lauding Donald but caught Rudy Giuliani’s scream-fest. He claimed that whenever there was a disaster, The Donald would always give but tell him not to tell anyone. He was breaking his promise tonight. HMMmmmmm. I remember that The Donald took something like $150,000 after 9-11 to repair one of his buildings that wasn’t damaged. I’m not saying Rudy is prevaricating but it seems a little suspect that nothing has come out until now about Donald’s charitable giving. Rudy’s getting “up there”, so maybe he’s confused?

When it was time for The Donald to introduce Melania, he came in to “We Are the Champions”. I’ll never hear that song the same way again. His entrance would have been much more effective if he hadn’t applauded himself but he is, of course, The Donald. With this particular video, you can watch him come in over and over.

He introduced Melania and left her to it, for a wonder. She did a good job of reading her speech from the teleprompter and, unlike Donald, she didn’t stray from the text and ad lib. I thought her choice of dress was a little strange. It was similar to a dress I had back in the 60s. Maybe it was to hark back to the times Donald wants to take us to. Rather than telling personal stories about her man, the speech was more of a biographical sketch. She did go into her own tale of where she came from to where she is now.

All in all, it was what one would expect from a convention. Of course, no one is going to get out there and tell the unvarnished truth about anything. They’re going to cast everything in the best light imaginable. Time will tell whether I’ll tune in tomorrow night.

Well, I’ve had the granddaddy of all coughing spells and coughed up more than I care to think about. It’s taken me far longer than it should to write this than it should have but I’ve had to stop to cough, blow my nose and spit. If that’s TMI, I’m sorry.

It’s that time again. I need to wind this up so I can get in bed and cough some more. To say I’m tired of it is the understatement of the century.

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  1. Mary Jane Graves July 19, 2016 at 9:17 am #

    Melania used 3 phrases that were almost identical to some in a speech Michelle Obama had made. Her speechwriters must have liked them!

    • Tommie July 19, 2016 at 10:10 am #

      She claims she wrote it herself.

  2. Alice Fontana July 19, 2016 at 10:16 am #

    I, too, watched a lot of the Convention yesterday. I saw Giuliani rant and Malania say what she was supposed to say. I heard her earlier in an interview say people compared her to Jackie Kennedy …. not so sure about that one……

    I am so happy that your GFM is about to reach goal and that you’ll be getting your much-needed equipment. God is Good!

    I continue to enjoy hearing about the Catz and Black Tom. Is Gray still in residence too?

    Tommie, you are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. May God bring you the rest and comfort you need. We need more people with your attitude and perseverance….❤🌹

    • Tommie July 19, 2016 at 10:12 pm #

      When Cuz fed the Catz on Sunday, Gray was there. I haven’t seen him/her, myself, lately. I have a feeling it may be “him” but there’s no way to know for sure. The mama cat only comes around occasionally, too, so absence doesn’t necessarily prove it’s another tom.

      Keep praying, Alice! Maybe my attitude will improve and I’ll persevere, after all.

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