Thunder and Lightning and Rain

Another night was spent coughing and spitting. The night wasn’t the only thing that was spent. I was, too. I still am but here I am, blogging away.

The Catz met me for food and petting this morning. Black Tom was still on his best behavior and didn’t claw me. The places on my hand are visible but they don’t look inflamed. I’d say the tea tree oil did the trick.

In case you didn’t know, DD got the GoFundMe page done yesterday and, according to the widget (that’s what you call the thing with the gorgeous picture of moi above), as of right now, 31% of the goal has been raised. That isn’t quite accurate because people donating through PayPal with the donate button at the bottom of this page have contributed another $953.30. The $3.30 comes from the fact that one of the nice people figured what the fee would be and included it in the donation so it ended up being a round number. Anyway, if I’m calculating correctly, the actual amount is 43% of the goal already and this is just the first day!

To say I’m overwhelmed is an understatement. I guess I’ve always been low in the self-esteem area but I’ve never felt worthy of much. I know myself too well and, in my own estimation, I am the female equivalent of the Chief of Sinners. But there, I know, is where Jesus comes in and He can cover all my transgressions with His perfection and I can be accepted. I have to be willing to accept the Gift, and that can even be hard sometimes.

This afternoon, lightning started flashing and thunder started crashing. The rain came down in torrents. All of a sudden, it shut off like a huge faucet in the sky and the sun came out. That was short-lived, though, and it clouded up to start again. Weatherbug chirped a warning several times. I just stayed inside and was thankful for a good roof.

A text came in from my dentist’s wife saying she has organic produce she can bring me. Out of all she offered, I’m taking her up on the cucumbers, cilantro and basil. Cuz brought me a really nice cucumber the beginning of the summer but the ones after that had caught the heat and were bitter. I’ve been meaning to ask her to get me an English cucumber from Walmart but organics from the garden will hit the spot.

One of the men on the devotional site was talking about eating at an Italian restaurant. My bland diet has been so unsatisfying that I rebelled and had spaghetti with marinara for supper. I’ll pay for it later. The spaghetti was Tinkyada and I don’t like it nearly as much as Sam Mills. Tinkyada tends to break up in the sauce and Sam Mills doesn’t. I don’t eat gluten free but I have a supply of gluten free pasta. It turned out too salty because I put just a touch (I thought) of the pasta water in the sauce. I’ll have to remember not to do that.

DD was able to add the total PayPal donations to the ones donated on GoFundMe. The widget shows 44% vs my 43%. I just refigured and it IS closer to 44%.

Today is my middle sister’s birthday. I won’t say how old she is but she’s older than me. She also has a garden (she’s trying grow boxes for the first time this year), she keeps house, cooks huge amounts of food for various church functions, and drives just about wherever she wants to go. I think she and our older sister got genes from their father that I missed out on with mine. Maybe I should go back and do it over.

DD is acknowledging all the GFM donations and I’ve emailed all the PayPal donors. When this is all over, I’ll be sitting down (what else?) and sending out ecards to each person. I’m so glad I subscribed to a couple of nice card sites. There’s no way I could shop for thank you notes, write them and mail them. I can’t even walk to the mailbox. And that’s the signal for everyone to feel sorry for Tommie.

Now, that’s enough. Snap out of it. Sometimes easier said than done but life does go on.

6 Responses to Thunder and Lightning and Rain

  1. Lila July 7, 2016 at 7:05 am #

    So glad the fund is growing so nicely! As for the genes, our father died in his fifties, so the genes must have come from our hundred-year-old mother.

    • Tommie July 7, 2016 at 10:45 am #

      Mother suspected his death might have not been a natural one, though. If the genes came from her, she’d used ’em up before they got to Anna and me.

  2. Dorothy Tainter July 7, 2016 at 8:53 am #


    So happy that things are going so well with the GFM. Just think half way there in two days!I am ecstatic. Wishing we could have just a little bit of your rain here in CNY. Afraid my well will go dry. I may have said before that we have a dug well that we use for most things other than drinking water. But it is bothersome to have to think of going to the laundromat, which I may just do to conserve what is in the well for showering, dishes, and flushing. Ah the joys of living in the country…but I still love it. Love and joy to you today Tommie.

    • Tommie July 7, 2016 at 10:58 am #

      Yes, it’s amazing that the fund has grown so by leaps and bounds!

      I’d send you some rain if I could. It’s looking kind of iffy out there today. I know what living with a well is like. When I first moved here, I shared a well with my in-laws. When they had to move away because of age and condition, I got city water since their place was put up for sale. It’s nice to have a reliable supply but the chlorine is so strong sometimes, it burns the hair outta my nose. That’s one reason I distill all my drinking water and most of the water I cook with. At least I still live in the country!

      Love to you! too.

  3. Mary Jane Graves July 7, 2016 at 4:59 pm #

    Amazing and wonderful that so many people are willing and able to help! Hope it will soon go over the top,

    • Tommie July 7, 2016 at 5:13 pm #

      Yes, it is! And you helped!

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