Not wanting to sleep too late, when I got up to go to the bathroom this morning, I set the timer for two hours and went back to bed. I think that might have been a mistake. Instead of going back to sleep and forgetting about it, I’d sleep a little then check the timer. That went on for the full two hours. When I got up, I was far from rested.

clawsMy nurse friend got here right on the dot and shot me. Her husband has homing pigeons and one of their cats had caught one and was making a meal of it. I told her about Black Tom hooking me and she said she gets scratched sometimes, too. When she does, she washes it well and puts bleach on it. Like me, she’s conscious of what can happen with cat scratches. I told her I washed it and put tea tree oil on it. Evidently, she’d never heard of doing that but that’s pretty much the contents of my medicine cabinet along with MelaGel and Pain-a-Trate.

She wanted to know what I was going to do to celebrate the 4th. I told her nothing. In years past, I wouldn’t have thought of getting to this date without watermelon in the fridge. I would have at least had a hot dog and, preferably, potato salad. That was then and this is now. Not being able to get out and about has totally transformed my life. I looked at the corn that’s been languishing but I think it’s too far gone to salvage. I have Big Franks and thought about having one but I’d want it with chopped raw onion and my reflux doesn’t like that.

When she got ready to leave, she said her husband had told her to bring me some kittens. She told him I already had about four cats. I amended that to six and seven with the neighbor cat (which I haven’t seen lately). When Six comes around, it’s seven Catz, anyway. Gray was here today.

The rest of the day has been pretty quiet. I texted Cuz about shopping the ALDI specials before they expire tomorrow night but I haven’t heard anything back.

This evening, I scraped the bottom of the bag and went out to feed the Catz. Black Tom insisted on being petted and, when I started to move away, he repeated his move of yesterday and snagged the back of my hand. This time, I swatted him and told him in no uncertain terms that it hurt. I let him know I wasn’t happy with him and came back in the house. Once again, I washed my hand and dried it well. Before, I’d used a Q-tip to dab at the places with tea tree oil but, this time, I put a couple of drops directly from the bottle and rubbed it in well. I see I may have missed a couple of spots so I’d better take care of them.

I guess my interrupted sleep this morning left me washed out. I got in bed for a little while this afternoon but I didn’t do any more than doze.

DD posted a picture of the blackberry pie she’d made for herself (her SO doesn’t like it). She said since she’d be the one eating it, she made it vegan. That made me wonder — when is blackberry pie not vegan? I could understand if it were a cobbler with biscuits on top but this had pie crust and my pie crusts are just flour, salt, oil or shortening and water. ‘Tis a mystery. Whatever. The finished product looked awfully good — much better than the leftovers I had for supper.

Speaking of eating, I’m trying to do better but this morning, I had a Health Warrior Chia Bar and it filled me up to the point I couldn’t eat much else after that. I did have the rest of the chocolate So Delicious in a cone. BTW, one of the reviewer of the bars complained because they are so small. I couldn’t eat more than what’s in the package. It’s rich!

Well, now that I’ve bounced around from tangent to tangent, I’ll stop this. DD was supposed to get the GoFundMe page set up but I haven’t heard anything from her. It’s a lot earlier there than here, though.

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  1. Dorothy Tainter July 5, 2016 at 3:13 pm #

    Tommie, sounds like Black Tom is developing a bad habit. Is Tea Tree an antibiotic? I worry that with your health problems and weakened condition that he might bring something with the cat scratch that would be harmful to you. Take care.

    • Tommie July 5, 2016 at 3:34 pm #

      Tea tree oil is wonderful stuff! It has antibiotic properties. It isn’t that expensive, a little goes a long way and, once the bottle is opened, it’s good until the last drop is used. Since cats dig with their front feet, all sorts of things can be harbored in their claws. Even an indoor cat digs in the litter box. When I was working at the hospital, I became aware of what a threat cat scratches can be.

  2. Dorothy Tainter July 5, 2016 at 3:21 pm #

    Being the curious (nosy) person that I am I had to google Tea Tree as an antibiotic. What I found was a very interesting article and some recommendations that Tea Tree Oil might be a better than some other ointments or prescribed anti-biotics. so I guess I rescind the last reply. But Black Tom does need to learn some manners.

    • Tommie July 5, 2016 at 3:42 pm #

      A woman after my own heart! Google is our friend! When I was a new mother, I was sewing and accidentally “sewed” my finger. The needle went in just missing the nail but when my reflex kicked in and I jerked away, it ripped a great gaping tear. My mother-in-law called the pharmacy and had them deliver a little bottle of what she called spirits of turpentine. I think it has much the same qualities as tea tree oil but it’s distilled from pine and the tea tree oil from the melaleuca tree. They even have a similar smell. Anyway, she poured the contents into a tea cup and had me dunk my finger in it. It never even got sore. I used to have a tiny scar but even that is gone.

      Black Tom came to be petted this morning but he didn’t offer to “paw” me. He’s a smart cat.

  3. Merry July 5, 2016 at 11:44 pm #

    Tommie, hello.
    Glad DD. got the GoFundMe page set up for you.
    I cared for my mother long distance, and understand how she feels.
    I’ve mostly come to terms with my diagnoses…when the injections and blood transfusion
    No longer help, comfort care is left.
    Dorothy is a wonderful encourager.
    I enjoy her comments.
    Blessings to you dear Tommie…

    • Tommie July 5, 2016 at 11:51 pm #

      It’s nice to know that someone can relate to the feelings DD is having.

      Coming to terms is all too familiar. Won’t heaven be wonderful? That’s true “comfort care”.

      Dorothy is on fire! She’s one in a million.

      Thank you, Merry, and blessings to you, too.

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