The canister of protein powder is still unopened. I couldn’t bring myself to have another shake yet. Instead, I had a huge burrito for breakfast after I ate blueberries and a baby banana. The beans are gone and thank goodness for that. I’ve definitely had better.

PortableEarly this afternoon, the phone rang. It was the man from Inogen following up to see if I’d talked myself into buying a portable concentrator. I told him no, I wouldn’t be buying one at this time. Pressing on, he asked if I couldn’t do $50-70 a month. I told him the interest rate was too high for me to consider it. Well, do I have a credit card I could put it on? I told him I don’t want to go into debt for it. Maybe it was my imagination but he sounded a little sarcastic when he said, “Oh, so you’ll just stay with what you have?” That’s when I said my doctor had ordered one to be paid for by my insurance. I don’t remember what he said next but I could tell I’d taken all the wind from his sails. I felt kind of sorry for him since that’s the way he makes his living but I can’t buy a several-thousand dollar machine to make him feel better.

Feeding my addiction for cooking shows, I was watching the latest Masterchef when I got very sleepy. I paused it (it’s as good as having a DVR) and dropped off. I don’t know how long I slept but I thought it was a little after 5 when I woke up. I was determined to fix the squash and eggplant for supper so I went to the kitchen and set about getting everything ready. By the time I’d finished washing everything and cutting it up, I was feeling exceedingly shaky. I drank 16 ozzies of water and sat down after I got the squash cooking and the eggplant baking.

Looking at the clock, it was going on 8. I must’ve misread earlier when I was still groggy from sleep. I went ahead and ate some squash, a slice of eggplant that was done and one that was still slightly under and a tiny Tartex sandwich. This morning, I’d gained a little. Maybe I can do it on my own and have an occasional shake if I don’t feel like preparing anything.

I felt so washed out, I didn’t get back to feed the Catz. They’ll have to go mousing if they get hungry.

Well, tomorrow is changing the bed day. No matter how I feel, I’ll have to do it. I can’t let it go another week. It’s the day to flip/rotate the mattress, too. I don’t know if I’ll attempt that or not. If I do, maybe it will do me in and I won’t have to be concerned about anything any more.

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