Black Tom

It’s a sure thing that my CIL captured and caged Black Tom yesterday. I’d been tempted to call the Animal Hospital today to see how he was doing but I didn’t. I figured, since he was there under a name that wasn’t mine, I shouldn’t. Maybe HIPAA applies to Catz, too? After all, they’re good people.

When I woke this morning, I was thinking about Black Tom. Here I’d instigated and financed his life-altering experience. He had no say in the matter. I guess it’s selfish of me not to have him wandering and fighting and fathering Kittenz. I like to have him around. The other Catz are nice and I enjoy petting them but I gradually won Black Tom’s trust and that’s what has changed him forever now.

It was Cuz on the phone this afternoon. She said Black Tom had come through the surgery just fine but they were going to keep him overnight. When she said it at first, I thought she meant she was going to keep him at the other house. No. The vet wanted to keep him at the Animal Hospital tonight. Maybe it’s because he’s an outside Black Tom? Anyway, she told me they wouldn’t be charging anything extra. That was good because I had written the check (!) for the amount of his shots and neutering.

She told me to let her know if I needed anything from town and she’d pick it up for me. The only thing I’ve thought of is Q-tips and I’m not going to have her stop for that. She said they’d (she and Black Tom?) be here in the morning.

Needing anything reminds me. I was finally able to get through to the Dollar Tree day before yesterday. The woman said for me to call and let them know who was going to pick up my order and they’d release it. Of course, the person would have to take the email confirmation with him/her. She was a little dubious about my being able to order Scotties tissues since it was a “special item” there. I’d been buying the “special item” for, at least, a couple of years. Well, I went to the website and found 160 count instead of the 120 for $1 a box. I had to order a case of 36 but, believe me, it will get used. I put in my order on the 14th and the estimated pickup date is the 24th. I hope what I have will last until then.

Blueberry BlissMy eating has been unique, to say the least. I had my usual blueberries but that’s where it stopped. I’d read some glowing reviews of Luna Blueberry Bliss. One reviewer said they tasted like blueberry pie. I like me some blueberry pie so I ordered a box of 15. They got here yesterday so I opened my first one this morning.

Well. If that’s what blueberry pie tastes like, I’ve never had blueberry pie. They are sweet to the extreme and the blueberry is a thin wash of a jelly-like substance under a drizzle of frosting. The next layer is a sticky mixture of oats and something else. All that sits on a thick layer of what looks like more frosting. When I make blueberry pie, one of the ingredients I always use is lemon juice. There was no relief anywhere from the sweet upon sweet upon sweet upon sweet.

Ben and Jerry Chocolate Fudge Brownie Non-DairyTo top that off, I had an ice cream cone. This time, it was the Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brown Non-Dairy. It was the perfect taste to counter the too-sweet Luna Bar. When I’d tried it before, I couldn’t taste the chocolate. It’s definitely there and it’s good. Not as creamy as So Delicious but it’s better than I thought at first try.

Needing something savory, I had an “egg” salad sandwich. Then I failed to take my multi-vitamin and the first NAC of the day. Or my D3 drops.

This afternoon, I started looking through the pile of Stuff on the rebounder. When my friend had called me, she was complaining that the DME supplier never brought sufficient supplies for her sister. I don’t know what they’d shorted but where I thought there was only one cannula, there’s more like two dozen. There are several 25′ lengths of tubing and a couple of 50′. One of my fittings for the nebulizer wasn’t working right but I have replacements that will last me for as long as I need them. As I said before, there are a lot of things I don’t recognize. With everything that’s here, it isn’t all there was. She’d already given away as much as she could. This is what was left.

I discarded a lot of things that weren’t still in the packaging. I hated to do it but I don’t need to use something that might make me sicker than I already am.

The purifier came but I’m going to wait until Cuz is here to get it out and set it up. I cleared out a spot for it and moved the Dr. Heater around the corner and into the kitchen. The filter was so caked, I’m surprised the heater still worked. I vacuumed it and put it back in. It’s ready for fall now.

My roommate alerted me to the speech Obama was making to the families in Orlando so I went to CNN and watched it. As one of the late night show hosts pointed out, this is the 16th mass murder since Obama’s been in office — and, of course, he gets blamed for them. It was a good speech but I’m sure he’s getting tired of making them. I know he’ll be so glad when January 20 gets here and he can hand the problems of the office over to someone else.

I was watching yet another late night show when a clip of Trump’s “speech” was shown. Here is a clip taken from the clip. When this part aired, I had the first belly laugh I’d had for I don’t know when.

When I was looking for it, I searched with “Trump bigly” and, whadda you know! It wasn’t even the first time he’d said it! I guess he thinks it’s really a word.

Well, folks, it’s that time again and past. I hope we all sleep bigly tonight.

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  1. Mary Jane Graves June 17, 2016 at 6:41 am #

    Well, at least we’ve learned a new word! Maybe it’s in the Trumptionary.

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