The Late Tommie

Sitting in the bathroom, coughing and hacking, spitting and blowing my nose has taken up a big chunk of my time tonight. I’ll give a brief synopsis of my day. That’s all it deserves, anyway.

I had much the same breakfast as yesterday except I forgot the banana and I failed to take my first NAC and multi-vitamin. Also my D3 drops. Yesterday, I didn’t cough as much as usual. Today wasn’t the same.

Two Aunt Catz met me at the front door. I was disappointed Black Tom wasn’t with them but he was just out of sight under the chair. He came out and started meowing. That’s when I breathed a big sigh of relief.

This afternoon, I discovered I’d used the wrong salt in the mayo mixture for the tofu. No wonder it just tasted salty. Guess that’s something else that will be tossed. Either Cuz or my CIL will bring me some fresh tofu. I’ll have to reinvent the wheel with the mayo mixture but I have plenty of the required ingredients.

The soda had done its thing on the bad smell. The block of tofu was still in the compost pan so whenever I took the lid off, I got a whiff. The handle is loose and I’ve pinched myself carrying it so I was very careful when I took it out to the bucket. There are some critters occupying the bucket that look oh, too gross.

The lettuce wasn’t going to wash itself so I got busy and did it. I let it drain well and then I tore up some of the outside leaves to have a lettuce salad.

Chunky MonkeyAfter that, I figured I’d try the Chunky Monkey again. This time, I used it in a cone. There was a faint flavor of banana that I could taste since I knew it was supposed to be there. The cone kind of cut down on the sweet a little. To make sure, I had a second cone. In my defense, the cones are very small and each held probably less than a scoop of ice cream.

That squash is still sitting in there on the counter. I’m not inspired to do anything that takes much effort. The pastor emailed and asked if a visit would be helpful. I told him that, when I try to talk, I cough. I appreciated the thought, though. Coughing is something that takes all the starch out of my shorts, all the wind out of my sails, all the salt out of my chips. I’m left limp as a wet dishrag.

That’s pretty much been my day. I got a shipping confirmation twice from the company I bought the air purifier from. One was from FedEx and the other from UPS. On closer inspection, the one from UPS is the free filter. The one from FedEx is the purifier, itself. I wish it were the other way around. The UPS man would’ve brought the package inside. The FedEx man just leaves it on the deck. They’re both scheduled to be here Thursday.

I have a bad chemically taste in my mouth. I’d hate to think it’s the Chunky Monkey. Maybe it’s the cone but I wouldn’t think that’s it, either. Oh. I did chew some Tums when I felt a burning in my gizzard so that’s probably it but I’ve never tasted it before. Strange.

Well, today is Donald Trump’s YUUUUUUUUUUGE 70th birthday. One of my Facebook friends sent me a link in a private message that I’d share here but some of the sentiments are very honest, to say the least. It’s a video of people in New York wishing the “scumbag” (one of the nicer labels) a happy birthday.

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