Down Again?

My sister’s email was time stamped 6:58 a.m. but I didn’t see it until early afternoon. I don’t know if I went suddenly blind or if it was just slow coming through the big tubes that make up the Internet. Anyway, she wrote, “The blog isn’t working this morning.” I tried it and it was up so I wrote back and let her know. By that time, she’d already read it and commented so my email was unnecessary.

My bedtime was earlier but, during the night, I went to the bathroom and while I was in there, I had a 20 minute coughing episode. The roll of toilet paper had a lot still left on it — probably 3/4 full. After I’d spent all that time coughing and spitting, it was gone. I had to put up a new roll this morning.

People are helpful, sending me articles about acid reflux. I rarely have a problem with acid. It’s reflux that I have to contend with. Today, I washed down my multi-vitamin and first dose of NAC with, maybe, three ozzies of water. It wasn’t long until I was coughing, gagging and spitting. In a minute or two, up came the water. Now, it’s bad when water causes reflux.

I can tell when an episode is coming on. My mid-section will start trembling. It’s like a volcano before it blows. The pressure builds and builds until it has to come out somewhere. I’m so tired of it but surgery to fix it had to be put on the back burner after I almost went belly up a month ago yesterday. I’m feeling stronger but I don’t know that I’d be able to handle being under for the time it would take.

The Catz were duly fed and petted, all but Gray. I was able to get closer than I had before it took off. It wasn’t long until it was back and scarfing down the food. I found some more bare spots on Black Tom. They don’t look new so it was probably just the way he was facing.

B12 InjectableWhen I came back in, I left the front door open so my nurse friend could come in. It wasn’t long before there was a knock on the door. I yelled, “Come in!” No one did. I hollered again. Nothing. I queried, “HELLO??” but there wasn’t a peep. I went over and my nurse friend was standing there. I’d, out of habit, locked the storm door.

She came in and was able to wring another ml out of the vial that looked almost empty to me. She said she’d be able to get another next week. I told her I have four more that are full. They’ll probably outlast me at 30 ml a vial. She jokingly said that maybe we should up the dose to 1.5 cc.

Offering to pick up anything I needed from Walmart tomorrow was nice of her but I’m still working on the list for Cuz or my CIL — whoever gets stuck with the privilege of doing my shopping. I’ve printed off ALDI and Publix ads. I know Cuz doesn’t mind price matching. I don’t know about my CIL. Guess I’ll find out.

I’ve been coughing off and on and when I do, I have to stop typing. The spasms make my whole body jerk and I can’t hit the right keys.

The last of my Cheddar Flavor Squares were eaten yesterday but I had a case that came in to replace them. When I opened the first box this afternoon, there were a few whole crackers visible and lots of crumbs. The contents had settled to the point that the box was half full. i got in touch with Amazon and complained. When I submitted it, I got the message that it would take 12 to 24 hours for a reply. Okay. I’d be here.

Not very long after, an email came from Customer Service apologizing for the condition of the contents. “To make this right for you, I’ve created a replacement for you at no additional charge.” “For health and safety reasons we’re unable to accept the return of this item. So please dispose of the item at your convenience.” Well, I can use cracker crumbs so I’ll keep ’em. I was offered a refund in lieu of the replacement but I figured I’d take the replacement. No problem. It will be here Friday.

Just as I’d feared, the Bernie Bots are all up in the air over Hillary’s imminent nominee-ship. It isn’t like she stole it. DD and I went back and forth for some time today. She’s all down and dejected because Bernie lost. I pointed out that, even without the superdelegates, Hillary has 2,203 pledged delegates. Bernie has 1,828. To get to the magic number, Bernie would have to swing 507 of Hillary’s superdelegates over to his side in addition to the 48 he already has and I don’t see that happening.

However, there are Bots who are hoping and praying Hillary won’t be able to fulfill her role as nominee and Bernie will slide into her spot. Lots can happen so…

People keep saying Hillary is going to jail because of her email server. One of the news agencies reported it will take 75 years to release 450,000 pages of emails under the Freedom of Information Act. Evidently, forms have to be completed for EACH PAGE and then they have to be processed. Just the ones from Cheryl Mills would take 16 2/3 years. Emails from Patrick Kennedy would take 25 years and the ones from Jacob Sullivan, 33 1/3. I’m going to have to just wait and see on this one.

And then there’s Gary Johnson. Samantha Bee interviewed him and ended up on a rock-climbing wall with the self-proclaimed marijuana enthusiast. He has pledged not to partake during his four years if elected POTUS. When she asked what a Libertarian is, he said “fiscally conservative, socially liberal” and he would make sure marijuana is legalized. If you dare watch, the video is right here:

Well, I’ve rambled on long enough. There’s so much to write about and so little time to do it. I had an email come in just now notifying me my car insurance is due next month. That’s on the car that’s sitting in my driveway that I haven’t driven since May 7. Month after next, I’ll spend $10 to keep my phone alive for another year. I don’t get a signal at home and I don’t know when I’ll be where I can. Sorry, Alice. I think my sense of humor is on hiatus.

2 Responses to Down Again?

  1. Alice June 9, 2016 at 12:51 am #

    I think your sense of humor is firmly intact…..its just a little dry. And that’s okay considering the current state of affairs, i.e., political scene, your health issues, and being forced to adjust to life changes….
    The bright spot? Black Tom still wants your attention…. God is good…..

    • Tommie June 9, 2016 at 9:07 pm #

      Thanks, Alice. God IS good.

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