How Long?

Sounds like a song to me — and that got me sidetracked. It was over to youtube to find it and there it was.

Some of the suggested videos were Chonda Pierce. I could’ve gotten even more distracted but I made myself come right back here to my blogging.

Yesterday was a better day and, because of that, I probably overdid. I finished loading the dishwasher that Cuz had started and ran it. My bed hadn’t been changed for what? I don’t remember when it was. I know Cuz did it but things have gotten foggy. I’ll blame it on a lack of O2.

Pulling the sheets off the bed wasn’t that big a deal. I put them in the washer and got that going. Since they’d have to be dried to use, I had to clear the dryer of the last load I ran at least a week before.

With the sheets safely in the dryer (after they’d finished washing), I emptied the compost. This time, I didn’t take my cannula off and, though it tired me, I didn’t feel like I was going to pass out.

There weren’t many dirty clothes to wash. Later, I found another of Mother’s dresses that could have been washed but it was missed at the time. I put the little tucket of laundry in and waited for the sheets to finish.

The dryer buzzed and I got the bottom sheet out. It was time to flip/rotate the mattress but, I’m sorry, there was no way. I started trying to pull the bed out from the wall. It wasn’t going anywhere. I just about caused myself a hernia before I realized Cuz had locked the wheel on the outside corner. When I unlocked it, it rolled easily.

After I put the bottom sheet on, I had to rest. When I got my second, third or fourth wind, I went back to it and put the top sheet on. I’m rather picky about how my bed is made and I was six times sure and seven times certain it was done right. I elected to leave one of the blankets off (I’ve been getting ‘way too warm at night) and Mother’s comforter. The pillowcase was the next hurdle but I got ‘er done. It was time to sit down again.


The rest of the day was like that. If I attempted anything else, I don’t remember but I probably did. You can be sure I took rest breaks, though.

Before bed, I had a long soak in the tub. When I got out, I squirted the deodorant on a washcloth and wiped my ‘pits with it. If I spray it directly, it’s overwhelming for hours after.

What time I slept, I slept well. It was hard since I had to keep getting up to go to the bathroom.

As usual, I woke early and took my thyroid med but it was about an hour later than normal. When I went back to bed and back to sleep, I dreamed the black tom was back. I haven’t seen him for more than a week and Cuz mentioned she hadn’t, either. I hope he’s okay.

Today has been a quiet Sabbath. It was nice to rest and not feel like I should be trying to push myself to Do Stuff.

After my quiet time, it was too late to get in on live streaming for the sermon from the university church so I went to the archives and chose one from April 30. It was a good message (Broken Windows, Open Doors or some such) but it was interspersed with music. Some I liked and some I didn’t. I’m thankful to be able to skip over parts.

I’d started watching “PlantPure Nation” on NetFlix last night and finished it up today on the Transformer while I lolled in bed. It was nice but I discovered closed captioning doesn’t work on Android. Or maybe I wasn’t holding my mouth right. Anyway, after that, I watched several Chonda Pierce video clips. That woman is talented!

Starting to watch “GMO OMG” on the Transformer was a mistake. There’s a lot of talking by Haitians and the captioning wasn’t even working for that. I gave it up and came back to my notebook to finish it. It’s what the website says — alarming.

Supper wasn’t that wonderful. I’m not a big corn-on-the-cob person and I’ve had it two days so I figured I’d give it a rest and try to cut it off tomorrow. I heated up kale and some garbanzos plus four falafel balls. I won’t be buying any more of those. Then I had some animal crackers and some Earth Balance Cheddar Squares. Oh, and I need to walk back on what I said about keeping unripe avos in the fridge. The last one was still 95% good. I had half for breakfast.

One of my church friends sent me info on an acid reflux diet. I don’t know that I could handle it. I’d have to eliminate citrus and tomatoes as well as onions. Yikes! The name of the book is intriguing — Dropping Acid.

And just after I wrote I didn’t know that I could handle it, I had an almost Granddaddy of Them All coughing episode. Maybe I should rethink this. I went to my online library to see if the book was available there. It isn’t but I’ve recommended it. We’ll see what comes of that.

Whatever. It’s getting late and my coughing spell has given me a headache. This is enough for tonight.

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  1. Lila Morgan May 29, 2016 at 7:56 pm #

    So very glad you had a better day! Is the black cat the one that demands to be petted?

    • Tommie May 29, 2016 at 8:07 pm #

      Yes. I looked for him today (of course I couldn’t leave the deck) but didn’t see him.

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