Excuse Me. I’m at It Again.

It’s another Saturday night and I was planning to be in bed by now but here I am.

Cuz had gotten in touch and told me to leave my bed-changing and she’d launder the sheets and pillowcase when she comes to mow tomorrow and put them back on. That’s fine with me because I was going to skip it this week, anyway.

I did do one load of clothes but they’re still in the dryer. If I can get up the energy, I’ll take care of them to free it up for the bedding.

When I did my Wii Fit Body Test, I’d lost a little more. This morning, I was down by another .7 lub and reached my goal but not the way I wanted to. My Mii has been jumping up and down and clapping since May 1 that I’m in the “normal” range. Much more of this and I’ll be a wraith and underweight like my sisters.

Bedtime was just after 9:30 last night. It would have been just as well if I’d stayed up. I did sleep some but a lot of it was interrupted by coughing. I got up and took some cough medicine and it helped — for about an hour. I took another dose, probably too close to the first, and it didn’t seem to help. To dilute it, I drank 8 ozzies of water. That seemed to help as much as anything.

DS1 called at about 8:30 and said they were on their way to the church. He’d brought his camera, tripod and extra batteries. My DIL was going to be the operator. I was so relieved! I asked if they would be staying for the fellowship meal and he said, “Oh, yes!” That’s my boy!

While we were talking, I discovered the tubing running from the concentrator had a kink in it. I straightened it out as best I could but nothing was coming through. I pulled the connector for the cannula off and there was air coming through the end of the tubing. Everything was okay when I replaced the cannula with a fresh one. I guess that one was gunked up with whatever was coming out of my nose.

Earlier than I’d expected them, DS1 called. They were on their way up the mountain. They had elected not to stay for lunch. I said I needed to take a shower. That was fine. Take my time. They’d be sitting in the car, waiting.

Not being much in the mood, anyway, I took said shower and mostly dried my hair in record time. Sure enough, there was their car, just visible through the bushes.

I tried to call to let them know to come on in but I guess they saw me open the door, anyway. I’d unlocked the storm door and was back in Mother’s chair when they came in. My granddaughter hadn’t felt well so she stayed at home. From what was said, my not being at church had something to do with it, too.

Since I get to the university supermarket rarely to never any more, I’d asked them to bring me five lubs of raw cashews and let me know how much and I’d either write them a check or PayPal. No. These were on the house. Their house. I should’ve given them a long list!

Raw Cashew Pieces

We talked a little, then DS1 went to the car and got the camera. I put the card in my computer and copied the children’s story file and the concert. I chose not to watch them then, but to visit with my children.

My DIL was telling me about one of her friends who is in her 80s who has reflux so bad, sometimes she coughs until she passes out. I sent her the info for the TIF. I don’t know if she would be a candidate but it wouldn’t hurt to try.

It ended all too soon but I guess they were starting to get hungry. On their way out, they took my DS2 DIL’s Christmas gift and two cans of Big Franks — one for her and one for them.

A lot of the rest of the afternoon was spent watching the videos. The one of the concert had cut off before it was over but one of the fellows at church had uploaded “Beulah Land” to Facebook. I was so glad because that’s one of my favorites. My dentist has been trying to send me links to download things he videoed but they are in a .MOV format and I’m trying to figure out how to convert them.

One of my Facebook friends posted a group singing contemporary Christian music. I’m not captivated by such so I started looking around. The editor posted a video of a street violinist playing “My Prayer”. I found a duet of the same song sung by Josh Groban and Andrea Bocelli. Those men can SING. Then I watched a video of Andrea singing “The Lord’s Prayer” with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Goosebumps!

I can’t handle two manuals right now, let alone four!

After 7:30, I figured I should eat something since I’d had the sum total of OJ and a banana. I heated up some asparagus soup and toasted a couple of small pieces of bread. We’ll see if that makes any difference tomorrow.

Well, I’m outta gas and news. This is where I’ll let both of us rest.

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  1. Lila May 15, 2016 at 7:37 am #

    I’d like to know where to find “Beulah Land” on FB. Would love to see and hear that group!

    • Tommie May 15, 2016 at 1:42 pm #

      It’s on my Timeline. One of my friends shared it with me.

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