Another Day to File Away

It was early when I got up to take my thyroid med. I wasn’t ready to stay up so I crawled back into bed and slept a lot of the day away. It started storming and you know what they say about rainy weather…

The phone took me by surprise since I wasn’t expecting any calls. The number that showed up is a generic one from the Mother Ship. Turns out I was finally getting a call back from when I’d contacted the office two weeks ago tomorrow.

After I told the nurse I was giving up on surgery for now, I gave her the Lung Institute’s URL and asked her to have the doctor check it out. I don’t know if or when he’ll do it but I’m hoping it will be sooner than later. She wanted to put me down for an appointment to get checked but I told her I can’t drive right now so I’ll call back and schedule.

On up in the afternoon, I got so tired I couldn’t even think about trying to sleep in Mother’s chair so I crawled into bed. I haven’t made it up since Sabbath so it wasn’t like I was disturbing it. I ended up sleeping about an hour.

Tuscan Bean and RiceWhile my sense of taste is still a bit “off”, I did want some soup for supper. I would have made some potato soup (or tried, anyway) but my potatoes have all turned green from the light. I looked at the variety of canned soup and settled on Amy’s Tuscan Bean & Rice. It has the least spice and my poor stomach needs least spice right now. I was able to get down half a can and some crackers.

I’m wondering if my taste buds are off because of low sodium. I’ve had it before and it’s possible I have it again. Whatever, it isn’t fun not to be able to taste food the way it’s supposed to be tasted.

The editor got around to asking how things are going on the third quarter lessons. I reminded her about the templates but she has yet to mention the index. Since I told her where the helps are on the server, she would have seen it if she looked, anyway.

My easiest time with the lessons so far has hit a snag. Starting one or two back (I’m on 11) it was obvious the expert hadn’t experted them as much as the others. Thankfully, one change to the style sheet fixed a problem on all 13 but the others are more going through line by line. I’m going to try to get through the rest so I can return the quarterly Sabbath.

I’ve been in touch with Cuz a couple of times today so I know she’s still alive. That’s more than I can say for me. Excuse me while I cough.

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