An Apology is in Order

The last email notification regarding a comment waiting to be moderated was Earth Day, April 22. That’s also the day after DD’s birthday and my niece’s (mumble mumble) birthday. I don’t see there are comments waiting to be approved until I get into the background of my blog so don’t feel ignored. I just don’t know anything is there until I get ready to post.

While the candidate Drumpf has taken a lot of us by surprise (including, I understand, the man, himself), it has awakened us up to the fact there’s a segment of the population that is captivated by “telling it like it is”. “He says what he thinks.” Well, folks, that’s scary. If speaking in superlatives makes one knowledgeable, any 4th grader on the playground is ready to be POTUS.

Mother taught school for a number of years. Two of the boys were always trying to “one up” each other. One day, they were arguing. “My dad’s stronger than your dad!” “Oh, yeah? Well, my dad can run faster than yours!” It went on and on and, as long as they didn’t come to blows, Mother let them be. What about laid her out laughing was, “My dad can shovel more manure than your dad!” That’s comparable to some of the things the presumptive nominee has said. He prides himself for “speaking off the cuff”. It might do him good to do some preparation.

Come to find out, I wasn’t alone thinking it would never be Trump left standing. The clip below gets graphic but it shows how a lot of us were wrong. If you want, you can skip everything after about one minute 22 seconds.

Paul Ryan has stated, “I’m just not ready” to back Donald Trump. In this article he explains what will need to happen before he can change his position.

Paul Ryan

Well, I haven’t written about anything other than current events for some nights (I’d have to look back to see how many but it can’t be lots). I’ll catch you up on what’s going on here and around the countryside.

The doorbell rang around 11 TT this morning. It was Cuz. She had come by to pick something up and stopped in to say hello. She did most of the talking so what she’ll read here will be news to her.

Hold on. I’ll get to my news later. She’s planted tomatoes, onions and okra along with sweet and banana peppers. She likes to pickle the latter. She plans to pickle a lot of the okra, too. Her construction partner bought four (count ’em, FOUR) squash plants so she will be awash in squash.

Not long after she left, she called. Her sister and her husband are both sick and they needed to vacate their house while the realtor brought a prospect by. They were headed out here so I wasn’t to be alarmed if I saw a car in the driveway. I did and I wasn’t. She had ordered them not to come over here since I don’t need to get sick. I appreciated that.

My sister is going through what I went through a little over a year ago water heater-wise. As I did, she got her replacement at Lowe’s and was able to get a 10% discount through a friend. My CIL is a veteran so I was gifted with the same. While my water was warm but not hot, hers is still cold. At least it’s running, though. The leaking tank made quite a mess that still has to be cleaned up. Thankfully, mine was mostly confined to the utility room.

Two weeks from tonight is my granddaughter’s 8th grade graduation. I had said I’d go but I’m to the point that I’m calling that off. Coughing has gotten worse and, almost every evening, I cough until I expectorate. I don’t think they’d want that during the proceedings. Last year, the event was streamed, sort of. I’m going to have to let my DIL know that I will be in the Internet audience. I’d just be another face in the crowd if I were there. It’s best for me to stay home.

It must be blackberry winter. The heat came on yesterday and has been on most of the time since. I’ll be glad when all the winters are out of here and we can get back to warm weather.

Well, my head feels like a basketball and my stomach is burning. If I wouldn’t rot my teeth it would be nice to have a peppermint about now.

4 Responses to An Apology is in Order

  1. Lila May 6, 2016 at 6:50 am #

    Go ahead and have the peppermint! It might do you more good than harm.

    • Tommie May 6, 2016 at 11:02 am #

      Thanks for your permission but I save them for church or shopping — those times when it’s very inconvenient to have a coughing spell. They don’t always work, like in the evenings when I’m going to cough, anyway.

  2. Pam May 6, 2016 at 11:45 am #

    Don’t need to let me know now!

    • Tommie May 7, 2016 at 8:12 pm #

      You read my blog! I’m honored!! And I apologize for not telling you first.

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