Bubble Wrap

When bubble wrap first came out, it was a joy. I could either pop the bubbles one by one or wring it for a “pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop” sound. It looked like this:

Bubble Wrap

The other day, Cuz brought in a package that held a replacement item from Amazon. I love ordering from Amazon because if anything anything is wrong with an order, they’ll make it right and pronto. Anyway, the replacement item was very well wrapped. I was ecstatic! It was a sheet of bubble wrap. But, was it? The bubbles wouldn’t pop. I let Cuz take it and the box away.

Today, I got a shipment from another company. The item I’d ordered was wrapped in bubble wrap? Nope. It was the new stuff. The stuff that won’t pop. IT looks like THIS:

Today's Bubble Wrap

You see all those little channels between the bubbles? Those are airways that just lets the air go from one bubble to the next. No popping. No fun. I don’t like. Bring back real bubble wrap!

Change isn’t something that goes over really well these days. Hulu has replaced my queue with a “Watchlist”. I liked having everything in one place by date. When I asked “WHY??!” I was referred to a help article. I’d like to be given an option, not just have the layout hijacked with no warning.

But enough about that trauma/drama.

When I looked out to see if there were any takers for the Catz’ food, I was surprised to see Six, one of the original Catz and the mother of the black cat and his gray sibling (male or female still unknown). It was the first time in months she’d put in an appearance here though Cuz had assured me she was still around. I didn’t dare open the storm door so all of these are taken through a glass, darkly.


Very Wary

Keeping an Eye on Her Sister


She seems to be able to hear okay but she’s still as skittish as ever.

My sister tried to call me today because she was having trouble getting an order to go through on eBay. The phone closest to me was dead so I didn’t get to one that wasn’t in time to answer. She figured it out, though, and has either ordered online for the first time or second. She isn’t sure which. Me, I’d rather order online than tour the stores when I might not find what I want, anyway.

I worked on less13m but I’ve left linking to BibleGateway for another time.

Vegan Richa has posted a recipe for cinnamon rolls that uses aqua faba for the egg replacer. It looks yummy and it just might inspire me to bake something now that really warm weather has gotten here.

Well, it’s official. Ted has named Carly as his running mate. It’s a little soon for anyone to decide on a VP since NO ONE has made it to the magic number yet on either side. The FBI may be investigating Hillary’s email issue but the Trump University fraud case is definitely going to trial. And what I do is hide and watch.

4 Responses to Bubble Wrap

  1. Lila April 28, 2016 at 6:28 am #

    Let me know how the cinnamon rolls turn out! (I had to look up “aqua faba”. Why not just say chickpea liquid?

    • Tommie April 28, 2016 at 9:04 pm #

      You are the one who posted an article about aqua faba meringue on my Timeline. You should know what aqua faba is. And it’s officially aqua faba. That takes any kind of bean liquid — not just chickpea.

  2. Mary Jane Graves April 28, 2016 at 2:31 pm #

    Sorry about the bubble wrap. Maybe you can chew bubble gum and pop it!

    • Tommie April 28, 2016 at 9:05 pm #

      I quit chewing gum when I had braces. I’ve tried it since but it just doesn’t appeal. Bubble wrap is so much more satisfying and it doesn’t cause cavities.

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