Another Lesson in Ouch

No, I didn’t drench myself and my surroundings this time. I’d turned the ‘pik up a notch last week so I decided I’d try the next setting. Bad idea. I ended up with fewer taste buds when the jet of water hit my tongue. It’s still a bit tender.

Today has been pretty quiet. The Catz were fed and duly petted. I had the black cat and one of his aunts vying for attention at the same time. I’d pet one and then the other while they nuzzled. It was a warmer day and they compensated by shedding some more.

There is a nice sprouting of poke in the concrete ringed bed in front of the house. I took a knife out to cut some for supper but my block “step” has been moved. There is nothing to hold on to where the wall is lower so, after assessing the situation from a number of angles, I gave up.

Yesterday, I’d cooked some spinach and tempted fate by eating half of it. There was enough for another serving so I had it and Fordhooks for supper. I also cooked a package of Earth Balance Mac & Cheese. It’s pretty bland in the “cheese” department so I mixed in some Daiya plain cream cheese. That made it ‘way too rich and I feel a little yucky right now.

Earlier today, I completed and uploaded less12. I have one more to go for the current quarter and then I’ll have to get started on the next. At the direction of the editor, I emailed the HTML expert with a couple more assignments. I haven’t heard back yet.

It’s been all over the news that Cruz and Kasich have become frenemies. They are joining forces to thwart the nomination of Trump — hopefully. It may be too little too late but who knows? It’s one thing sure and two things certain that the GOP doesn’t want to have Trump in the driver’s seat. The RNC has declared there will be no rule-changing at this late date so we’ll have to see how this plays out.


I read somewhere that Carly Fiorina is on a short list of VP possibilities for Cruz. Now, THAT would be a pair!

Tomorrow is another Super Tuesday. This time tomorrow night, we should know the results of some of the primaries. I about ready for this phase to be over. I’m tired.

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