The End of the Week

Many many years ago when DH was still at home, he bought a Ziggy calendar. He knew I liked Ziggy and I guess he liked him, too. When he hung it up in his office, he took a closer look. The week started on Monday which made Sunday the seventh day. He packed it up and returned it to the store. Any calendar that dared change the week wasn’t welcome in our house.

Ziggy Calendar

WordPress has settings that allow the week to start on any day. I choose Sunday. Why? Because that’s when the week starts. You can say it starts on Wednesday but that doesn’t make it so. You could SAY my birthday is June 6 and you could celebrate it that day but it doesn’t change it. It is what it is.

Friday was Friday all day long. My bed was stripped and sheets were washed, dried and put back on. Cuz thinks I need another set but I’d have to fold them, then. DH’s niece has the right idea. Take ’em off. Wash ’em. Dry ’em. Put ’em back on.

I did other Friday stuff, too, but I won’t itemize. The Catz were fed. Twice. The black cat came to get his stroking and scratching. It’s hard to believe he was once so skittish. I was able to get a good look at the bare spot just above his rounder parts and that’s all it is. It’s a bare spot. No telling how he got it.

It’s pretty certain I drank more than my usual amount of water because I was up off and on all night. I wouldn’t be surprised if it totaled to half a dozen times or more. At any rate, I could’ve slept better. When the timer timed, I was ready to go back to sleep but I had to get up.

Last Sabbath, my hearing aids showed the batteries’ juice was failing so I’d taken said batteries out. Part of my preparation yesterday was to clean them before I put the batteries in. Of course, I didn’t close ’em up but they were all ready for today.

As usual, the audio/visual guy was at the church when I got there. I’d asked about a key for him but I guess whoever has the say so doesn’t think it’s important for him to have one. If it were allowed and he was there every week, I’d give him mine. Once in awhile, he’s not there, though, and I do sometimes get there before someone else who has a key is.

The music coordinator stopped me when I was on my way from the organ to the back of the church before class. She said she’d been unable to get special music together so the congregation would be singing hymn number (not PAGE) 442, “How Sweet Are the Tidings”. I hadn’t played it for a long time but I’d give it a shot.

While the lesson study was going on, I went over the hymn in my head several times. I couldn’t hear a lot that was being said, anyway. I kept the hymnal open beside me and would consult it every now and then. I had the intro figured out and was sure all the verses would be sung.

The battery has died in my watch and I haven’t been anywhere to get it replaced. I’ve gotten it done at Walmart many times but they refused the last time. If I’d bought it there, they’d do it but since I didn’t, they wouldn’t unless I’d agree to not holding them liable if something went wrong. So…I’ve been using the display on my pedometer.

When the old Omron showed 10:35, I mounted the organ bench and started playing softly. I played until the song leader came to the front. She announced the first song (I miss the song services when the congregation participated by picking out their favorites) and I sat there waiting for the pianist to play the intro. Nothing happened. I finally figured out it wasn’t the same pianist that played for the first song service and this one isn’t comfortable with intros. First boo-boo.

I have to turn my aids down when music is going on or the piano and/or trumpet deafen me. I don’t have time to switch from hearing a voice to dampen the music before I have to start playing. For that reason, I couldn’t hear the song numbers today and, after asking for a number twice, I started playing the wrong song, anyway. It was kind of embarrassing.

After the preliminaries, the hymnal was open to #442 and I was ready to play the introduction. The elder got up and I thought he was going to announce the hymn but he read the scripture instead. I guess everyone got the memo but me. I turned to the closing song and took my seat.

The speaker teaches computer science at the university and the message was very good. After church, his wife spied the case I put my music in and joyfully said, “You have a computer in there!” Well, no. Since the church no longer has Internet, it wouldn’t do me any good to take anything that needs WiFi.

One of the ladies came over to the car and wanted me to stay for lunch. I was coughing until I could barely talk to her. I think she understood why I was coming home.

I’d fought sleep in Sabbath School but try as I might, I couldn’t doze off this afternoon. When it got on toward 5 o’clock, I fed the Catz again and fixed my own meal.

Before I’d left this morning, I’d linked verses through Monday so I finished less11m and uploaded it. Two more and I’ll be through with this quarter. The editor hasn’t gotten her half done so I’ll probably be drafted to do that, too.

On the political front, I read that Hillary is starting to make a list of possible running mates. It seems a little premature but I guess a person might as well be prepared. The vetting process does take time and nothing will be lost if Bernie is able to overtake her. It’s almost a given he won’t be able to but stranger things have happened.

Howard Dean was on The Daily Show one night last week. It’s amazing what a difference 12 years can make. He could’ve won today.

But back to Hillary and the running mate. I also read that Elizabeth Warren would be ‘way down at the bottom of the list if she made the list at all. It said she hasn’t endorsed Hillary. Actually, she hasn’t endorsed Bernie, either. Well, she was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

That doesn’t sound to me like she would want the job as VP. She seems happy doing what she does.

And now I hear that Trump is trying to be more “presidential”. After he made the remark that the Bathroom Bill was a mistake, he backpedaled. Now he’s saying it should be left up to the states. I call that waffling. But that’s something he does often. He’s training on the job while he’s a candidate. I don’t think we need that in the White House.

Cruz has come out in favor of the Bathroom Bill. For some reason, he thinks it will protect his little girls against predators. John Kasich said he wouldn’t have signed the bill and now he’s reaping the whirlwind from the National Religious Broadcasters. Kasich said, “Everybody needs to take a deep breath … respect one another. Why do we have to write a law … can’t we figure out just how to get along? Everybody chill out, get over it.” And I say, “Amen.”

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