My Not So Awesome Celebration

As rumor has it, today is DD’s birthday. Once again, my Wii was curious as to whether I’d gotten her a gift or maybe planned a surprise party. Yes to the gift. No to the party.

Truth be told, I’d had today planned for a couple of months. It was originally going to be the day I went in to get my teeth cleaned but I was able to get in sooner. However, when I made the appointment for the followup visit, I got the same day and time. I’d talked to the dentist outside of the office (I know he loves it when patients collar him like that) and he’d advised me to get started on my fillings. So…I called to make an appointment. Well, why don’t we put you down for an extended visit on the day you already have an appointment? Talk about celebrating DD’s birthday!

Since the start time was noon TT as well as office time, I was able to get in a good breakfast and a shower. My deodorant was in the other bathroom which made me forget it when I went to town on Tuesday. I did remember it today and I’m sure the office staff would be thankful if they knew. I made up my mind to order another bottle so I can have it in either bathroom and handy. (Just did.)

When I got to the office, they were still out to lunch but the door was unlocked so I went in. I took the opportunity to go to the bathroom and when I came out, I signed in and spied one of the ladies from dietary at the hospital. We had plenty of time to catch up and I learned her supervisor had retired the end of January. THAT was a big surprise! Seems Genese would have told me that but I haven’t been to see her in so long…

Another thing, dietary and housekeeping for both the hospital and nursing home are being taken over by Sodexo which manages those operations at the other facilities. She thinks it will be a good thing and I hope she’s right. They’re down to seven employees in the kitchen so maybe more will be hired.

It was my turn to be called back to the Torture Chamber. I was seated in The Chair and the cleaning began. This time it was incessant picking. When she got through picking, it was incessant polishing. I’ve never been as polished in my life. Next came flossing. I’d told her I have a Waterpik now and she asked if I had it up to the highest number. No. I’m still on the lowest. The notch above tore up my gums. She advised me to floss as well as Pik.

This is me.

When I thought she was through, she started picking again and that went on for what seemed forever. Then came more polishing with squirting water and slurping and bursts of air. She’d turn around and consult the x-rays on the computer screen and turn back to start over.

Next, she probed. She was inspecting my cavities. She said there was decay but it wasn’t active. i don’t quite know what she meant by that but it sounded good. I have a few pockets, too. I don’t know if they will resolve themselves or if they will have to be reduced.

With that part finally over, I went to the bathroom and sat down next to my former co-worker to wait for the next phase. We had more time to visit which was nice. As soon as her husband came out (he was the patient) and they left, I was called back.

It had been decided I’d have two fillings done today. The dentist said it would be a two surface procedure rather than three and explained that was a good thing.

His hands are amazingly steady. It used to be the most dreaded part of going to the dentist was the Novocaine. The way he does it, I hardly feel anything. He shot me full of it and left me to percolate while he went to another victim.

He and his assistant understand each other perfectly and it’s kind of a dance. It was fascinating to watch. There’s a TV in each of the cubicles and the nature video had been replaced by gospel music but the volume was down so it wasn’t too interesting.

My teeth were inspected and prepared for the filling. One of them had the front side sheared off — I don’t know if it was from too vigorous brushing or what but it had been that way for a long time. He built that up with resin and it looks like a normal tooth again. When he finished, he said it was “good as new.”

All through this preparation, drilling, poking and prodding, I was thinking, “This, too, shall pass.” And it did.

We decided on doing two more fillings next month and I was shown the door.

Of course, I had to stop at the window and get the news. The girl brightly told me how much the two fillings were. I piped up, “And the cleaning?” Oh! she had forgotten that. She gave me the total. $360. I handed her my Discover card. At least I’ll get $3.60 cash back.

I didn’t pass Go or collect $200. I came home. It was about three hours after I’d left which wasn’t bad considering all that had been accomplished.

After I changed clothes, I sat down and rested a bit. Then I drank 8 ozzies of very warm water and took my NAC with R-lipoic Acid (which is supposed to boost the formation of glutathione). In a minute or two, I felt like I’d been hit by a Mack truck. I broke out in a cold sweat and started feeling lightheaded. I lay down and adjusted the bed so my feet were higher than my head but it didn’t help. Then the urge to go to the bathroom hit. Sitting on the throne, I tried to put my head between my knees to keep from passing out. I’ve heard of being drenched with sweat and now I’ve experienced it. I kept wishing Cuz was next door instead of an hour away.

When I was able to get back to the bed, I resumed the feet-higher-than-head position and tried to relax. I’d been praying all this time that I’d be able to ride it out without passing out and I did. After what seemed longer than it was, the feeling subsided and I got back in Mother’s chair. I figure Cuz will be upset I didn’t call her but by the time she got here, I’d either be okay or dead so what’s the difference?

Since then, I’ve been wiped out. I drank another 8 ozzies of water, rinsed my mouth with saltwater per instructions and had soup and a sandwich for supper. My teeth have been brushed, Waterpik-ed and flossed.

There’s been more on the Bathroom Bill today. The Donald said he’d allow Caitlyn Jenner to use whatever restroom she preferred in Trump Tower. Ted has weighed in and called Donald out for his stance. Ted doesn’t want grown men in the restroom with his little girls. Now, I don’t know what the bathrooms are like where he is but we have stalls with locking doors in my part of the country. And most mothers go to the bathroom with their little girls. No one sees the equipment of anyone else. Even when I accidentally went in the men’s restroom at an unfamiliar Walmart, no one whipped It out and waved It at me. A man just politely told me I was in the wrong place.

My sister had been out running errands today and felt in need of a restroom but, “however I didn’t have my birth certificate and didn’t want to chance it, so waited until I got home.” I might put her mind at ease. The bathrooms in the bill are the ones in Federal buildings and schools. It doesn’t hurt to be careful, though. She DOES live in North Carolina.

I called the Birthday Girl and sang to her this afternoon. Then I commenced to coughing to the point I couldn’t continue. We were on the phone for less than 10 minutes. The only thing special planned was her SO was going to make strawberry shortcake (with her assistance). However, he did take her out to eat per the posts on Facebook. I’m glad she had a good day.

This winds up the most recent chapter of Tommie’s Trials and Tribulations. Now it’s time for a breathing treatment. Good night.

6 Responses to My Not So Awesome Celebration

  1. Lila April 22, 2016 at 6:36 am #

    What a day! A little too much at the dentist’s office’ not so much another time, okay?

    • Tommie April 22, 2016 at 10:09 am #

      Next time, no cleaning. Just fillings.

  2. Mary Jane Graves April 22, 2016 at 7:19 am #

    What a day you had! Sorry about the need for so much dental work. It ain’t fun, and having to pay so much adds insult to injury. Better all that than losing your teeth, though. Glad you made it through your later spell without passing out or long term effects! Hope today will be better!

    • Tommie April 22, 2016 at 10:12 am #

      It’s my own fault. When I was a little girl, I’d wet my toothbrush and put it back to make Mother think I’d done the Deed.

      I’m wondering if the Novocaine in my body combined with the supplements to cause the reaction. If it happens after the next visit, I’ll know.

  3. Mary Jane Graves April 22, 2016 at 3:40 pm #

    I used to have a reaction from Novocaine years ago, although not as severe as you had, but I thought they use something else now. At least I’m sure my dentist does. Whatever it was, I hope it won’t happen again!

    • Tommie April 22, 2016 at 4:01 pm #

      It might not have been from that at all. I don’t know. I hope it won’t happen again, too. At least we know it wasn’t fatal.

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