Debate Number Nine

When I last posted here, I was moments away from finding the debate on CNN. It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. They threw me a curve ball and had the debate on their main page instead of the one where they usually do. As a consequence, I missed the candidates being introduced and ::sigh:: the National Anthem. I caught both later and it would have been just as well if I hadn’t. The young woman who sang looked like she was in pain much of the time and her “rendering” put me in pain as often if not more. Why, why WHY??!

I’d written that “Bernie and Hillary will be slugging it out soon.” I should hire out as a prognosticator. Slug it out, they did. The gloves came off. It wasn’t pretty. At one point, Wolf said, “If you’re both screaming at each other, people won’t be able to hear either of you, so please don’t talk over each other.” They did pretty well after that but their shouting matches did nothing to endear either one to me.

This is the pose Bernie took much of the time following the chastisement.

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He’d waggle his finger whenever he wanted a followup and he always got it.

They both evaded answering questions. Bernie accused Hillary of it more than once but he did the same thing. He’d dance around an answer but never land on it. He called her out for something she’d said in her speech at the AIPAC conference but he didn’t even go.

After all was said and done, I’d pledged to myself to give up and go to bed but I didn’t. I stayed up and watched the debate on the debate. No one could come to a consensus on who won but they all agreed it was “lively”.

Hillary was planning to be campaigning in New York the next day but Bernie cut out early. He was off to the Vatican for a conference. Seems he met briefly with the Pope, too. Of course, the Donald had to make fun of the whole thing.

Friday was as Friday most always is. I did laundry, changed the bed but I didn’t do dishes. The dishwasher is normally full by the end of the week but it wasn’t. Fed Catz. Did some cleaning. Coughed. Fixed meals. Coughed some more. Showered. Whatever else needed to be done.

Last night wasn’t a good night for sleeping. Oh, I slept but I also had weird dreams. If I hadn’t been expected to play the organ, I would’ve stayed home today. As it was, I fought sleep all during Sabbath School. I was able to stay awake in church because I could hear.

The pastor’s wife was nice and complimented my organ playing. She said she’s impressed by anyone who can play with both hands and a foot all at the same time. Actually, I control the volume with my right foot (though some people probably wish I’d tone it down some). There’s a reason I play loudly, though. Most of the time, the piano’s volume overwhelms the organ to the point that I can’t hear myself. I turn my aids down to keep from being deafened and then I have to play the organ more loudly.

My cough didn’t manifest itself as much today. It has since I got home, though.

The Catz hadn’t finished their food from this morning so, guess what? I didn’t add any to it. The black cat came to the door and wanted to be petted. I put my hand on the glass and he stood on his hind legs and rubbed his head on the screen. He could be spoiled in no time.

Organic MattersAfter I ate supper, I had some Organic Matters Artisanal Caramel Corn Vanilla Sea Salt. I’ve missed caramel corn as a vegan so when I saw this at 40% off, I jumped at it. I might as well not have. The popcorn is soft and there’s precious little caramel. It’s bland. I think I’ll try putting some of my old standby on it and see if that will help.

I just learned that one of my Facebook friends is in the hospital at the Mother Ship. She has COPD and it’s more advanced than my pulmonary fibrosis. This is the second time she’s been hospitalized in the last couple of months. I don’t know exactly how old she is but she’s younger than I am. Her sister and I are about the same age.

Well, I’m a’yawnin’ and a’gapin’ so I think I’ll wind this up for tonight.

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