I’m a longtime member of The Artichoke Club. I’ve never won the weekly giveaway, though I did win a poster a few years ago.

Heirloom ArtichokeWalmart sells Ocean Mist artichokes and my favorite is the heirloom. It’s meatier and has a better flavor than the other varieties they grow. I’ll eat any of ’em but the heirloom is the best, by far.

There was no way I was going to forget that artichoke in my fridge. It was so big, it stood out, for sure. I say “was” because it met its fate today.

Usually, I cook my ‘choke in the pressure cooker. The stainless steel cooker had an aluminum rack, don’t ask me why, that I replaced with a steamer basket. I wasn’t sure this ‘choke would fit. I always put lemon slices in with it so it doesn’t turn brown. After the pressure comes up, I turn the heat down so it keeps the pressure but doesn’t overdo it. The timer gets set for 20 minutes and when it dings, I turn the heat off and let the pressure drop naturally.

This ‘choke was so big, I went for 30 minutes. I’d already made some vegan Hollandaise to go with it. I don’t always do that but this was a special artichoke and I treated it that way.

I’ll have to tell you, when I got through eating it, I was stuffed. I still managed some chocolate but my teeth have been scrubbed and Waterpik-ed so my food intake is complete.

BTW, my mother used to say she should marry a man with the last name “Choke” since her name was “Artie”. As DH would have said, “Aye law!”

My little wallet and deodorant came today. The UPS man knocked on the door but went back to the truck before I could get there. I think he waited to see if I opened the door because he didn’t leave right away. He’s a nice man. Someone else had this route for a few months but he came back recently.

All of my cards are in the wallet with room left over. It’s very easy to open and close.

I haven’t tried the deodorant yet. I squirted a little on my wrist and it does smell good. It has sage, rosemary and thyme. All it’s missing is parsley. One of the ingredients was Ammonium Glycyrrhizate. That sounded pretty intense so I looked it up. It’s licorice root.

The other day, I got a bill from the hospital for my barium swallow. I’ve been trying, ever since yesterday, to call and pay it. The phone rang before I was ready to get up and, wouldn’t you know — it was the hospital. I called back later but got voice mail.

I went on the website to see if I can pay online. To create an account, I have to make an in-person request and present a photo ID and provide an email address. Further instructions are sent after that. It’s fine with me if someone wants to pay my bill. They do provide the ability to view medical records other than x-rays so I’m sure HIPAA would be proud.

Earlier today, I checked the forecast. Rain was in it for today and it finally got around to fulfilling the promise. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard come down that hard.

The storm with its accompanying thunder and lightning has moved on. I didn’t want to take my bath with the fireworks going on outside. I’d say it’s safe now.

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