A Race?

A couple of hours ago, I was thinking, “I haven’t checked to see what the progress is with the Wisconsin primaries.” Just then, a Windows 10 notification popped up that Cruz had won on the GOP side. At that point, Bernie was leading but the winner hadn’t been declared yet. He has now.

John KasichWhile this doesn’t necessarily sound the death knell for Trump, it’s slowing his progress. He and Cruz are both upset that Kasich won’t drop out. Fact is, if both of them would do what they’re trying to get him to do, the GOP might actually have a chance. He’s the only one who is reasonable about anything. It’s true I don’t like every plank of his platform but he, at least, has one. The other two seem to say whatever suits best for the day — especially Trump.

Things will get more exciting (maybe) when the stakes are higher. Or, in the matter of Trump, the steaks.

But let’s get on to something more important. My sisters may or may not have done any research on credit cards with The Chip. At any rate, they were both in the dark earlier. What follows is how I understand it.

Open WalletTo begin, The Chip isn’t RFID after all. I didn’t need a special wallet to carry it in but I’ve been using the same ragtag plastic folder so it won’t hurt to upgrade. I keep certain of my cards in a specific order and it will help to have them visible and not have to shuffle through them.

The Chip is EMV which stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa. It turns out it is more secure than the old cards since there is a unique code generated each time it’s used. However, if the card is lost or stolen, the thief can still go on a charging spree. S/he would be pretty limited with mine since my credit line is comparatively small.

My credit card is Discover. I used to have other cards but I’ve narrowed it down to one. Discover isn’t accepted everywhere but it is in all the places I shop. If it isn’t, the merchant doesn’t take credit cards, anyway.

The Discover website has a FAQ that includes questions and answers about The Chip. While I was reading through, I “discovered” my expiration date might have changed (I checked and it had) as well as my three digit security code (I already knew that). The old one will work for 30 days but I went to all the auto-pay business sites and updated my information. When I was mentally ticking off all the sites where I use it, I realized I’d missed one so I took care of it.

So, dear sisters, our updated payment method is better. You don’t have to worry about buying a special wallet or sleeves to put them in. Just don’t lose ’em or you’ll have to go through the reporting and updating and waiting for a new card. Though I’ve never lost a card, I’ve had mine used fraudulently three times and, believe me, it ain’t fun even if I wasn’t liable.

I found out some sad news today. Walmart won’t be carrying Just Ranch or Just Italian. They’ve even dropped Just Mayo Sriracha at “my” store. After all I went through (I spent a good half hour campaigning yesterday and a long time on the phone), I’m very disappointed. I wish Hampton Creek would sell online. Even Amazon only has the mayos and they’re frightfully expensive.

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  1. Lila April 6, 2016 at 7:57 am #

    Does this mean Walmart will still carry Just Mayo?

    • Tommie April 6, 2016 at 11:07 am #

      The grocery manager said people seem to like it. It depends on overall volume in all the Walmarts — not just individual stores. I’ve found a lot haven’t even heard of it.

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