And Life Goes On

Yesterday was the day for the Captain’s funeral. From what I’ve gathered, he’d wanted his body to be donated but that was overruled. As a result, there was visitation for hours, twice. Then the funeral.

Cuz came to pick me up about an hour before the funeral was scheduled to start. We wove our way through the crowd that had gathered to pay their respects and stopped to greet friends and family on the way. Once inside the room where the Captain lay in his coffin, we both signed the guestbook. I went over to see my friend for the last time. Cuz stayed well back and said she was close enough. I didn’t argue.

The service was held in the chapel of the funeral home and the crowd was so large, folding chairs had to be brought in. The family took up most of one side of the chapel and, even then, some had to sit elsewhere.

It was a nice sendoff. As the pastor said today, it was a celebration of the Captain’s life and not at all sad. He felt cheated that he hadn’t known him longer. We all have a history but the Captain’s was especially unique.

The son-in-law gave the homily and music was provided by one of my favorite people with his wife at the piano and the husband of one of my church friends. The floor was opened up for people to testify to how their lives had been impacted by the Captain. I stayed seated and held my peace. The ones who did speak kept it short.

Cuz was surprised by all the people I knew. I hadn’t seen one of the granddaughters for years but when she saw me, she came over, hugged me long and hard and kissed me on the cheek. She and DD had been good friends. I wish we’d had a chance to visit.

When the service was over, the Captain was taken to be cremated. I’ve asked Cuz to promise my wishes to be donated won’t be ignored. If my children want to spend thousands, they can give them to a worthy cause and let me go to Memphis. They’ll get my ashes back in six months.

Earlier in the week, one of the ladies from church had called and asked me to cook something for the dinner following the service. As much as I’ve been coughing, I’ve avoided cooking for anyone other than me. I agreed to supply a large bag of peas instead. As it turned out, I didn’t go to town so Cuz picked them up for me.

Cuz would have stayed for the meal if I’d wanted to but I needed to get home where I could cough in peace. And cough, I did, but more about that later.

When we got back to the house, Cuz dropped me off and went on her way after a brief stop at her house.

It had been quite warm in the chapel and I’d (as my MIL would have said) persweated. I chucked my clothes in the washer and put on something more comfortable. I’d already stripped the bed, washed the sheets and remade it before leaving for the funeral.

I drank my water and ate supper after a reasonable amount of time. I don’t know if it was something I ate (which was nothing out of the ordinary) or what but I started coughing. I coughed and coughed and coughed. Then, something that doesn’t usually happen did. (If you are of a squeamish nature, don’t read the rest of this paragraph.) I had projectile regurgitation. Now, when I regurgitate (which is fairly often), I can go to the sink and spit. It didn’t give me that option. It flung itself out of my mouth and onto the middle of the kitchen floor. Of course, I had to bend over to clean it up and that made things worse. When I put the paper towels in the trash, the experience was repeated and again after I went to bed. Remember, you were forewarned.

On to tamer subjects…

After a restful night following the last incident, I got ready and was the second person at the church. The audio guy was there and waiting in his car. I suggested he should have his own key but I guess the Powers That Be are reluctant to give him one.

Once again, I made more mistakes than I could count. It would be nice if I could make them softly but I have to play loudly enough I can hear the organ over the piano. It would also be nice if I could get the tempo up where it’s supposed to be. When the Trumpeter plays along, he keeps it going but he didn’t play today.

The pastor wore the lapel mic (I guess I should call it a tie mic since that’s where it was clipped) so I was able to hear the sermon. When he listed off the groups of people we should welcome to our church, he didn’t include LGBT. I wondered if he’s been warned off that subject.

I was glad I had my coat with me. I was able to warm up when I wasn’t playing.

When I got home, the Catz were nowhere in sight. There was still a little food left in their bowls so I didn’t bother to add any.

After I changed, I sat down and dozed off after a few minutes.

Tonight, I watched Cowspiracy. It’s on youtube with Spanish subtitles but I watched it on Netflix. Here’s a short clip from it.

Then, I watched merm and her girlfriend roast hotdogs (merm’s was a tofu dog and the girlfriend’s was mystery meat) on Facebook. They could read the comments of the viewers and it was pretty neat.

I had to break away so I could get started blogging. And that’s the end of my two days.

Oh, I have read some of the news. Seems the race for the White House is getting increasingly contentious on both sides. Kasich seems to be the only one staying clear of the mud.

And another thing — I got my electric/water bill. I conducted an experiment in March. I’d been turning the Dr. Heaters down at night and then turning them up in the morning. To get things warm, I’d have to turn the oven on. With not turning the heat down, I haven’t been having to turn the oven on and my consumption was down by right at 1200 kWh over February. ‘Tis true we’ve had some mild days but we did in February, too. In comparison with the same month last year, it’s down by approximately 350 kWh. It’s cool enough at night to sleep comfortably, too.

That’s all the excitement I can drum up. I heard a commotion on the deck but I’ll let the Catz settle it amongst themselves. As for me, myself and I, I’m through.

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  1. Lila April 4, 2016 at 7:51 am #

    Tried to understand the video, but my ears wouldn’t cooperate.

    • Tommie April 4, 2016 at 10:05 am #

      He was saying milk is designed to grow a baby calf into a 400 lub cow in a short amount of time. That the hormones in milk can cause lumps in the breast and under the arms. They can also enlarge the uterus and cause fibroids. In other words, unless you are a calf, you have no business drinking Baby Calf Growth Fluid.

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