Remembering “The Captain”

As I was surfing Facebook this morning, I was shocked to see a post from one of my friends. She said her grandfather had died not long before. I knew he was in the hospital. He’d gone in a couple of days ago for the doctors to “shock his heart back in to rhythm”.

He was outgoing and never knew a stranger. A smart businessman, he’d started several endeavors and passed them on to his children when he was unable to run them himself. He was well known in town and out of town.

Over the years, he helped me on several occasions. He figures prominently in two of my blog posts. The first is about the purchase of one of my cars. The other one comes along after I’d been in the hospital with food poisoning. DD was home from college for Christmas break but had to go back. The airport was between 140 – 150 miles away and I was still weak.

The past few years had been hard for the Captain. He’d had surgery that left him with limited use of his arms. He’d come up to the organ after I started playing again and told me he was glad to see me back where I belonged. A couple of Sabbaths ago, he was sitting a few rows back from the front and I could see he was having a great deal of trouble breathing. He still gave me a smile and a wink. Even now, it’s hard to believe he’s gone.

A week ago today, he shared this video. Often, he’d forward emails about any number of subjects but they’d most often be about politics. He made no bones about being ultra-conservative. Once, I accused him of trying to convince me to vote for Donald Trump. Not so! he maintained. His response? “only for enlightenment…everyone should vote their conscience.”

That’s why the next section of this post is dedicated to his memory. He’d probably have a field day refuting the articles.

This excerpt is from a collection of news clips from the Washington Post. Lindsey Graham is fast becoming my favorite Republican. He minces no words.

Sen. Lindsey Graham says the foreign policy of Republican front-runner Donald Trump is ‘gibberish’ and ‘ill-conceived’ and as president he would be ‘worse than Obama.’

The South Carolina Republican is leading a congressional delegation to Israel. Graham, who dropped his own bid for the White House last year, told The Associated Press Tuesday that Trump does not understand the stakes of the Middle East. He took particular aim at Trump’s assertion that he would take a more neutral stand regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Graham says ‘this is not a real estate deal. This is the survival of the one and only Jewish state.’

Graham says he is concerned a Hillary Clinton presidency would amount to a third term for Barack Obama, but she was at least a ‘known quantity.’

There’s a longish article by Stephanie Cegielski, Communications Director of the now defunct Make America Great Again Super PAC. It’s addressed to the current Trump followers.

Now, this is very telling. Trumpery is a word I happened to come across today and I was intrigued to find out its meaning. Here it is:

trump·er·y / ˈtrəmpərē/ archaic
• n. (pl. –er·ies) attractive articles of little value or use.
∎ practices or beliefs that are superficially or visually appealing but have little real value or worth.
• adj. showy but worthless: trumpery jewelry.
∎ delusive or shallow: that trumpery hope which lets us dupe ourselves.

Hmmmmmmmm. Does it fit? Methinks it does.

Geraldo Rivera was voted off Dancing with the Stars but not before he could do his best impression of The Donald. It was Donald with a Mustache but it was still unmistakeable.

Geraldo Rivera

I haven’t read anything about a reaction from the Trumpery Quarters.

Concerning the Captain, Cuz called and asked if I would go to his memorial with her. Of course I will. She said he had always been nice to her and she felt she needed to be there. My CIL doesn’t “do” memorials and funerals. It’s to be at the funeral home. I’m sure the chapel will be filled to overflowing. Our little church wouldn’t begin to hold the crowd.

A large part of my day has been spent gathering information together for this post. I’d like to think it would have gotten a reaction or two out of the Captain if he’d had a chance to read it. Truth be told, he’s sleeping the soundest sleep there is and will wake when Jesus comes. By that time, whether Trump made it as the nominee or not won’t be important.

He’s survived by his wife, four daughters, two sons and a multitude of grand and great-grandchildren.

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  1. Lila March 30, 2016 at 8:32 am #

    Sounds like you lost a good friend in the Captain. So sad; my tears are spilling over as I write, and I didn’t even know him!

    • Tommie March 30, 2016 at 10:39 am #

      He was an amazing person and a friend to everyone he met. We didn’t always see eye to eye but who does?

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