Just Wondering

It’s been Monday all day long. I should’ve worked on the lessons but I’ve lost all the drive it takes to do them. Having to repeat what I’d already done once isn’t fun. Guess I’ll just wallow in self-pity, instead.

Cuz came over a couple of times. The last time was to bring the rest of the Catz’ food from their house. Since the other house is closer to her current job, they loaded up the vans, put themselves and Lucy (the sugar baby) inside and set off.

She’d fed the Catz this morning so I fed them this afternoon. The black one came up to be petted so I obliged.

One thing I’ve done today is watch The Barkley Marathons. It’s interesting that it’s taking place once again this weekend. I found that out on The Barkley Marathons website. Evidently, there was no 2015 finisher.

Frozen Head State Park

Knowing my roommate’s nephew is an endurance runner, I sent her a private message on Facebook so she’s watched it, too. Her nephew said, “… the Barkley Marathons are NO JOKE. That takes one sick individual to attempt that… I’ve been eyeing it now for a year or two. 😉 ”

Since the weather this time of year is so variable, one year the temperatures got down to 10 degrees. When the documentary was filmed, it was unusually warm. Feast or famine.

My Waterpik came today. I had a time putting the tank on the base. I didn’t realize it had to be muscled on. I don’t remember my other one being that way. The tip had to be forced into the handle, too. It had no trouble getting the food from between my teeth but I still had stuff on my bottom back molars I had to take off manually.

The bathroom has been warmed up for a couple of hours so I guess I’d better go cleanse my body before I go to bed. We’ll see if I’m game for a breathing treatment. I did one last night and my insides were quivering for a long time after. Not fun.

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  1. Lila March 29, 2016 at 7:33 am #

    Hope this job won’t take your Cuz away too long. She is awfully handy to have around, and good company too.

    • Tommie March 29, 2016 at 11:34 am #

      She’ll be back to mow the lawns but unless she gets a job that’s closer here, it will be a while.

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