The Day After Semi-Super Tuesday

There was no way I was staying up to see what the outcome would be of the five states voting yesterday. If I had, I would’ve still been up and the delegates haven’t all been allocated yet.

These screenshots are from this morning. The numbers have changed since then. You can get the latest ones on the Google page.

GOP Primaries Updated

Democratic Primaries Updated

The Donald decided the only time he can address the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (it’s a “very major speech”) is during the time scheduled for the next debate. Kasich said if the Donald wouldn’t be there, he wouldn’t either. Since Cruz probably doesn’t want to debate himself (he might lose), the whole thing has been canceled. The Donald maintains they’ve had enough debates anyway and he “won them all”.

Ben Carson has come forward with the news (no surprise here) that the Donald has promised him a position in his retinue. Doing what, he wouldn’t say. It saddens me that he has attached himself to such a divisive individual. I’ve been told we’re judged by the company we keep so it can’t be good for his image. Maybe he thinks he can bring the Donald up. We’ll see.

And now the D. says if he isn’t named the nominee after he wins it fair and square, there will be rioting and other “bad things”. Those sound like more of a threat than a promise.

When I went out on the deck today, several of the Catz came over. The black one had been rolling in the dirt and was covered but he wanted to be petted, anyway. He jumped up on the chair and was very persistent. This evening, I asked Cuz if she’d dusted him with flea powder but she said no. Whatever it is had turned him black and pollen-colored.

Speaking of pollen, the forsythia is in bloom here and the redbuds are starting to show some color. It got up to almost 70 but the temperatures are supposed to cool off as we get closer to the weekend. Sunday night shows a low of 32 in the valley which means sub-freezing at my house.

Six more states have primaries for the Democrats this month but only two for the GOP. I wonder how we could stretch it out more? Whoever figured this procedure out had to have sadistic tendencies.

Temporary end of rant.

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