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After the debate Wednesday night, I started looking around for more on Sebastien De La Cruz. He has an interesting story to tell. After reading and watching videos, I can forgive him for his interpretation of the National Anthem. He’s a brave and courageous young man who has weathered all sorts of racial hatred even though he’s a San Antonio native from birth. Eva Longoria’s “Versus” produced an interesting video about him. It’s worth watching.

Here he is at 14 singing the National Anthem at the Democratic Debate last Wednesday night.

As anyone who reads this blog knows, I am not a fan of the Star Spangled Banner being performed any way other than how it’s written but he does hit that high note spot on. At the Republican debate Thursday night, a quartet sang and got almost all the way through singing it straight. I was so impressed until the singer tried to hit that high note and it wasn’t nice at all. I’ve tried and tried to find a video to post here but, as far as I know, one doesn’t exist.

Thankfully, the sour note didn’t set the tone for the debate. You would’ve thought it was a different three people up there with John Kasich. I think it had a lot to do with the first set of questions that were asked. They didn’t bait the candidates to go after each other. No one sniped. They didn’t talk over each other. Even the Donald was amazed at how civil it was.

Since there were no comparisons of body parts (in a later interview, Marco confessed that he’d embarrassed his family and himself and he’d never stoop that low again) or yelling, a lot more ground was covered. As usual, the Donald replied to questions in superlatives but with no real answers. When DS2 was five years old, he had as wide a vocabulary as the Donald uses. Things were “incredible”, “awesome” and “terrific”. Maybe he could run for POTUS.

Marco displayed his knowledge of foreign policy but turning the embassy back into a consulate was fact checked and it turned out that it had never been a consulate. Oh, well. He did get in a zinger. The Donald said he isn’t interested in being politically correct. Marco said he isn’t either — he wants to be correct. Period.

Whenever Cruz talks, it comes across like, “Blah blah. Blah blah blah blah.” I’m sorry. I can’t summon any enthusiasm for the man. There are better choices but one isn’t the Donald. I’m glad Kasich is hanging in there. He keeps saying he IS going to be the nominee and he just might. Stranger things have happened. Marco has asked the people of Ohio to vote for Kasich the same way he wants Florida to vote for himself.

I watched the after shows and the panelists were all surprised and pleased at the turn of events. A Trump employee was one of the talking heads and he had nothing but praise for his boss. Maybe he’s trying not to get fired. According to the news, the instructors at Trump U stood over their students and made sure the reviews of the sessions were positive. Otherwise, they were either paid less or were outta there.

Yesterday, I was up and had the sheets in the wash when the doorbell rang. It was Cuz. She’d brought me the Fordhooks I’d ordered. I could see a big box on the back of the truck and, sure enough, it was a new water heater. Before the day was over, her BIL had come out and plumbed it in. She didn’t turn the water on yet. The connections should be good and set by the time she gets here tomorrow.

We had a good conversation before she left. She’d watched most of the debate the night before and was wondering who had replaced the Terrible Three. As far as the candidates, she thinks Marco and Kasich should drop out and let Trump and Cruz have at it.

It was stifling in here last night. The humidity was ‘way up and the temperature was in the mid-70s. I turned the EcoBreeze on and let it run most of the night. Early this morning, I turned it down to low.

When I left for church, it was already 60 degrees but I took my coat with me, anyway. I had it over my lap and was putting one of the hand warmers to use when the elder sitting next to me noticed. He took a seat cushion and put it over the register at the end of the pew. Later, when I went to the bathroom, I discovered the a/c was on! They scrimp and save on heat but, at the first sign of spring, the a/c is cranked up!

The speaker had a lapel mic so I was able to hear the whole sermon. He’d gone to school with my dentist but he looks like a kid. His talk was interesting. It was about the clothes mentioned in the Bible.

My cough manifested itself when I was on the way to the car after church. I think it was the speaker’s mother who was alarmed and wanted to know if I needed a cough drop. I assured her I’d live and a cough drop would do little good. She had the prettiest hair. If mine would look like that, I’d be tempted to let it grow out.

I got behind a law-abiding citizen and poked up the mountain. The speed didn’t pick up a whole lot when we got to the top.

After I changed clothes, I sat down in Mother’s chair and was soon dozing. I’d slept well last night up until early this morning and then I had weird dreams about the Catz getting in the motor of my car. I don’t think there’s any danger because it has plenty of time to cool off before I drive it again.

There was a bill in the mail from the hospital for the BRAVO placement. I haven’t opened it yet but I know it’s for $95. I hope they give a discount for prompt payment.

Ugliness has once again reared its head at a Trump rally. I watched a video of the protester trying to storm the platform. The Donald ducked (Donald Duck?) and later said he was ready for the fellow (yeah, right) but it was better to let the police take care of it. He looked like he was melting. One article said he was “sweaty”. That’s attractive.

Hillary and Bernie have picked up some more delegates from the Mariana Islands. It’s a bit confusing but I think Hillary has five superdelegates and four delegates while Bernie has two. I could be wrong. I thought I was once but I was mistaken.

This is the last time for eight (count ’em — eight) months that my sisters and I will be in sync. They’ll spring forward and I’ll stay put. All I can say is ENJOY HAVING YOUR HOUR TAKEN AWAY! HOPE YOU SURVIVE IT!!

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